Sirius XM Radio Host Taylor Strecker on Love, Divorce and Disclosure

ABC News' Maggie Rulli interviews Sirius XM Radio Host Taylor Strecker about love, divorce and disclosure.
7:37 | 10/21/16

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Transcript for Sirius XM Radio Host Taylor Strecker on Love, Divorce and Disclosure
So also lets get into Morgan lets you the New York's. And you abuse it like ten years yeah even more importantly. 1213 years. At new York and his fifty. It's official beverage that came mountain. And EU also had a pretty public. Relationship coming out opening if you're one in a graduate. And engaged and how notre I'm here and none are to my life is bitten or my my ex husband and it. A divorced for like two years now doesn't question for you that dealing wit. What bin door exit is or husbands our future. But Evers how do you deal it added a public figure when you're talking about it on. Well you know and you have to deal with your publicly mixing with your personal. It's. I didn't realize the arm grabbed it and hill recently have until it. I you know. When we got Mary I talked about all of our fight and I was like and we thought every day patent act. It was great radio of honor can't you give me talk apparently stipulate touched on but I definitely feel light. It was totally cool I love like I'm open until it I have no secret 88. And then we got pepper and it was like you can not talk about there. That's like like this is why now this is really hard sell I had not sound. They got it but there's some odd members have been to pretend you're an eagle me like my best friend. So like he could pick up on nuances and like. Threatening or what Arnold might not out in the event of any habit. 1010. The best friend GAAP that are altered that relationship that. I. Think. They get an eye on I taught how to put an erratic like you are Smart I can't talk about. So when I couldn't talk about sports subsequently. Tell you why you know. Sell want to with legalized or as it was our time and on the could announce that I was divorced and I had separate practice time this is why Britney audience. But also by that point I was beaten them when. She was a girl entail a few lots to talk about it your but I couldn't do I think. Children I. And I don't. And I tried to put distance between Mac. Well into the bag and I'm following in line with its like crazy like she is not yet sharing in its I think it took me a year. To come around town so I just announced on its past July. That I. Know that was back reaction. I'm me and yeah her and her incredible he's lot of questions like this by reports that Mac and like is not black or anything but acting. Public figure I vehemently she'd people. So they deserve to ask where ever asked. I'm an opportunity thanks to the show it. You know I'm curious. It is interesting point where. Grafting on his cautioned that out powered women are much like being a woman in this field traditionally male dominated and still doing with so many. Stereotypes. But then you add in now dating another woman which whether or not you identify a certain way or want to. Gators purple label it comes with oceans and it comes with also stereotypes and all these sort of preconceived notion that people have a bunnies now you're not only. Dealing with being a woman got a job of doing that with a woman in love with another woman and her on there and your kind of a folk at the point for a lot of people look at them. Lawson I had like apple to let people are close to me that you know care career. And I had one person's it me. Like he can't come out. You key issue in the it girl. You've worked so hard for ever and I you know I was really about that but at the same time I it was like. I can't. I got divorced right because I was unhappy. Now I can't my job continued increase Franklin I want to be nice I want to be free I want my valve. Com and so I kind of just I had to just be. Any debris. Coming I I didn't think he says care act that shaking like. Very emotional and the second got there I was like it sucked. I do terrible job eager grant which I never came out and she kept secret and I got to my manager's car and just arrived for twenty ministry. The guys are seeing he responds and there's on which any. And I through email just Utley outpouring of love and support. I didn't even realize that was like the Rick and again being in his career you how to share everything it's your job. That's what you can it's I don't. Wannabes a secretive and certainly the privacy but this is what we do Sharon so but I'm. Yeah it's deathly. I was scared being pigeonholed but island where. I kept active by again that normally I still girlie girl can I loved our the house like every hour I'm still very Patti like I'm not an you know overnight has become. What think it. So for you to be so honest also just with everything done over the past ten years and sharing your personal life has written before how you know get slightly. And out popped a black and mustaches and I'm my hair extensions right now we can't really weird to you. Well well the next. Few high healthiest of the new hold. You sell to meet higher standards everyone else as well and if you're not honest with your audience. And whatever they're making people like an out there or my they're dealing with similar issues or gas well I am not happy in my marriage or how do they really feel about my best friend or entirely comfortable. You know. With the way at a creek valley girl real light things have been and you have all the time than it feels good to talk. Fudging yes out of it and neither he or she. A body clock and but I definitely feel like vulnerabilities so bonding can't I gathered in college. And a communications course yeah 101 disclosure is so important and disclosure Beasley I'm tell you something private secretive it's like. Your data my heart EU and encourage people to share return linkages and natural communication. Any action to eat every single day and for what ever reason that stuck out to me from my college career and I really. I do you think about disclosure when it comes right when it comes connecting with the congressman comes to connecting with just let me if you can disclosed and I criticizing Lott. For talking picture myself and I like. But if you don't myself. People will not sell its like. Manipulated it's just a bit and I Ian in my personal life but on and I think it's really were to be honorable and honest government. Median and our mother's generation we're expecting her facts you know. There's a lot pressure from economic act are to be perfect in. Our aunt. I feel so lucky generation out really. It embraces and celebrates the flock went and about this teacher pats. That was definitely I didn't want to have to perkins' mark I want you were to be. Crazy and fly on Al.

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{"duration":"7:37","description":"ABC News' Maggie Rulli interviews Sirius XM Radio Host Taylor Strecker about love, divorce and disclosure.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42969723","title":"Sirius XM Radio Host Taylor Strecker on Love, Divorce and Disclosure","url":"/Entertainment/video/sirius-xm-radio-host-taylor-strecker-love-divorce-42969723"}