'Spider-Man: Homecoming' swings into theaters

ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Michael Rothman discuss how the new Spider-Man film brings the Marvel universe full circle.
19:06 | 07/07/17

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Transcript for 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' swings into theaters
Hey everybody we are live at. The AMC theater in at Lincoln square at the upper west side of Manhattan new year city the here with this handsome gentleman. Michael Rothman quick profits all the good people of America why we are here today in his thoughts later events but I hope comment. Out in theaters nationwide some days. It's getting rave reviews. And we have a fan here as well Mohammed. We just saw the movie yes and you were saying would you say about it it was a vast right man ever. The bold statement tell us more about what would you like about a sudden spoilers what did you like about an island in the direction of the Spider-Man Tom Holland totally killed it. And Bryant's more of comics field to the movie with Peter Parker. And it was just amazing. And it. Let's say I'm gonna question now because like Brockman knows everything about Spiderman and everything about all of these characters behind him nothing. You are super fan as you said ray yeah. Very assessment. Yet what is he like about vitamin convinced meet someone like me to go see this. I love that Spiderman is not like a big hero compared to Iron Man Captain America you like a small town thank it's like the rumored friendly Spider-Man you know. So. Differently in its better. And also. What separates Smart from other universe is there also have liked flawed characters of problems Letterman obviously well known as day. Photographer each struggling apparently he's got problems with it now is super powers its deal that it went like what someone like yourself as the he and it is more relatable than they captain Americo black widow Lori you know many of those big heroes he's more. Like it down to earth type of guy. Is also very Smart scientist and a genius. You come across the very Smart individual. What are you studying lead do a lot of going to college. Citing local art scene I wanna be a writer so there's. They have fittings are here celebrating a movie. Now that you saw that movie in an IMAX theater ray you have to see it in IMAX to. Yeah yes the experience is not complete without IMAX. I and secondly hurry regulated need to see it doing to my eat it eat. All the other previous pattern is a pricey that the counties right now and I as well if you want to but you don't have to was not necessity. And it does no spoilers in any of this right but was there any big surprise for you or something really appreciated in this of the hadn't seen in previous Mac. I would say that you know the connect since the end CU is the Vegas it's like straw for me because what is the CEO. The marvel cinematic universe and yeah. Also at some holidays ages differences that he's much more like the Spiderman comics that were used. He is the teenager he's fifty in the you know the other Spiderman or much older. And it wasn't really you know yeah accurate because. I mean he's older in the comics but it's more a better to have been younger. My opinion but. But it Courtney teenager who has double talk in a girls. Then you know as it is this is using is canisters then things like that that is he makes a spider webs from hand that comes that's his design is that Smart. Andrew Garfield was like a 31 year old Pete king at the time he stepped down. I just wanna say there's nothing wrong with a thirty when you don't became injured aren't built. You wanting that's nothing against any and that is it wrong to like Andrew Garfield as. I can handle knowing you can like told Vieira and Zurich deleted offense that he saw first QB grew up with. Because some people prefer Toby or answer because I was like their for Spiderman for the long. Now. Bill's advocates time. Also a lot a lot of great views on his but he net. Would you would you like and that was something that we haven't seen he's got this period friend helping them out there lose it's fantastic we can say that the attack yet when those dwellers there. But that it was he was funny. You made me laugh so much the entire movie and I think that he really added him some comedy. Like some levity to the whole movie it was real. It happened when you left they they gave you something what is that god if you see the movie this weekend that you will get this. With your AMC stubs card but only this weekend opening weekend. We're IMAX. Is that the slacker all the profiling which in that it was great just this weekend only this weekend. It definitely see it at 100% nickel Brian see this movie it is amazement. Comet ridge that he it's this reason that a rainy Friday afternoon and asked my comment. Thank you so much there you know. Oh by Keon. And that getters and a few days that's Eude. Today with and action that was pretty early here screening this is Friday by the waist up and coming in. We're seeing in the Kim fusion is the way that people calling in sick to work. Probably. He's here. This is not a screening coming up receiving tax Smart people. As well I don't want me in here but this is where you build it lives on its. And Spiderman is not that excited about that. Now I'm any and let's do that ligament and NAFTA whenever you already made clear that I don't need to know what happened all in its management department well it. What is the basic premise you meet him coming into C. Not too much I think you need to know Britney certainly this. Yes