Tiffany Haddish and Andy Serkis announce the 2018 Academy Awards nominees

ABC News breaks down the Oscars nominations with instant reactions and analysis.
54:45 | 01/23/18

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Transcript for Tiffany Haddish and Andy Serkis announce the 2018 Academy Awards nominees
So excited about it you think that fruit and I expected. All morning also political pop culture expert might be used K happenings that have. Exe you guys. Erica it's I love the Oscar nominations because like nobody said but it here's like four people have to lose for somebody to what you today it's like five winners show up its yeah. Let's talk about some of those owners might even what you like most excited. To see the nominations for which category which people Walt some best actors this year you guys are really terrific category got Frances McDormand who won for Fargo that in 1987. The nets are sure Ronan who's really making another push this year yeah each is a really good category and it's one of our most competitive that we still have. Because a lot of love as we get into a lot of actresses this year in that category so that was fun want my name I. Your best picture. Yeah there is so many great films this season. Like these films really capture like the American construct and what's happening our society and I think is a pervert exit representation and art imitating life life imitating art it is that's a wide range of films yeah. Our house to Blockbuster's potentials to you need sub categories that is get out of four yet guys I'm really excited seeing what direction do we do we go in. At best picture category feels different than it has in years past right why why if that happens get there. I think it's because what really what society is calling for I think our society is very unique and I think that films and highlands high recognizing that. That beautiful are ready humanity and human condition and human narratives I think we are finally seeing that reflected. I think that because the academy has opened up such unique diversity in their class at David -- an idea that there is habits and so that we can say you know what now they may be opened film like this be nominated. I don't think that you can understates the effect of the academy opening up at stores to a broader segment of of the filmmaking population is and I think that that's huge. I think they gave William voices that normally would have been marginalized I think you're able to get films that normally would've been overlooked I really think that. The academy has done a pretty good job right of taking a serious look at its membership taking a serious look at where it stands in the industry and really trying to address some of them off. And a lot of that was as a result of the Oscars so white hash tag and yet now we I think responding to people saying. We want something different you've got a response to begin if he had across the categories do you think. The agency in south able range matches are that tax Oscar so why I would hope that we would see that. Because it is diversity rep is potentially diversity represented each category and as I'm hoping that the Oscars will kinda. States of that and be aware of that constitution. That they have to really be reflected. The voting bloc that was an academy but then the American population after the global isolation and go without an easy step homes. About like American story electing its. This you're taking a close look at best actor where we have again perennial favorite it Denzel Washington but also potentially get a clue from get out. But also don't sleep on best supporting actress it's really terrific women of color can really compete in net yet a year from Kennedy had asked yeah see eighty cents and Han Chal from downsizing that's yeah that movie I think that. The list of categories in particular might be really good examples. Of the diversity this happening. What's what's it going to as well I'd open a surprise in the BD Reese from my balance director she hadn't gotten that it is I think she deserves and some the other awards ceremony that's been happening yeah. Yeah I hope that she's Wendell surprise. Like entries into the best director category. And we know other than some previous awards are handed out right across the board here what are some of the indicators when we Knoll moving into today's nominations that could. Could kind of pan here as well. We do have some favorites over its interest because of the Winter Olympics this year awards that would normally be in week or two weeks three weeks when this past weekend soon through the produces skillet through the Screen Actors Guild we kind of hasn't really favorites a lot of categories Sam Rockwell Allison Janney Frances McDormand Gary Oldman appears kind Burkle and I think that they do it yeah. Allison Danny Diaz but audit without cares about is is he what's gonna happen with the film the post. He households and other screeners almost too late to got to be considered can seriously for contingent present these early work we're going to be about walking it's not quite right the companies at a Thanksgiving was to get out of voting times how many hits sag awards random street did not get the get to see what happens in France and that and narrow street now. They purely a function of timing though they got them out late and that's why they didn't get nominated or that but the Aggie yesterday. Awards at 6000. People who can nominate for my sag awards and changes every year yet but they got them to demagogue November 28 and then elected Atlanta bolt with December 13 so as not out of