Why Thanksgiving Is President Obama's Favorite Holiday

President Obama and Michelle Obama share their favorite Thanksgiving memories and what they're thankful for.
5:50 | 11/28/14

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Transcript for Why Thanksgiving Is President Obama's Favorite Holiday
Mr. President, Mrs. Obama, thank you very much for being a part of our Thanksgiving special. It's great to have you, robin. A little fireside chat here at the white house. It feels good. It does feel good. It's good to have you here at the white house. Thank you, Mrs. Obama. What does this holiday mean to you, Mr. President? It's my favorite holiday, partly because it's a time when you get together with family and when we have schedules like ours, too often you don't get a chance to see the people you love as much as you'd like. And first and foremost, it's always just giving thanks for the health and friendship and companionship of your friends and family. Tell me about your favorite -- first of all, childhood memories for Thanksgiving. You know, it's always been families gathering. Growing up, I was fortunate enough to live in a community where all my relatives were within miles. There was a lot of food, a lot of laughter. And we try to replicate that here. We invite every cousin and uncle -- She's got a lot of uncles and a lot of cousins. We got a lot of folks. We've got, like, my little three or four family members. And then we got 40 of her cousins and uncles. When I first met Michelle, we used to go over to uncle Pete's and grace's. He was a taxi driver. Taxi driver and always had a toothpick coming out of his mouth. Even when he was eating, he always had a toothpick. Everyone has an uncle like that. Yeah. He was cool and he would barbecue and cook for, like, hours, you know, and was very particular about his meat. It looks a little different here. The white house -- the white house doesn't have quite the same flavor as uncle Pete's. You knew where I was going with that. It was, like, so how does that translate? You know, at the end of the meal a few people will ask for toothpicks. But they're brought out later. In a little -- With the presidential seal -- a lot of families -- their tradition is, they go around the table and say what they're most thankful for. So I ask each of you. What are you most thankful for this year? I've always got to say my daughters. They're Normal kids. They're Normal kids, but, you know, they're growing up just to be smart, kind, funny young ladies. And you know, when your kids are doing well -- all the other stuff, you know, really pales in comparison. How do you instill in your own daughters -- gratitude? You know, my girls look at their father. And they know, you know, how much he faces every day. They are now old enough to understand the challenges, the criticisms, the complexities of this job and many times they ask, "Why are you doing it?" You know, but the message that he lives for them is that, you know, we're on this Earth to live our lives in the betterment Thanksgiving is a time for all of us to reflect on the militaries, the gol star families who have having dinner with our loved one there. It's easy to get lost in the food and the fellowship. But Thanksgiving is a time for reflection and for service, which is something we do every single year. That's the tradeoff for Thanksgiving dinner with our -- That's the price of -- -- Our families. If you wanna come here -- It's like come to the white house. Well, you gotta go with us first. You gotta come do service. And so some service with us. Then you get some food. Then you get some food. I'm a military brat. My mother and father would always make sure that we had a service person at our table, somebody who couldn't get home. For many people, they have somebody missing at the table. And a lot of times during these holidays I'll actually make calls to folks who are deployed. We'll just call 'em up and say thank you and it's a great idea for every American, every day, but especially during the holiday season. You know, you see a service member -- you just go up and say, "Thanks, we appreciate it" 'cause the sacrifices they make are extraordinary. And that's really, you know, one of the many messages that hopefully people take away from this conversation, is, you know, look around your communities. Ask where the military families are in your communities and find a way to help. Mr. President, thank you, Mrs. Obama -- I think I smell pie? Might be pie? Do you want to come down to the kitchen and check it out? Do you mind? Let's go! This is where the magic happens! We go all out on pies. We don't play with pie. I mean, this is why you work out every day. Actually, Michelle only eats kale for Thanksgiving. There's kale soup and a kale stuffing. Between Barack and Chris, they handle the whole dinner. Now is it the canned cranberry with the ridges on it? Oh, come on. It's like old school. Yeah, old school. No Jell-O molds. We used to have that at Pete's. That was at uncle Pete's with the toothpick. Stuffing or mashed potatoes? Oyster stuffing. Favorite pie? Pumpkin for Thanksgiving. Okay. What's the big Thanksgiving leftover? Oh, Turkey sandwiches. Turkey sandwich with light mayo, sliced sweet pickle -- And hot sauce. -- Turkey. I like hot sauce on mine. And some salt and pepper. The proper way to eat your pie, just a little whipped cream on top. Do whipped. This is good, isn't it? The thing I should say is that I tend to start from the back with the crust. Which is ear tating if you share pie. That's why we don't share pie, because can you imagine -- The crust more -- Sharin' your pie -- 'Cause he took half the pie

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{"duration":"5:50","description":"President Obama and Michelle Obama share their favorite Thanksgiving memories and what they're thankful for.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"27228466","title":"Why Thanksgiving Is President Obama's Favorite Holiday","url":"/Entertainment/video/thanksgiving-president-obamas-favorite-holiday-27228466"}