Tattoo Artist Scott Campbell Gives Out Free Mystery Tattoos to Londoners

The artist treats a few lucky Londoners a mystery tattoo without a consultation, discussion or stencil.
20:33 | 10/07/16

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Transcript for Tattoo Artist Scott Campbell Gives Out Free Mystery Tattoos to Londoners
Hi this is Laura mouth to ask for ABC news digital. And then standing on a corner in Central London in Covent Garden. Next to this massive line if you look find my shoulder there are several hundred people standing on this line. Going down all the way to the and of this block. And all the way around the corner to the next block so if you follow meet. We'll go to the front of the line and see what's up. Hey there how long have you been on the slide. Since 9 this morning and its name in this. So. People are standing on this lined it have been queued up for hours. If Clinton. Hey guys how long have you been standing on this line since a plus nine. Fall meet. We're getting closer to the front of. It. Hey guys along and even standing on this line. Not actually the only guy I am I and in participate in team throws nom. From bitching out. Aaron thinks. OK so we're getting right up to the front of this line. Now if you look behind me might have a hints of what's that there. Needs them. This says a pop up tattoo parlor. So. Celebrity's tattoo artist Scott Campbell. Is here and he's giving out free tattoos. So all of these several hundred people were lined up out there six people get a free Tutsi but there's a cash. Normally spots cuts his go for about a thousand dollars today's giving them out for free but you have no say what this time to looks like. Your literally. Sticking your arm in a hole which also UNICEF and right now we're standing in a gallery that's actually this is living art students performing this. Cuts to. Art exhibition. And if you can see some of his other. Tattoo art is actually on the wall this has actually gone on a pig skin. Stitched together. Soon let's actually go over and child of the persons getting an arm ain't right now. It has how are you naked thinking how are you feeling. I'm feeling excited alien excited. So how long he's been going on. I had no plans at the time but I think it must have been about fifty Nancy and. And so. Why are you doing this exactly you you're stuck your arm. Into this wall you have no idea what's going back there Scott doesn't communicate with the U. Ends. You know we have no idea what's gonna come out 45 minutes later so why do. And nothing spontaneous and I just lots that is in since they had about this and it seemed like exactly the kind of thing on incidents my wife's. And that about it. And then she said the united just a book today oh an area and. So you want to six people who are getting the Santa I don't know if you saw the line outside but there might. Several hundred people out there so being one of the few lucky ones I mean how does not meet him. It's like Helen ordering business it's amazing so what happens if you actually pull your arm out and you see some EC a tattoo that you're actually it only got heat this what happens. You know on the word of thanks I have lettuce and is a rating and I think it's it's the Jenny is the experience. I absence of some. Create a piece so actually why don't we go behind the scenes and seen. What Scott's doing back there there are going back here behind the law. I. Nice guy looks so easy to second to watch you as your working. So let's just take a step back there and. Watch you. In action. So Scott tell us a little bit about how you came up with this idea I mean it seems to be quite a hit you've several hundred people outside. Where do you come up with us. If the united artwork and a lot of different mediums and you know started really feel a difference between. You know painting and and tattooing and that you know what the review. You always have to have. You know your campuses permission in order to come and do something news. The change direction and overtaxed you and you know as an exist that. That fantasy. Morning to. Morning to do tattoos which. You know is what my hands know how to do better than anything. But with the same freedom. You know that woman came on campus are wrong paper where I get. This kind of following expiration wherever they mean. It's only a little bit about this piece you're doing ray now like. Take us through what it was this exact. I can't tell you as a whole here. All right but how don't just taking a step back when you see an arm come through there how do you design a decide what design goes with what armed him. You know particular arm goes what. It just give us a little bit. About your process here. Some of content. You know I I. In the beginning you know I thought I was gonna planned everything out where would you have a drawing. Ready if you look at an effort and is getting that's drawing characters. You know. Almost every single time no harm would come through it and I shave and coming get them ready and and they did this it would heal right so I ended up. You know this kind of changing it or doing something different last minute and. The efforts kind of you know I just try to keep this from him if they can and you know and when I have from his arm my hand and get them ready this kind of she what. She would I think our needs. So what is this TU is this the type two is it art he tells a little bit about. How you consider these pieces. I don't know I unite Ed don't public real. Clear Lake plan a mission statement behind that I think it's. You know like McKinney good project that started. Genuine curiosity and just kind of you know. Just curious as to what this dynamic would be life in and really you know I I've learned about it through you're doing it. You know history. Yeah it's been it's been kind of it's been really exciting and surprising and. TU. Changed the color Pallet you're using and it's unique design decisions based on skin tone or other aspects of you know the person and you have no contact that this person whatsoever aside from their arm what kind of design decisions are you making based on skin tone and other factors. I mean skin tone and you know there's cars are for polls are malls and NFL for a couple. Kind of you know just that the tactical fighter that it doesn't it doesn't really affect the contents are subject matter of when I'm doing. It's really. I don't know the candidates it's. You know. I'd be surprised by an amount of interest. Has been generated by this. But definitely some and I you know when I first. Started. I thought it would just be you know a couple scum bags like me who disposable arms and you know went from five countries are ready and units of throwing a couple more on the pile that wouldn't really make a difference but. And I've been really surprised that now. How many of the people that participated. Have no tattoos prior to that you know if this is how they get their first two. From thing I've noticed so. I can tell I've seen a couples on already and there is literally no communication between you and the other side. What is that dynamic feel like you're just kind of being offered this you know bid of someone's body. And you're not