Stefon Bristol discusses his upcoming time-travel film 'See You Yesterday'

Spike Lee's protege talks new film and learning from the Oscar winner.
16:44 | 05/03/19

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Transcript for Stefon Bristol discusses his upcoming time-travel film 'See You Yesterday'
It can't Williams ABC radio and I'm quite excited to talk to someone who at amazing things going on. And this man of sitting right across from it is the perfect example. Of persistent and consistent seat. On Bristol you unity. Oh how radio. You do and is aiding president can't be all of what the filmmaker behind this new. Project that's coming out on Netflix called. EU yesterday launch on May seventeenth that's right marketing account right now may seventeenth. On Netflix com and I am just very excited to talk about it because number and line it likes I I meets black lab parent meat like really eat. Kind of in depth with this amazing story of two young people and to. Are you kind of like prodigy I guess that is on his way to call them because they they have developed this is new technology. Allow them to go. It will hit every guys are gonna check out may seventeenth. Innings in a drastic way don't give too much weight because I really want this man to do it just does give little snapshot of of your film if you can. As me not already slammed lighten can't Wear may seventeenth you can check it out and snap. Your felt Steve yesterday which may seventeenth. I'm humbled to be thank you for having me it's about these two brilliant science strategies from Brooklyn New York. And you know there is a brilliant scientist in the stem field. And high school and beyond tinker with time travel. And if discovered in eagle back a time to stop wind there Brothers from being wrongfully killed by NYPD office. And so with that being said let's jump right into it because. You know this. Timely story of course you know were important unfortunately not with so much wing aren't the news about you know unarmed. People of color gaining. Not trying to understand what's going and when it happened and now you know you can't add that this is this story this active which we see in the headlines and add a twist on what if you can go back in. And change that what would that eat and it did that. How was important to how things affect the future so. You know there's so many things that are going on with in this film talk about what was your motivation behind this specific narrative and adding a twist to. It was those discovery process goes one hours and finally graduate film school. And I needed to direct each Matthew judgment to film to graduate. I want a common kitchen I'd love scifi action adventure and the love black people in the final pay. The play together and it was during the summer of 2014. When Mack brown and paragon a guy murdered and debt was working on a different scripts altogether but those murders blend into my script. And professor mind was like you know you have to be telling your script and it's strong arms of its economic that allowed us to be the story and know you know knowing don't well what happened with our Sean Bell and an -- and on the aloe. I knew was this you know and and was gonna come Tina happened you know it happened in the ninety's happened 2014 has gotten this to happen today and we just saw. Video of young man with his face in slant to the floor. But police officer just a tonne pick up a cellphone which is ridiculous. On so I was like okay you know we don't do this and I eighty. Rooted and know Alan ever we got the tone right in and as meets a short film. Premiered on over 35 phone festivals around the world. And income to HBO banks who. America back from Basilan HBO in and Martha's Vineyard at the American film possible and I picked I came to means that he wanted to be on wanted to be a producer. On eight about it ousted as not to think about we don't southern. Though that's how I happen. And when you say spiky say it's casually but he. We need everything Spike Lee and you don't see eight longstanding connection to him current account for like 889. You know it's about the old early eighties when you first met him that he went to Morehouse College. The best college and on United's that happened Rembrandt because that at this thousand. Or the fact back. Couldn't sell it's all good here as a talk a little bit about those early days in obviously this has to be like very full circle because clearly you know that connection at that particular time. Now he's a producer. On your felt yeah I own among them how someone in polish and they're going to be a filmmaker by you know Obama should win bat during nets com. I went to school in the in the early 2000. And related doesn't actually in and Nam been had a phone program so. I wanted to learn filmmaking and no don't world the best we begin to from a is that it's at the school afterward. And a profess our mind until the and that's Ike was going to be if screening of commute to work. Ambon Russ Mike of the screen and that's despite. Let me get a internship at what because they knew of the works. Instead OK here's the here's my email some your regiment ounce late season and because like he did in his mind and end this but another two semesters after he found a response to mean that and that's all right Eva to meet been able to get a bomb into shipment forty acres. Arm and then I a got to calm him to do a letter of recommendation for NYU. And Aaron and why you. The need lot of films. He calls Hamas political traction on original. Nellie Kelly was there when. And debt due to oneself when you hear our cry. I cried oh what I left the meeting like almost in tears but it it it shocked me tools and Billy think about we'll come from on those making especially for black people. Com under the at that a move called upon data and that movie. It didn't it was not really new was not really refreshing my kid Robin number date be able via the debt with his father. Mom and you know spike was not feeling that and I appreciate debt because you know we bring me he had muffled her films. And we need some original on net and debt held me back to our week usually one duets as an artist and that's the action adventure and an arm and a fun in the pharma voice and I you. And in only give a quick shout out to. For Jacobs bail leave my name Michael Ryder and my partner in crime who owe me you know right right the short end feature and and no no without a black woman's voice about a black woman. Lead character. You know there's not a lot of lot of things will be law. Yang and and and again this story really hits home in the sense that it's so timely and it's also couches. You know it's funny because in the found I clearly I that would I'll make. You know women are talking about the black and Lee as we call it. Yeah that definitely resonate with me but I want to talk about the specifics that he you know flat flushed in in the group. Bringing culture why that is such an important to read in the in in this film because you know you really felt it within just. This year he and you know the dude there at the different. Different people that you chose to be in this now it was very very prevail and I wanna talk about why that was that was so important for you to have with an accent and. I'm premium myself. By heritage I was born Yemeni anti mind my parents are dying east. And you know the key market has struggled and of the grew up in Brooklyn. Margaret are groping in Coney Island by my mom always send me to East Flatbush. Tino by my clothes from