Former Texas Governor Looks at Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign

Rick Perry talks with 'The View' co-hosts about the former secretary of state and her campaign against Vermont senator Bernie Sanders.
6:08 | 04/27/16

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Transcript for Former Texas Governor Looks at Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign
Eric and out. I have a question I'm you know Donald Trump said a lot of things that has that a lot of things about women but he said it. Hillary is only. Successful at this point because she's a woman and she's playing the woman's car and what do you think well just for the record. My last three chiefs of staff. When I was a governor of Texas were women. And that's probably. In all state government him and we're not an inconsequential stake in this but we Rhode she's playing the woman caught like he says I know you didn't have. Apparently but how about what I mean last I checked she's a woman so many us now like is she's not like it peck. So. And I I think this is a non issue and one that you know frankly we need to get focused on the real important issues that that face this country. My head little mark going all that. I I wish we could. We can get really serious about I'm more worried about the name call one's going on. With food and I'm worried about the name calling that's going on in the Middle East I'm worried about the name callers going on it. It it it homes at night because somebody can't have a job because the economy sucks. Rotten right on and all those things are what we need to be focused on his country rather than. You know. Listen I get it this is reality TV were in a totally different time. In our country's history when it comes to this whole electoral process. But at the end of the day we've got some really serious issue. Yeah. People say evil backing up at how well they'll do well at the end of the day you will and I will questioning them down again Aaron and Donald I will. Listen Hillary didn't need it did. Senator Clinton. Has a different philosophical view that what I do about what government's role is she believes that government and Washington DC needs to be even strengthen more and more. There are put into Washington DC I disagree with that I disagree with the powerfully Reitman because. I think if we're really gonna be the country that our founding fathers saw first to be the freedoms that are out there I want people to be for. The question then guess what I'm talking about the future rate and I feel like within the government there a lot of people that don't reflect. Me and my age bracket or what I believe and so and another thing I talked my mom about a lot is term limits on people. Having positions in the government. I feel that I should be shortened and let new blood coming in seventy. And this is for I think maybe experience. Cannon is gonna speak for how high of evolved is in that throughout word yeah yeah and Democrats are public. Do you know and when I'm when I'm 76 years O level of spent half of my life. As of Republican and have my life is Democrat was there which are sent letters out less when I spit switch parties and then in 1988. He was a Democrat part all of them. Here let me share with you my. My observation early on was I was a big believer in term limits by Galley that's a way to keep all of the deadwood out you just you know. This amount of time in and kick him out. Here's what happens here's reality. When you term limit. The people who come to in the public service your bit mean. Say there's somebody like you that's really good and doing a great job and fair and honest and capable. Any term loan why would you wanna get rid Emmett that particular point out to be like you know what Pete kicking you out of here after six years. There's new black and there's always new ideas going on and you not a bad thing younger generation has a say in this country just as much as the older generation and when you have younger blood in there you can help change my mind and I. Here's what you do when you have term on that you turn over the long chip but he for the bureaucrats. Because bureaucrats for not term limited. And when you're out the term limits far the elected officials yet you lead the bureaucrats there from now on. They go oh yes ma'am we'll get right on that and then they've gone about doing what they wanna get done and they don't listen to you and I see that. In the end and Washington DC. Let me ask you this because you mentioned the middle class you know and it was something not remember we head between Clinton. And then it seemed that when. Former President Bush came and we lost a lot of stuff we lost a lot of jobs were lost a lot of -- people's 401 k.s disappeared all kinds stump. Happen because we got into these wars and all of this kind of stuff we are now in an economy that is better than wives and 18 that year also how well and why is it vet. With everybody being so angry. No one has any solution let's I don't understand we're in a fairly good spot now we get we're doing banner. And this guy who's been our president for eight years has gotten his chops busted quite a bit. Where we are the up to slow the up. Slick wrist which wraps so that we're in because we're not in the downdraft and we have not seen that so it really crass attempt Naia. So. I'm really intrigued did. The media keeps telling us that things are really bad. They were in in and is batted condition is we've ever been I think you're more you may be close to. Touching on something. It's not as bad and it I think with the right leadership and bring in this country together again I don't understand. You know as the governor of Texas we still have a lot of Democrats there the matter fact boom. You know we worked together we got things that we had a big difference and I don't understand why they can't do them. I don't see why you that but you know what you have to come back I was glad I'm of this term apparently thank you Rick.

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{"duration":"6:08","description":"Rick Perry talks with 'The View' co-hosts about the former secretary of state and her campaign against Vermont senator Bernie Sanders.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"38708932","title":"Former Texas Governor Looks at Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign","url":"/Entertainment/video/texas-governor-hillary-clintons-presidential-campaign-38708932"}