Singer Kerri Leigh on the inspiration behind her music

Country artist Kerri Leigh talks about the inspiration behind her music and performs her song "Heaven Only Knows."
3:04 | 07/07/17

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Transcript for Singer Kerri Leigh on the inspiration behind her music
I'm out in care of it cracked well outlets often thank you you. People without eleventh and it really Eric's. You haven't that it all these little detailed characters has a lot of story telling you feel people need no. Sometimes. I mean we go off of experiences and her own lives or friends' lives I have people a time you like. Did you write that about me remind our nominee he every out. Yeah yeah I mean some eyes on their glee lean. About yes people on their like that was my song I'm like yeah yeah I am reminded. All really I mean we've. We've definitely Taylor Swift a couple people back in my single day is it. And not in all. Been married I've written songs about that too so that's special one. Hasn't that's months. And it is life doing at this. How does that change how you inform your story right we'll sometimes correct his like can we stop writing love songs on out you're happy lately of active and very. And I am now. And heartbreak actually leads to very good very I yeah definitely does but not you know you. Friends. You know Oregon audiences and records might. Have. I. Look I. It's a bit over his reading eager and very small brightly. And you talked about the influence your Korean parents and there at musical had yet you Patsy Cline announced that it. Where you based now and and I had basically taking it well I went. From that John or until light just that wrenches at my heart strings like Merle Haggard and just like such. Instruments and all country I love in their voices I'd love but then I got into. Tonight Twain and Reba McEntire and Martina McBride faith Dixie Chicks. So that involves more pop country. And then now than UH I love you know Carrie Underwood Miranda Lambert those girls are such great influences and so we just kind of like. I'm all over all music but for my silence fairy like rock pop. Countries that kind of taken bets. From everywhere what outside of country if you listen to anything people would be surprised. To learn is on care of these I love letting gay and attacked you and I loved hinting today where does that come alive well my husband is Dominican OK and then had a lot of girlfriends when I lived in Washington Heights and their from the heights and made all teach me how to dance. And he let in Washington Heights to and I. Wake up to the music unlike. Any studied dance scene immediately and that's pilot started Levine that music as well. Does any of that making its way into the studio now we can see them about it future needs to her I recently NN now art song sounded like an EDM songs or like. Not that this country and email. I think we'll see. Cannot say you.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"Country artist Kerri Leigh talks about the inspiration behind her music and performs her song \"Heaven Only Knows.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"48509861","title":"Singer Kerri Leigh on the inspiration behind her music ","url":"/Entertainment/video/singer-kerri-leigh-inspiration-music-48509861"}