communicating with them in any conventional way do you still feel a connection to this person somehow. Definitely I mean you know obviously. You know I'm aware that there's a person on the other than this and so if it. I can't help but you know but imagine who that person. You know what. What their life is like and I and I guess I kind of I imagine who these people are in the night to a test you to accommodate that imaginary person and. I don't know I don't know higher period is but that. With. Well thank you so much I mean we're really looking for instance seeing this person's reaction on the other side very almost done. Grade OK think he's. So we're gonna make her way out for the other side. The very narrow space and you. So how are we doing press. I feel good again. Talking little that's and sort of this is small that's between you guys that you have no interaction no communication whatsoever. And yet you're kind of doing something that's lake kind of intimate so I mean. How does not fields to sort of surrender your arm and sit you know not have that communication do you feel connections another sign. Did Christian. Yankees. I've no idea what is can do and I think it's a median and into the net I trust that he's gonna do saying something different. Do you have a chance to look at his designs and actually seen what kind of an artist a tattoo artist he has before you keen. And it's so elixir what did you think of his design decisions. Accidentally Yan and I wouldn't count me if I didn't mind yen that we needed. So just to get back like kind of worst case scenario I'm curious. You said before that you're kind of hot even go with the flow but there are there certain light colors or or aesthetic. Type things that there aren't really your thing. That you might not be so happy was just having permanently tattooed on your body. And of course there that I think we gallons of oil comes out as you know it's a great stories being. Vinegar paying and it's fun and can you give us a little bit of a sense of what those things that you don't really like our. And and I'm not gonna give it away giant tent knew about the newest candidate who. Okay our airline won't tell you. But let's say the chance to walk around the gallery through and see. And this is kind of the living art that's happening but Scotts also given us a chance to see some of his other work so here's one example. RA maybe we can pop back out just to the front of the line first second wall Scott finishes up. Thanks. I keep thinking just get someone repair. So you're the front of this line. Yeah we might have to cut the softest got about the tennis but you're the front of this line I know it actually doesn't matter where on this line you Larson's the lottery system. But what's. And did you get here today I hit seven possibly affect the I am. And why exactly Antonin. Because I think both the vehicle that once inside the room have been locked street braves. Twice but didn't realize they'll be like the how the whole street. Give a chance soon walk around and see how long it several times and it's quite. Quite surprising I mean people of time's up. Follow the. That's. And a few of the chance I mean how would you feel actually stick your arm and not line. I would love it I mean for these despite the law I'm getting them for the creative freedom as well. Olson but it doesn't scare you this is permanent brain cancer than ever thought they'd already. It's within the log walls muscle. Then mom of the month. Someone. They. Hey there you go and get hysterical. If that's an okay okay so how long have you. Since nine and why. Because these simple you know. Green belt originally thought that it I'm that it might be it goes around does it note go to Google is got to these days a year. Fan of his work. I am that mean you have stuck to the apple evident that I excellence indecent this because when it began. And it doesn't scare you that you might wind up has promised that hasn't done with commonality and why do just that. Let's going to be under but it. Of the money to memories know about yet this means I want. It means you won so. Only six people actually have a chance students out of this line how does a lottery process worked out here what's that energy been on this line. The statistics pure and now move rates. But what's happened Hinkle a one number I'll. One. On the good everything good. Okay. So I think we're nearing the end of Scott tuning so let's check in with crisper. The moment of truth. I don't hear buzzing anymore so I'm guessing Scott's pretty much done. But the doesn't stop it. Thousands on hand beneath student loan. RA it's. Getting quieter as the moment of truth is approaching. Chris are you eager to find out what's gonna be on your arm for the rest of your life that saluting excited. So what are you hoping it might be ending you've been standing here surrounded by this Ari yours you're looking at Scott's other pieces. As are getting this done has anything caught your interest are you kind of hoping for something. I love Ted isn't skulls and he has a lot of that is tells artists. And sit him so. Who's the first person you're going to and you know I'm guessing you're gonna picture messages and what arena do once used nuclear armed now have a chance to jobs. Please send me posing collate all the people in the prologue and in. My life. How about the rest of your family sitting here doing that's none their news and honestly right now so the way kept to find Osama. Green thank you parents. So I'm guessing we'll find out that Scott Stein he has he's so I've been told that what he does is after he's done tattooing he kind of cleans the skin off key wraps it up and then Chris here will pull his arm out of the pool. And we'll have the big reveal. I. Cain a suspense is building. Christie feel your arm being rapped no it. Do you feel anything. He stipulates recipients. None of the moment when the decently. How long have you just kind of hunter armed dangling there. Cuts in sequence. He didn't mean woman known. Discredit. It feels like something's being met their own an innocent taped turnaround until now. So are getting food we agony to us. States and. Any moment now. IRA it's happening. Fed hasn't even. Chris is looking around to make sure his friends are here and yeah. Okay. Chris looks happy about how are you feel that he had exactly when balances. And known to show every game. And yeah. Yeah. One last question Christiane this on your arm for the rest of your life and mean what does this moment means you. I'm I'm so happy to attend Christmas and I think it's is exactly what I wanted and it has such a great experience Heineman it down there else green won't. There you have. It's been fun watching this happen so the sizzler and death for ABC news that you know.

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{"duration":"20:33","description":"The artist treats a few lucky Londoners a mystery tattoo without a consultation, discussion or stencil.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42644495","title":"Tattoo Artist Scott Campbell Gives Out Free Mystery Tattoos to Londoners","url":"/Entertainment/video/tattoo-artist-scott-campbell-free-mystery-tattoos-londoners-42644495"}