Songwriter Dan Wilson on the success of 'Closing Time'

Singer Dan Wilson discusses the success of his song 'Closing Time.
6:14 | 07/31/17

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Transcript for Songwriter Dan Wilson on the success of 'Closing Time'
Well online from the couch you know what that looked been. Yeah nice kid from Minnesota and through you went to Harvard yes and like an okay school. If things that need visible and environmental study. I was gonna study in artist who's in print making. Visual how. It's had always been. Trying to be a musician like if it's almost like I was. Living in denial because. I'll do high school it tried to have bands you know in high school and it's mostly meetings. Have a lot of meetings annually and it. Good read a huge hit and then they can. I think it's just saying it does is hang out and its meetings and then like but you never actually practice doing what we had time I gotta go to my job that. But I think next week we're a little song and put one of us already hit. And then in college. Harvard and a bunch of them was oh it's. Out in Boston. Orally competing servers but you know we drove they as a bunch of programs and played shows and stuff. And dumb. At the same time I had this like. I was gone essentially to art and philosophy school Harvard like and I thought it was going to be visual artist and. You're very different thing you went big awards Taylor early yeah. One of I want a big. Artist related to ward at Harvard in. But. I went I left college went to San Francisco for copiers live like a bohemian. Crandall didn't know what I was doing amendment brother asked me to come back to campus and playing in his stand. And then I was like OKMR. So and that's really that set him. Did you think at that time that it would be your career because he managed to have a career right he played in bands you've had a solo career you right hit song you have that kind of done everything that people sent out today it'll. If you look at leg. Let's say we took like a slow motion film of pinball. Machine who watched the ball blowing up. In you know into the field of play and bouncer on a bouncer and amounts or say it was a particularly long lasting involved I mean you know involved. There would then it finally went into the you know gutter. We would say that that ball had a great career that was a great carrier cut from the perspective. Of the block. Well. Ours like Israel I'm. Spending that's an. If there's that enrolling them in. For that they. And you were. We. It makes it. I guess what makes it a career partly. I mean I'm I'm only doing half so every I think I mean it's like it'll it looks like it. Let's put people's at the arc of your currently gaming that thing that bounces early involved but. On the other hand the thing that that actually gives. That you know an artistic life some community is your intention. And I and I get lucky and very early in life with and an intention to essentially be Carole King. That was an intention that cut. Settled upon by the states and mean really early and end that's kind of ruled my decisions Iverson's. Well you manage to get hit song. That it was literally for many weeks and basically became but the cultural touchstone in for almost an entire generation getting you where you pastor practicing. Closing time a little while ago every when out there with like. Because you get here a few know you know exactly what it is an everyone knows the words I mean. You've got that did you ever think that you would have that. No. Well you mean I think some people might have them. Foresight to. To imagine having that but I didn't think it you know I was really. Mostly into music for selfish purposes and liked the experience in the process and I wanted to be like. Elvis Costello are Led Zeppelin and Joni Mitchell or you know Carole King the people that I in my parents listened to lots of lots of Carol Kane and Beatles and James Taylor's when I was a little saw it and Simon and Garfunkel Siad that notion of being like them but it I didn't. Relief to follow it through my mind that would that would put it will be like it just was trying to be like them. What's it like for you now to perform the song closing song that you desk record. I. I love it if you eat I'm really can it. It's funny I would sometimes I talked artists who are so oppressed by their hits I just feel so lucky packages don't feel oppressed by anything that I've done. Some I mean I've probably made some bad. Calls on. Songs and then I've been lucky that they never became huge those hunks fight. Oh I'm eight some facts. But those things don't last forever it. Luckily that's all very passing. The thought that. Closing to I mean I I still get emails from people saying. You know you know I just thought I'd let you know that the bar I worked at for the past four years lasers on every night. And I moved out of town from there but I'm always gonna remember that every Tammy you're Simon remember that bar that I work that. And and they've been very appreciative you know very loving and that's. Well you could hardly help for it to matter who could be that relatively. I think Ed I don't want. I don't say that I live for that approval. But. It's certainly lovely to think of being. Interwoven with. Meaningful things in people's lives and to having music be part of that tapestries means. Well thank you so much for being here today. Brad Gordon thank you for being here as well the new album is recovered recovered out August 4.

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{"duration":"6:14","description":"Singer Dan Wilson discusses the success of his song 'Closing Time.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"48956751","title":"Songwriter Dan Wilson on the success of 'Closing Time'","url":"/Entertainment/video/songwriter-dan-wilson-success-closing-time-48956751"}