you can Dennis. Much like Batman has done for the killing off as uncle Ben over and over again these are the know that Condit story is uncle died it was kinda his fault that left the robbers game. That rob philosophical and that's what like. Please him down with passes to fight primary season to know that and then you're off that's it. And the black faces I have ended without an emotional connections deputy in the universe and CU Dennis Narnia and Natalie call. I don't junior beat us to pull me back good standings and it's this is it was. Derek Africa since Clinton was created by Stanley one of the innovators of marvel he created like all the characters he said over the years he most relates this character and anyone. One because he has a lot of problems he's doing a lot of like a lot of like. You know self confidence issues he's trying to find work he's struggling. All the things I think stand also went through it and some healing thing everybody that we have everybody's life from the neighborhood Spider-Man. Doesn't superpowers. And it's just kind of went what would happen if the teacher. Was really and with a good heart customer. I've been living because. You know I've already been developed by name and department no no I'm not out thanks I hear him out on that now but why he was he was okay you got into the I understand why that might still here's what's likely Keyon industry as Muslims. Different so the first one with the McGwire happened early to doubt it actually was the sect in its big movie. That featured conflict. Ensemble person with X-Men and can Spiderman and once those one for once proved to be financially viable these are doing more now. For 567 years they weren't connected like iron and handsome Captain America and that and CE which you now know now. So why Spider-Man also lie is not part marvel he was licensed out to Sony. Which is also partnering up with marble on the snow okay so what Sony did a couple years ago was saying here. We're going to Lindsey your character back and can be in the big universe be in the event here's you can be part. This whole team in fumble thing. And that we he's not separate. So that's what's different here get hacked into that you'll see Robert Downey junior seriously and he he inner accident that Tony Stark who in the books is like a mentor figure to him. But that's new right that's new it's like new because he didn't reveal it's been revealed evidence in the books were. Quite some time like 1015 years she's kind of and his mentor thus far. 88 it's better. You aren't gonna talk to excitement. It got people bring in now for the next hour in the event let's talk about Iron Man hello Daryn there. Then I do it lets you mainly from. I I grab art. And hello to you. Acts. And what do you hear deceased. I get mad you. Yes and or any year any. See. You back at her with batons neglect saying. It's coming my mind. Now. There. Mighty left here. Amos. On this I. Why is that what he like about this. Not that way you don't need anything else and that's that ain't cool absolutely. You are you say did you see Captain America civil war when he first appeared a couple of days ago. That's and Kennedy yeah. And you. What do you like about this later Manning is much younger he's he's really relatable. They take a look at let's take a look at a map here that I you hanging out why we came inside. We even having a good time rain is get beats by Dre on. That it's cool that it's. He has thanked. Evening as. You. And normal fare. Is pretty. The others by. Your first one. It's the what do you whole happen. Like she. Lives. Me you eat. Well on how. Happy that permit me. Yet I think I think definitely use that now. Well. Happened just fill it up. Yeah and are you a fan of iron is seasons and it's. Felt it. Three. Even at any polite. And he have popcorn. Obviously and lately keeping it out. He. And potter. That's Smart choice that the good average price you should drink more water that's really anything else you an eight everywhere and that we conceded. And accurate news. I think so let's be. Doing it. If you think it's time. Still speaking with connecting you usually relied on ABC right now yes and we really like coming guy. After that it is here possible to top that. Actually very day. And lab because it's not about this is an urban character right the only kind of moves because there are buildings actors equity dropped out lying. The desert. At least an eyewitness marvel. Well. Ultimately idea. It was another lucky right now we need to know we're going into the that the equipment you know that act and it aired there. Look. So I I ask you guys about civil war with when we first saw this iterations either yes as you mention. The third's letter and we see in fifteen years to the other two were not connected and see him. The can you put it. But this one's more younger more relatable and he saw him in civil war. Pad for about a senior TOP kind of stole the show he was great. Iron and recruited and he would've captain Mark Shields with QB it's funny and you'll. Need. If you want like a hidden aid and funds start. See that movie first. Beacons one picks up and is not well again we seen some trailers it picks up where that left off yet and yet to see some different that angels. That encounter some sort of you as I mentioned that he wants the good guys obviously slid back into a little. So I Michael Keaton who is always plane flying Michael Keaton play he's always playing a flying rodent. Always used baton and experiment didn't blame the man. Is pretty important. This is deeply the culture. Culture is an iconic on that's been around