Star-studded attendance at Tyler Perry Studios grand opening in Atlanta

Tyler Perry opened his studio lot on what used to be a Confederate Army base, becomes the first African American person to own a studio lot.
3:50 | 10/07/19

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Transcript for Star-studded attendance at Tyler Perry Studios grand opening in Atlanta
But we're turning to something that is completely. Fascinating their red carpet was rolled out for all of the black excellence in Atlanta over the weekend. A star studded event for the opening of Tyler Perry's brand new studios. 330. Acres twelve sound stages an A list guest guest from beyonce to Oprah David do Renee and will Smith and Colin cabernet. They all sit part in history. Ask Tyler Perry as the first African American actor writer and director to own a studio outright with no partners or corporate. Backing an hour Candice Williams. Was right there or all of the magic on my goodness. Yes magical is the perfect word is either literally what went on. That evening I mean the red carpet as you mentioned was rolled out and as you say. Black Exel is united in conversion is one space to celebrate a man who was once homeless living in its car. And now in the studio owner of what was once a confederate army based so now. I think people were just relishing in the fact that means stuck there for a fat fat fat. The the studio was billed online and a confederate army base yeah I mean there would be the old 180 yes the full an eighty of that statement unbelievable unbelievable and now with the betterment of everybody that I spoke to. From Viola Davis a Spike Lee. So many people were calling Tyler Perry a TrailBlazer. The fact that this man is now inspiring so many others to say this is possible this can be need to. I was speaking to Samuel Jackson who was just talking about the idea that look what he's doing for the community. All these young people out there now our C that hey I don't need to go to Hollywood to have this experience I can go to Tyler Perry studios. What I must say is so expensive. It literally is on the level of the Warner Bros. even a Disney so you know he's doing amazing things than I think you were just so happy to be there and be in that space with him. So clearly history making but I think the real question is not who was there but who wasn't. There that everyone was at this at this event yeah literally everybody was there and I certainly didn't want to walk the red carpet could be counted only he mop cracked down. I'm Angela in the back so it will men and Jada Pinkett Smith is there yeah. That is the year yeah. As it so there's so many people that we're just having a good old time in the background but literally when you double did you start to kind of come. Do you and social media you know that literally everybody was there enjoying themselves every single person in the A list. African American got as after African American got its walk by you yes I am. Really have to say it was such a surreal experience I mean. You know two to be able to just be in the space where these icons these people who have literally opened doors for people like need to be able to say. Okay now's your opportunity to be in that space where you can report and talk about things that matters are narratives. News of the people that are voicing our narratives and it was such a walkie me experience and there are so many Mona moments when he sees somebody who recognize their fan favorite or somebody who they looked up to obviously Oprah Winfrey was there. And so many people we're just hugging her and of course and several L Jackson there just making us laugh and reminding us. How you know. Amazing this moment was just sport not only. And general at Tyler Perry studio owner but just from lack is the Emmy how many. Men peering went blank do you see this happening to nevertheless black man. And that no I can run it may things so happy that you weren't there beautiful experience yet happily leery. An apple looking your pictures later yes yes. Things are being led thank you for having me.

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{"duration":"3:50","description":"Tyler Perry opened his studio lot on what used to be a Confederate Army base, becomes the first African American person to own a studio lot.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"66114554","title":"Star-studded attendance at Tyler Perry Studios grand opening in Atlanta","url":"/Entertainment/video/star-studded-attendance-tyler-perry-studios-grand-opening-66114554"}