time right after Thanksgiving you going into the holiday rush season the Christmas holiday party my sad to watch screeners so I'm cares if this showdown between France and army Barrow street for the oxygen Maryland can't get nominated today Tom is a maybe I think Merrill's maybe she's on the bubble based on what we've seen DES English and how the so called. I blame the studios is about the screeners break bad because Barrett with fantastic games. The fantastic to. Absolutely and fox virtually made both the cheaper water if people we're seeing a distributor of those films have both of those films have just scooping up awards left and right so those are the two front runners going into it already and and whatever their strategy is in the Rowland has been. Okay what one filmed you'd expect to hear more than others across all the categories. Is that I think there is billboards Indiana I think state water maybe. And it doesn't keep the full title everything and we diet and cable water during a three the that it was our game every time I. Coventry moved within a half I've lived with yeah. Yeah yeah. Another good way to let it be I don't I finally exits and didn't. Exactly so between three or they -- water. Back to Rudy but it's able water but read billboards is winning anchor as for the free award any sleeper here lady Virginian occasionally heard how well. They're young guns I that a lot of acting. You know shine in the movie. He could get a lot of attacked beautiful and the price fixing had that got out of that this it to about that other really cool film and yet little girl and that she acted fantastic beach emanated. Itchy she had investigated but I never ever. Now now I think now rank bad that was not caring for the. Actors previously been around each category so this is asked her bounds and we think but what that sag award film breathless producer regular work numbers with Oscar award film and so something like a young actor is prime but I ask. A war or an examination and. Mud down we think could also be another sleeping air. Yeah you know my family I don't watch right now let's go right now live in the Oscar nominees. You over the. Yeah. Winner. And the win at me. And the Oscar goes to. And chaos good news June. Good morning. And welcome to nominations. For the ninetieth Academy Awards. I'm John Bailey governor of the cinematographer French. And president of the Motion Picture Academy. This has been a remarkable year for the movie if actors. Writers producers and directors. Have given us films is not only entertain. The challenge us. There's been bold adventurous work them animation. Documentaries and foreign language films. Visual effects composers and sound artists. Production designers editors and cinematographer is. Continue to raise the bar of their crafts. As to customers. Make up in here artists. This is a landmark year to honor their achievements. Now please join me in welcoming our hosts the year reverend starter girls' trip. Tiffany had a outage and Cesar. From planet of the apes actor director Andy circus. Okay. It's an all out for us to be here for the announcement of nominees of the nineteenth Oscars we're just seconds away from the. The earth and now it. F part of this event were going to be showing you a few short videos to institute some of the categories like this one right here. Okay. Here all the nominees for achievement in production design. Beauty and the Beast. Blade runner 2049. Doctors Allah. Don Kirk. And the shape of Wharton. Do you think of ballots being showered him. One who can now if not aren't picking category. For achievement in cinema target. Blade runner. 2049. Darkest hour. Record. Much down. And that Shanker of water. Mixed of the corrective genius is to ensure that we actors dress the pot. And are never naked on screen. For achievement in costume design. Beauty and the Beast. Darkest allies. France and threat. The shape of warts. And Victoria and up to. Now messy art nominees. In the next two category. Here are nominees for achievement in found at. Baby drag. Blade runner to south and 49. Kurt. The shape of water. And Star Wars that last jet. And for achievement in sound mixing. Maybe drive up. Blade runner 2049. Don Kirk. The shape of Warsaw. And Star Wars the luster and I. I think it's democratic things like a lot of people like. Let's go who's the most delicate do the Atlanta. I can't. Got a lot Bob leapt at the next up. For best animated short film. Dear basketball. Party. Note. Negative space. And Reid bolting rhymes. And now here all the nominees will best live action short film. DeKalb elementary. The 11 o'clock. My nephew Emmett. Silent child. And what to won't pay all of us. That last category proved that Lee it doesn't matter and out on that category. A. For original score. Phantom grey. The shape of water. Star Wars the mess Jenna. And three airports outside Abington ignorance. And now. The mixed category. Full achievement in visual effects. Blade runner up 2049. Guardians of the galaxy bullying tune. Cong Skull Island. Star Wars the last jet all right. And war for the planet of the heights. Okay. With the master of the aircraft. Without the masters that their craft in this category. Average movie would be like taking our loan. Or achievement in film editing. Baby driver. Doug Kirk. I'd Tonya. The shape of water. And to rebuild port outback entertainment Murray. And now the final catch agree in the first off of this morning's announcements. Full achievement in makeup and hair styling. Darkest hour. Victoria and Abdul. And Wanda. We still have more nominee announcements but will creep will be back in. A