'Let It Go' Started as a Villain Song

"Frozen" songwriters say the hit song "wrote itself very quickly."
3:24 | 08/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Let It Go' Started as a Villain Song
Time -- was a villain. She was I'm still -- Here with her army in the snow mentioning terrorize civilians. So what you're still reading -- -- He started getting into the head space and what you feel like -- was that isolated. -- -- -- -- reduce the staff to limit her contact with people. -- powers hidden from everyone. And we knew in this moment that she go through transformations. -- -- letting her powers out some. Trying to get away from society. Indeed she really was. And then Bobby came up with this spam -- -- -- -- him. And those who are working in her little studio he'll play something -- -- -- and my parents and all the -- hiding in yeah. And once you start paying for and that from the reality that. We found that he had something -- -- So good at this this and get -- athletica. And because she had to let go of everything. She's ever known -- yet to let go every once he ever loved and she sacrificed. For. And yet he was his moment of exhilaration where she can finally let it go -- Side. And smooth. -- and commands and paying and paying -- He's -- believe it is happening. As Manning's -- means. -- -- known as anger. Earners. In the song rope itself segments -- -- day. He needs and well paying half. -- -- -- Well now. And any. I can't believe that. And certainly they sent us the demo. -- gosh that's great. She we have to rewrite the whole thing I don't think they said. She never actually I think it was a little more for a letter to the Atlanta -- I threw it right the entire weekend and first time I had thought wow this isn't just like the funny. -- -- is evil queen song. Was a real soulful. Emotional. Vulnerable songs and then to my beautiful surprise -- it was never ever that nemesis really she's just misunderstood. Young woman. -- -- -- --

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{"id":25130587,"title":"'Let It Go' Started as a Villain Song","duration":"3:24","description":"\"Frozen\" songwriters say the hit song \"wrote itself very quickly.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/started-villain-song-25130587","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}