fans in. Jimmy jazz and bodies. And and not it is always stick to the East Flatbush so you know when on Putnam and I'm back NYU film school was still walk around him to get my you know curry chicken and goatee one night announcing. An always want to figure out how to put that in film promise wells went into a movie about East Flatbush and and once I start trying to feature film and its enormous inside means scientists wrote it that way via an I never seen a Cyanamid Padua me never seen. A black immigrant movie before. No we dislike and this is a black American experience but obviously any back immigrant experience as well an American cinema and I want and one wanna do that. And I think he did that very efficiently and mean within the idea. Of that studying and and just like the aspirations that parents have for their children moms you know yet again when it get too much away but there are any scenes where you have. A family you know talking about what's going on and that this is garage in what's happening and energy actions of such non. But also you know when found should be. Kind of fine a US and used them yeah my family is app actually from big debate then getting Cuban. A and it. Rob I think of the things house rarely found. A little bit about. That came to mission and needy Girardi. I mean you don't use it to make this happen to talk about that element of might quit the struggle that you had to relieve it it's like mom had to refinance. He slid every not from her home from a just helped sort. Yet the because of the unfortunate thing about being in film school like NY UA. You have not only do you have to pay tuition vigils at the I'm mind to pay for your films. Out and it's from into the tuition and why you as we need to us. You know on nom nom de upped my eyeballs at the and when it counts on to the short I know I knew exactly what I wanted to and and resource the second old once I got to strip right which is a very important and in my opinion very important filmmaking but the script ran everything will fall into place. Home. I'm in a mind he at first was hard. Of one you know arm but it. No more my mother knows. On China do as she sees I'm serious with that she Dave refinance some Amish have put thousands of dollars into it. And and it and of course not to go to move on Malone and and I was able to you know get. A film from spike Lee's books and ran one not let out but. Once you come out from film school you're happy as I come sought delightful Reynolds broke. And and 40 well good two years I was. No very very broken still have to act my mother for. I'm EP ON com and is it that's a point where it was so bad debts you know I cried. Finalize it was it was big it it it almost let me too depressed depression. Com but. Lo and behold. And the reason god spiked it citing union alone who live off and so on Netflix known. Or check moment from that you know. And an Al is a great day when that first check came in. Yes so that some. Relief volumes to. This whole idea that all while your filmmaker early Eric you're live in the life but no need to get there was definitely not all fun and games. Tribulations struggles still it's at all you know. And it's dumbfounded as one's own once. Was the money for the duchess stopped Sloan has gained time I'm like a loose then okay half Butler. This success not who are the journey and prove myself phenom saying. Is lagging again today NBA teams like are you really good at the complexity of what you thing and so. Not every day on set those islands and the story in the book by a crook in the. Oh and you know again I don't give it because he's. On the corner there are some surprises. That you're gonna see and it's now. I'm not mention it because people can be the eyes but was difficult getting everybody together odd and I'm sure you. You know even even in that moment. I had to be from the start. It was a I I own dumb movies and is derived from army space from back to future. Twelve monkeys primary. On the run Lola run in on you name in announces in not just nostalgia nationals but also that the Tribune culture as well as the levels music in his for Omega. Osama Thomas saw an and on pan and though asthma. Again. And you know it's it's really interesting too because I know tonight to debate night you know with the Deluca. Havana home from air. Is not your at this point I mean the film's nine. You know you're about to have your premiere new may seventeenth right around a corner from when it will be officially available for everybody Netflix. On how do you feel this moment in as a surreal and anyway. It's I am a little bit of place in my emotions that I'm happy in their views. On I don't know what the on the how to describe it is like. As a dream come true but it's at the saint Thomas happening what is going on. I've no. Way to describe as you just as happy. As very and just leave it. And I mean OK so you know we talked about everything as far as what connects the little bed. Is there are a message you leave feel underlying message of this film. Some people want is okay you know I can get its I five at its you know lack lives matter in the sense of what with the content is. But he is there something that you wanted to convey specifically to children which makes it. Thank you for that. I'm not gonna say that amount oh what is laying on message but don't want people to interpreted their own and then once he does hope of their petitions happening out the common man and until people one. But does one see how it plays out when I'm alone leave people and so. And as far as Spike Lee Andy what has. His reaction dots have you had any ala conversations now that it's an absolutely be at the premiere airing easily where he's been. He's in Thailand shoot in a problem. Yes illegal working and Martin but I am what has been his thoughts and commentary. Us. After all this and that I feel delivered for him from Netflix when that denunciation but I. He's just happy he's he's he's the faces of the movies and it is a Reagan movies by the means product project as well on that means they'll be able to. Make this and he says he said the from the he never seen before. I appreciated. And I think it is obviously something that you received the nasty and there up or on May seventeenth on Netflix. And after this you know clearly we're we're we're intimate part of receipts you can help. And we're in the midst of it heady thing about what's next. Of course I'm argument OK it's down theories kind of give me an eight Q what do I'm working on the films and I guess so yeah. Evan and has is that this project. I hope lead to more of the relationship with would you be doing suffered and. I loved soon man makes all the Netflix it is a crazy nepalese gave. I'm great platform from yes the first time filmmaker. And the united trusting me they supported me. And I encourage other filmmakers still don't worry about it does in on line it's like there's a lot of people on the new. Have collect a lot of eyes on beyond it and I think his grip platforms for its I'm not a budding filmmakers myself and and it's on the nine needed. Are appreciated. Punk is anti used to I'm Bristol for stopping Bob I like helmets and and being able agency had to. And screen it would be able to create something important work that I think you got to check out may seventeenth on Netflix. Congratulations. And and must expect you to the future and all these other broad is that we hope to see. Neither. The U. Tomorrow. IRA didn't candidly in signing off.

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