Singer Dan Wilson talks new album, 'Re-Covered'

The singer-songwriter discusses his latest release.
3:05 | 07/31/17

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Transcript for Singer Dan Wilson talks new album, 'Re-Covered'
Hey everybody down and about here live in New York are next episode of live from the Katz is here Monday afternoon follies that music and I could. Like brass. We are joined here in studio by day and will then thank you so much for being here. And Brad Larsen thank you for being here as well. Quick everybody knows you from your years with semi sonic org than many dozens of incredible hit songs you have written of course and the likes of the challenge alleged and Taylor Swift and paying. You have a new album right coming out as well yes August for it called recovered. Without. Well it's actually. It's entirely made of those songs that you're talking about that I wrote for other people with them won't so it was. That. Title is a joke on a cover version of the song so they cover my assignment I'm Reid covering it from them. What was it like for you to record the songs they now so many people are hurting other people saying that as you had a hand in crafting guiding these artists and those worthless. What's it like seeing them for yourself. Its current in the differences kind of daunting because. The temptation is for me to just like if it's John Legend I would and that sort of trying to sound like John Legend with a like you have to find some way for it to just go back to just being myself on the songs and maybe that allowed me to get. Trap of total oh degrees. In. It may be just be myself and show them. Is this something that you've always wanted to do like after you write these songs would you think like what if I did it this way instead and in my boys are with that something that came to you in a different. Funny thing is well first of alt maybe not quite related but very related com. When I was writing the songs oh it either Mike all right I've always thought could I sing that line to an audience myself. Like eat you know like I never would put something in a song that I would think was. Impossible for me to sing two my own crowd we yes I just out of it is like a good final acid test whether it's cool. Palm then when it came to. Making a record of the stuff I'd written for the people with them it I. It was an idea that a friend of mine gave me and I just thought about it and seemed it seems appealing and it seemed to fit that whole idea of like will does this can I play this for my peeps. Write him was it hard to pick the song you've had so many had his. He's with the hard to cull them down to one out. One thing that my producer Mike Munro and I did that made it easier was I did I did simple demos of a lot of songs like thirty sounds hopeful. And it was some of them that being might have been my favorites that I don't of the people. But they just didn't sound good when I thank you know we've really had to be kind of ruthless about like even though oil we shouldn't put that on the record play the we've listening goat not just doesn't sound. Made could you do that to yourself can you hear yourself singing and say no that's not right I mean I'm not super objective but I wouldn't I'm objectives and now. When the vibe is wrong who you know.

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"The singer-songwriter discusses his latest release. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"48956650","title":"Singer Dan Wilson talks new album, 'Re-Covered'","url":"/Entertainment/video/singer-dan-wilson-talks-album-covered-48956650"}