her almost as long as Letterman I think it here in the first three issues split OK very early on. In the comic books he had right wing of the flying old man was pulled ahead this movement of Islam more realistic. He was like of the suit which we've seen. And he actually. Which they've done more recently the villains are very multi layered he is. They've they've teases and trying to watch my words there. He's built his career it's. And lying should pursue out of things we've seen before. I'm not gonna step and anymore because just he has hit superseded is built that they anything to flying. Vultures at third it's it's very it's not realistic and I can't make myself but more realistic and a man with wings. OK this is the sat in new York city New York. Please be exactly is to be specific tentatively. Weird at least he's Adam Jones. Split soon. That an agreement with his Letterman's. We will see an avengers which is coming next may I believe we know anything about and it didn't know none too. We learned my profits and the parliament but it's going to be a lot of the engineers. Once I looked up from one quick second quiet this comes full circle lights on board the vendors infinity ward the third avengers movie. These movies are known for bringing all the years ago it's much like the awarded to. But this is going to be the biggest one C a lot Spider-Man we'll have the dangers that lie and it's just went by just Roland. The beef caked. References. But it's going to be the biggest one ever because then it's more than that to get it that. You think it's going to be important yet it's at its opening up he's. It'd be a key member I think he's he came into ABC for an interview recently. He's still shooting avengers that is shooting at it was like six or seven months you which is huge movie these days that's going to be like. In this can't this scale of things the grand as we've seen. Stupid airlines. Timely payment to call an interview that it's a little bit insulting comments come on them. I'm solidly Tom Holland ethically can't let up. He talked about playing in his talk about how he needed a different character you know what he did. He it was it was cute and funny would get is that he's only twenty years old Bryant exit younger he looks more like fifteen year old we see in this. But he said that he thinks that has propped up process during means it's too. Think about it is nobody's doing any consensus view ceiling in the trailers. He's going into stopped robbers that are probably needs him. And he'll do something we're help Houghton thing you like but apparently what I do next. It's finally let out an honorable Ireland I had food. He's always had like a level confusion because his fifteen years all right incidentally it's key if it's interesting he's. It's a different new version of this again. That's coming into this screening how easy to talk to respect. And we'll talk again. What you neatly from many of its journalists and linens and management. Hey Alex how much time you have that they are movie right now only. Other equipment to ABC news live by the way I think it's it why you might think about it. I've been waiting for this movie. Life like immediately. And it mind what's that thing like Anderson's as a similar. I've been like really excited and it went. You talk and end up being sure of forming like a younger Spider-Man little more like. Insecure and I think there that Blix and the ceiling issue the page yeah its late march through the comics slate that he'd apparently instantly right now we've seen. Andrew Garfield and to leave Atlanta please and that they would like. It's a different Palestinian and that kind of pulled it to play he departed. So this is like Heath age appropriate and Heatley upward community now. Always has and it is just because I'm on playing and not only a man on why what is it about him. At a nice as it relates intently that awkward. Thing. I've had been. Picked up at the other victim. We were talking also how this this leads into an in this other movies coming but civil to any warnings here which I'm really excited about because I think it's going to be such a grand scale. What do you expect from that. I'm just expecting make it to be like gets to resign Handley. Lots of action and detectives you know. The models a list and a good job with actors. But if I ask you coming up on little of the day thirty now on Friday afternoon at Berkeley. Earned. On holidays link I'm on vacation right now. Apparently the going to 88 and on the night of may lose in Manila. We need help I get his dad and Savannah. Study Blumenthal if you make movies like this Sunday yes Sunday again. Good luck to you and thank you so much taking the time we appreciate it thinking as they sentencing. Thank you think the thing that none of your holiday to conduct I appreciate it and other people on making each this is what we do out. So what's coming up on its meaning and now identity and it's not pretty for the economy now Eli cancel the shows up on ten feet they saw and they left. And I think in with. I just think I would check of the movie I think it's. It's very fun land its cake and if you don't like yourself you don't know the Lawrence were behind it it's still fun you can pick your kids it's it's very. I think it's PG thirteen VG music that African. It's on its lighthearted it's not dark it's not scary if I. I'm talking do you expect any high after Phoenix naming your time and time happening at the end and the united Phoenix. And and woodlands. But that the camp it's popcorn I had picked her I think.

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