Spotify's Top 5 Viral Songs List

Shanon Cook from Spotify Gives The Top 5 trending videos this week.
5:24 | 04/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Spotify's Top 5 Viral Songs List
Spotify launched a new most viral songs list and this list has a little fantasy some southern twang and a lot of sex appeal -- the recipe for success if you ask me. Joining me gotta talk about the top five most threatening saga Spotify is Shannon cook -- -- trend expert Janet -- -- -- bringing this thing that him expected to bring a sense of that was part of rotted on assignment to rise I didn't get them. Expectations are high Shannon. Let's -- of the list. Well this is a list of songs that are buzzing songs that are bubbling up -- songs that are being widely shared -- strained by a Spotify uses. Basically by the end of this segment you'll feel infinitely cooler. And -- -- anticipating your proximity -- already happened we thank you so every number five well I'm not finally released this is really need you a -- time flies and their song I. -- CNB he's really cute. A couple of guys from the east side. It kind of came to be nine on YouTube which isn't such an original avenue anymore. They do anything really clever freestyle rap common is -- -- really awesome covered under the -- From the Leunen names they do really cool -- -- About of the song about -- -- hit Shanken concerns. Really really cool dynamic and seeing really well and Iraq really well take a pop culture and -- -- -- -- on the successful. -- -- -- -- have always thought one republic with their song if I lose myself. That this is an alternative -- from cholera and severe. Came to be -- main. Many years ago by and they MySpace really -- my face hit. This song it's doing really well on Spotify is actually remixed of their brand -- his Sonia Miley is myself. And it's been remixed by -- very cool up and coming Swedish DJ name's. A -- sang this song was. These -- to listen to in Miami last month okay ultra music festival which is a really big -- case and dances. This is the song that's gonna hadn't -- Or in this city or in this set right here last night and that could have been typically have embarrassed furniture and a murder try to keep the electric connects I -- republic has saved many relationships that song apologize. We'll fight with your boyfriend or your loved what you -- rank on that instantly. All debts are cleared. You hear that kind of peasant who apologizes -- -- that's right it's too late Martin Miller wrote the -- the third number on the -- Stiffened the bride's night will the bridesmaid is too young to really be anthropologist to be a -- -- -- it drives me. This. This Hughes who's up and coming to you really should pay attention to names rule it spelt with a name but the -- silent -- she's from New Zealand are really super young like sixteen -- seventeen. She released an album and that's -- the end of the year but it didn't really register but in the last few. She's really kind of -- around the Internet. -- Comparing music his -- and resume violence is. Is one of them system popular songs and -- I love this because I doubt I doubt that usually are so this is that I might check this weekend to memorize because -- -- -- and every songs like gold teeth grey -- -- and in the bathroom bloodstains ball counts trash in the hotel room. I'm really stunning so I feel like I'm really -- a lot of value is that a weekend or 1 -- this. Sounds like you're weekend. Number two on the list raised some eyebrows visually speaking on just yet. Brother think now he's just going for the titles and some time yet lately an entry if he -- again nearly three six therapy than their experts say steamy entitlements tentative. Seek regulars there. After -- recover from them. He has a great song out of -- -- -- colorful headlines. Dehydrated music videos apparently paying -- -- -- because it had new models in Atlanta. Look under a woman is holding that goes core inflation there guys hash tag -- women. And I think kids today. -- it's a great sound that was produced by for -- -- -- music city and one of the it's gonna be one of the songs and then number one -- itself Florida Georgia line country -- he met at college in Nashville. -- a they're having a great week they won new this is the year at the academy and things work. Their song it's of remakes of their sole reason pizzas in reference to -- -- country rap hybrid if -- -- that something that was beginning to country and -- -- typically. And he says that he loves us yeah Maggie he was very anxious to jump from. There did -- to others label -- that was kind of a match made in label -- Luring her life or alert lines if we -- yeah we want to raise their eyebrows again static from bottom line. Thank you so much for being with us we appreciate -- -- president.

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{"id":18917689,"title":"Spotify's Top 5 Viral Songs List","duration":"5:24","description":"Shanon Cook from Spotify Gives The Top 5 trending videos this week.","url":"/Entertainment/video/spotifys-top-viral-songs-list-18917689","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}