Switchfoot bandmates open up about support from their fans

ABC News' Amna Nawaz interviews the band Switchfoot on "Live from the Couch."
5:27 | 08/11/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Switchfoot bandmates open up about support from their fans
You you're. Because look you got millions of album castle got the Grammy about the double platinum status all that under your belt right. I won't mention that that way and our staff heard that switch that were coming. Immediately and excited cry went up. Calling out movie lines and singing your lyrics from the movie a walk. And you're smiling out because they weren't let this these songs these characters these are really think that buying my teenage years for so many people. And you have a lot for pat that kind of factor people. Life just to know that the word that you're writing the thing that means so much to you and that's being with people for years and years rule. Yeah. Let me ask while. Retirement that is nightly. Agree. Usually on a daily basis win were on tour do you encounter someone who's got a story. Com. I think. You know words. Yesterday this woman's this this song my dad is passed away in that song the song coming through you know and for me as a musician. Songs have gotten me through in flatly music is because. There have been so many moments in my life where. Music has become the scaffolding has allowed me to reach places. I didn't know we're accessible before without that song it wouldn't have known to go there couldn't access part of myself you know. I didn't write that some of that song opened up something in me. Com and so to beat that. Vehicle for someone else's is a high honor that week we don't take lightly and he we take ourselves very lightly. You know and you can't any of us things you cannot just say that that's something beyond me I'm just gonna keep reading songs in my bedroom and I'm Michael and that whatever happens the idea it leads you and and known that cystic yet to be a part of that exchange. So how have you guys done it I mean twenty years of its successful career not been anything and get it they act right especially after. Like coming out being superstars early a lot of bands my flame out after that she got it kept putting out new music good music. Growing your fan base more and more heads. What's different how do you do it. Yeah it. I think what's the secret I don't know that we have a seat and that we love what we do in the who we do with. And and every time we go into the studio work on stage. We're chasing joy and it's an incredible honor to be. Without a joy that you believe in order to be atlas at lop. We get to do this. I mean I don't know. Anyone else's story as far as I just for us we feel like it's a privilege. All the touring. I have that they must be very different. To tour de rigueur for am I hey good. Now slightly different yeah had a lot heavier toll on the body may not. They don't want you here let me back that hey we used to like. Do you you know you'd sleep. January. He beat him in the band for months. And sleeping in public little site wall between. Seats the door in the CG LE door and that yeah that's like that was like a lucky spot you gotta sleep there Yahoo!. It means those are things that I remember firsthand Europe. We we're in London and we found out that their waves. In France and there is that is swell firing and in this friend of ours. Today I can get you boards she should get down years but we didn't have the money so we are well. Let's check out of our host teller and and sleep in. Central Park is like nothing and I aren't. And then you're like a great idea we just relax at least during the day and half dollar gear under do you. In the heart in the park. And then we did on the data on night we're like well if we sketchy at night with you wake. It is super is bad idea immediately and should immediately and within dog suitors the view like o'clock. It you have him and then look at Katie kicked out of place after place and saw all sorts of crazy stuff good near likeness and secret that now doesn't that Levy like how you does. It's it's a whole lot easier you you get on tour bus and Bob does the. Earlier this story and it's not think that growing up yeah yeah they're ready yet. I'm not that anybody musicians and the next generation and I mean. Every musician united and it's just think it to certain aids this maybe that they're no longer. Back that they need to you know every kid is an artist and this you know that ask a group McKinney gardeners like who's who's an artist every game goes. Ask like. An adult rim of adults that room I mean I used to like painting. Tent like. Something within a better or we block it off. You know I think yet you read every kids there if you.

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{"id":49159467,"title":"Switchfoot bandmates open up about support from their fans","duration":"5:27","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz interviews the band Switchfoot on \"Live from the Couch.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/switchfoot-bandmates-open-support-fans-49159467","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}