Stacy London Talks Body Confidence on 'The View'

London joined the co-hosts to discuss ways to promote confidence and body positivity.
8:42 | 05/26/16

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Transcript for Stacy London Talks Body Confidence on 'The View'
Hot topic that just gives coming up around him bodies shame it's problem that affects every single woman. So what do we do to shut it down when Adam was shut that down so I used that went against was spent. Out lot of Montgomery helping women reclaim their body confidence so please welcome I'm frame and that women we absolutely do laws and different states who love this. Why is that happening is bodies Singh is has become part of our lives in a way that it never was before why why why is that well. I think mostly this has to do with social media and mean that fact that now everybody can be a celebrity and everybody can put themselves out there show up whatever they want to show up. That also opens you up to a great deal of criticism you as celebrities really understand that spray it. I mean this is ending date you're used to it does mean your feelings don't get hurt. But now all kinds of people are seeing themselves on social media and you've got -- third hurts just ready to its fat. Isn't. I think that women psychologically we've always been more emotionally invested in the way that we look as part of vs who by analogy. Right before there was social media there was those horrible there's and they still are around those horrible. It is. So we always had magazines to make us feel bad about our sound that's absolute grade and you're not only talking about the ones where it has outlook she gained ten pound out there that the winds that are saying basically here's the standard test for unity and if you're not young and wealthy and they you don't need. And he likes it unacceptable yeah I have straight hair. Well and that out Ellis senate. Many people are Knox you know but but but he doesn't think do you think that. It socialism that we have set ourselves up. To embrace what we op or radeon comfortable about for any given reason you know it's I hope you would hope. Think that's what would think that you know I really think the ban millennial error the millennial themselves are doing a great deal to kind of moved in the appeared in. And we need to embrace that I think it's very important that there's a lot more about forgiving sentence and broadening fans of the definition of beauty. Look at the Melanie also been able to do when it comes to gender when it comes to sexuality. And I really do believe we're moving the needle while I'm not millennial but they are moving the needle beat in the right way. Towards a broader definition of beauty that is inclusive. Of all the bus Annie I well face trial every. Came up in the sixties you now when girls went wild I had hair one out of that they were showing their bodies all over the place not just look at that footage at Woodstock. You know I mean is like that's been going on. Of these poor on drugs yeah yeah. Tell us. L lifestyle site refinery 29 launched a global movement called take back its each and we weren't aspire to team up with that and we have there. There are senior feature writer here Kelsey Nell at. Eat at home and. Take back could be its is an initiative that's meant to incite women to claim their states and claim that some antibody positive way. A spice aiming his around all the time. That in the summer it's particularly acute in specific you know at the beach but he in all that nonsense. And this is really meant to you. Shout back against that message but also invite women to you sell along with class because of course it really is women who are driving this conversation nobody has entity is of course everyone's. And to that end we polled 11100 women aged eighteen to 54. And we found that we're making progress that we still have a ways to go and you're right social media for example plays a huge role. One statistic we found is that 42% reported feeling worse about their bodies as a direct result of social media however on the flip side. 54% said that seeing body diversity represented in media make them feel better gas and so the powerful till. It's it's a great floods of visual tour also highly. Changed the conversation I mean just verbally right we want all ships rise together instead of women's hair in women down what do you feel you're doing to change the conversation interview I mean I'm just in me yeah fact that. I don't know you loopholes. Now there's not a lot of sifted and I've always sort of been consistent because I believe that if you don't want chew. Go with what other people are telling you about your body stay off social media joined Atlanta's summer stay off of it is not mig and don't read it because it's not it's not helping it that's my. Added to the candy candy any deal that mean you know again when your in the public that this is. They didn't part of my business so I'd always had you know things going on about my body and how I look at how I feel and I think I always. Keds stride tending to want that perfect body to see if I could get it. And I'll tell you when I did Dancing With The Stars I virtually got the body I always wanted dead cats. Those apps white hat and no I god and its share. You know I'm probably about eight pounds thinner there than I am now. But I'm in still very very good shape working out in health and eating healthy is very important to me but. When I look at picture what I realize it isn't such free down. Because I say to myself I know that I was dancing up to 1012 hours a day seven days a week and you. Portion control meals to go through the process at that. And that is not realistic for what might my style is as a working mom and anti freedom and grace to go you know what. I'm great I'm might be 8 am ten or not but it's not worth that amount of time that I couldn't physically do baton. And let I wasn't professional athletes so. And at that inspires me to feel great with who I am right now act you're way. I decide to say I told you millennial. Be glad that you get old because. Get all I just don't care as much and it's a beautiful thing. Some icy body shape mean but a lot of times where she beat ourselves and made endure the voices are inner had we have that added button we can make ourselves look a little thinner a little darker white ninety but I know it just working. You know in TV yeah you knew it I can you imagine there's a half dozen lives exactly where feeding into a live but I know idea for mean you know I worked in TV and that my weight has fluctuated a little bed. And I would look at photos and say oh my gosh I look happy and I realize inserted verbal lysine some really negative things about myself to the point or my daughter like I looked at this photos like oh my gosh I've. I am example I'm for their eye and I look sticker and that thought out my daughter picked up one of the photos and our house and said mom you look thinner and that photo that you do now I'm like. She only needs OK and look to an example of my said he she would not have known to say that had I not and verbalize in and so for me I tried to really. Just put an ethicist. I how I feel like threw away my scam I have no idea how much headway I go by how life. Feel me had not so much I'm not letting a number on the scale dictate how life should frail and I and to be honest with you this real definite. Give yourself permission to be who you are. And be empowered. I that you know can I just did one thing because I didn't know the picture was up at the picture of me but I have a child when I when I was young I had a baby yes and you know it's fun when you have a child to realize what your body is really for. Yeah now I'm of these beautiful amazing to me I'm you know I've yeah you're lucky enough to hasn't got out what I that's when asked that put these big movie performance. The whole thing that it took. I don't I don't know. Can't have made some women it is that you know it's not just about what. Whatever it's what it's yours alone it sit down warm body not everybody is trying to be like. Yourself to each other comparison is that the joy and confident that's right loved about it and you. And we want to thank you Kelsey Miller and refinery 29 thank you so much but people are out. And I'm into while look lovely wanted you to come here went up body has activity and share one word about how you feel about yourself so we want you all to hold up your signs right now. And see how you all CLC. A that I. I'm. And I.

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