SNL Funnyman Bobby Moynihan Reveals What It's Really Like To Work With Lorne Michaels

"Monsters U" star on SNL exec producer: "I used to be terrified of him"
5:17 | 06/21/13

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Transcript for SNL Funnyman Bobby Moynihan Reveals What It's Really Like To Work With Lorne Michaels
He makes us laugh hard each week on Saturday Night Live as the drunk uncle governor Chris Christie here even snappy well now comedian bobbing -- hand -- taking -- boy is sent to the big screen. Starring in one of the most buzzed about animated films of the summer monsters university. What's your name be -- to resolve and brutally -- -- -- the -- Eight I'm glad I'm sorry -- Add that day and check the one night grabbed monster heading here to talk about them out and anybody going to be an -- don't know -- about your monsters character -- this right to this -- a pretty well. Too long he adds a prequel the monsters think it's you get to see Mike and -- going through college and kind of -- meeting. And the whole process of them getting to work -- monsters ink. It's them in college I played Chad Alexander I'm a small little one -- And I your idea -- and easing of well -- -- -- -- Eighties and one of the rival fraternities. It's called the roar of mega roar. You are proud no way you have one of the -- poisons that there -- leaks in the best of the best -- of the of the fraternities he's kind of the little bully. Com John Johnny Worthington is like the big bad guy -- -- -- and -- in and unlike his little sidekick. Do it and I'm wondering as a comedian obviously your body is a big part of we -- do so what little strange to step back -- just use your voice. Knows that it's the best I mean -- And just to be -- Pixar movie alone is is is is a dream come true. But -- -- they -- you know when you when you're there and you're doing the voice it's at Pixar you're not behind a microphone your. You know you're kind of run around doing stuff so every once in awhile you see something that the character does he knowingly and I do that. Now I don't really had a lot of -- that this hearing about the got another film coming out grownups too and then in July compliment about that's another SNL. Again that includes. Seen in in grownups too where. Kevin James character goes to a cheerleader car wash. There's a bunch Victoria's Secret models but they're busy so they get us and that's pretty. -- -- pretty good cannot govern I -- Much of the guys from S and around me Tarrant -- Paul Brittan has much people there's just like coming home yet. Right. On reading -- now obviously a fifth season on SNL yes yes very exciting people what do you these characters I'm sure -- what you write all of your character there have other people written some of them for you -- -- we -- also if you see something that I'm speaking in -- it's probably because I wrote it and I. -- yet we we write also and the writers also come to -- characters. But drunk uncle for instance is that right. I did Meehan another one of the writers Colin Jones came up with that in around 5 o'clock in the morning when the yeah investment yeah. I think I wrote a sketch that week for like eleven hours worked on something and then at 5 o'clock in the morning. Came up with his drunk uncle idea fifteen minutes later we were done -- -- anything and then you know operation head yes. Is it competitive to get your stepson -- mean we've heard sort of behind the scenes SNL -- Carlisle it's it's not. Competitively cutthroat competitive it competitive -- stabilizers and I there's not a lot of time in an -- happened. Two musical guests and you know so we we we're trying to get -- -- auditioning -- -- show every week the Oregon little stressful thoughts are. Beginning it was right now it's getting easier old -- -- you now and and a lot. I -- now. Right some people -- we we never know I'm -- I don't believe -- until the credits -- the next season you hear his story the idea idea I've heard people are leaving him in the back of the year people aren't leaving namely that -- is leaving yeah you ask yeah I mean I I'd try and knows he got. As possible yet but I was happy I have. Do you think that would affect you anything that'll make a little bit easier for things to get on of course -- -- -- we lost. Kristen and Andy that was a huge deal because they were so it's such a huge part of the show -- -- so so talented. And you know he also missed the friendships and messing around a rehearsal and stuff that that's the big one for me is like. And a bills leaving so it's it's like knowing that I won't get all the bills bit storing -- All right that's the worst fires that are different -- that you work creatively with really well -- -- of tight with patents. All yeah of course I mean if it comes -- goes like I work the second Terry -- joined the show I mean I was I was really excited we can we get along really well we win. I think we work well together and then this year. Excessively strong came on the show and and and we headed off we've done -- -- sketches together that that I -- she's she's the best all the new people are super funny and -- to work with them and then you know we find footing the finer writer that you write well with and I give us the -- what's it like -- born Michael he's the greatest. Yes I used to be very terrified of them but I -- -- scared and well not enough that's a case. But you know he's he's a good man he gave begin a lot of comedians their careers right right right and you just have been knowing him loses again thing great -- ahead of you obviously ethanol launched a lot of career as a near isn't just going up to nobody land thank you so much for being here thank you so evidently and be sure to check out monsters you it hits theaters and and --

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{"id":19458431,"title":"SNL Funnyman Bobby Moynihan Reveals What It's Really Like To Work With Lorne Michaels","duration":"5:17","description":"\"Monsters U\" star on SNL exec producer: \"I used to be terrified of him\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/snl-funnyman-bobby-moynihan-reveals-work-lorne-michaels-19458431","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}