one minute and a half bright. DeWitt. Co. Okay. Hey guy Saddam in the hunt here reckoned with while Dickey and Mike muse can all agree readily like Tiffany had a should just announce everything literally. Another active time. These members of everything that nothing you know Ward Just so worried about some good right now as well but then he ends yeah that the best. There I stood up today's presentation goes you. And like excellent annunciation line and is there people of new era yet you should be very very happy that calculates get to you we've heard so far I heard Dunkirk a lot I heard three billboards allot any surprises in there what stood out to you make. The subsidy is Kobe Bryant yeah. Bob days ahead for a short animation. It would now be Kobe Bryant also comfort rear ends. Yeah. Filmmaker was likable. Addictive it differently that was one of the pretty easy this right there yeah I was really excited for the reasons corporate save water that's one of my favorites I think that when going to be an Afghan surprise for me was I time for editing how about that sit out to me as vitamin C that coming. And I only time we heard I tiny so far has still a whole list of nominees tecumseh stick with us while you get past yet when native cinematographer katic the lives racial slurs in his only. I'm the first woman be nominated for best in the tiger via the Academy Awards states but he said again I guess that al-Qaeda. Yeah if you look at it how movies get me deeply behind the cameras statistics are just awful and so this is actually really significant Davis is a pretty huge achievement. Mud down districts and photography on that lets people check it out there but this is a big deal in this is history remain. Now and everyone is he said walks away happy today. Enter into happy today that it never sound editing and mixing up in Dunkirk. As anyone that they respect I think they were fantastic and has tested out to me too as well he never visual effects planning advocates. Yeah I think hands down now I thought okay Sydney zoo in celebration of her co host today. Business has three of his own movies console island the last and I and were for the plan and I Laurinaitis has looked at Ziegler deputy morning. Meeting even I didn't hear and Mary was surprised not see in any of this category so far in the united big name categories to a lot of people have been banking on an meetings and apps yet. No actually look at all the money for me until now have a categories of cinematographer up but now with fantastic and deserving of it I love it civil war civil war is a very technical film it's very artistic has led great acting. And so I'm not surprising and I these technical awards because it Wetzel wonderfully made you don't hear any guerrilla colleague by an eight. And others are at Valencia happily and I think that that. An analyst production design analysts in the target beat costumes he had as the minutes for quite good things in the fact that it kind of got like that thing. It doesn't really bodes well for what you thought they're really well at 2000 watching car buyer's name automatic dollars the Vietnam it was and it's super pretty really AA asked. Copyright and not only is the great narrative that the guessing game like this that after screenplay nominee yet nomination as well this case is done so well I think this scenery is like anybody you got that post. Like him I didn't and I'll you have maybe we see them coming up early so that best I could drifted out of that morning and answer I Angelina. Obviously the polls and economic related bigamy it's the Oscars I'm gonna have a yet I think yeah right here they have right here right now that's. I mean if ever need no other reason. They'll blow the upgrade coupon mayor all right let pat. It's a crime an inherently Harold Burton is not nominated him he'd you know. Bear clinic where you live I think we're going back to the apps are not at what. That. A I. What a great morning. Here we are the nominees full performance by an actress in a supporting role. Mary. My back. Allison Janney in eye time yet. Lesley Manville in fact it. Laurie met copying lady there. And Octavia Spencer in the shadow. No. For performance by an act in a supporting rob. Will come to file into Florida practice. What he had nothing. Rebuilt or outside ending epic. Lugar. Remove rigid thinking and the shape of water. Christopher Plummer and all the money at work. And Sam Rockwell in three billboard outside ever. They're. For best foreign language film. A fantastic woman Chile. Insult Lebanon. Loveless Russia. Formed body and soul Hungary. And the split Sweden. I bet documentary short subject. Edith M Ed. At the traffic jam on the 40. And traffic back. I'll just make a woman from an urban area of very uncomfortable yeah. Loved her nobody can pick. For breast documentary feature. Abacus small enough to jail. For instance places. Foods. Gloucester men in a letter. Strong island. For original found. Mighty record from my. History of leapt from Paul me I don't thing. Remember me from Coca. Then what's happened. For Marshall. And if that's me. From the greatest show me. For best animated feature film. Tough boss lately. The breadwinner. Coke alone. Ferdinand. And loving Vincent. Here are nominees or adaptations screenplay. Com got your name James Ivory. That did that's artists. Got news standard standard and Michael. H Wilbur. The low pants Scott Frank and James Mangold and Michael Green. Molly's game. Aaron Sorkin. And mad now. Virgil William and debriefed. Full original screenplay. The big sick and leaving Gordon and cool man on Johnny. Get out Jordan real. Lady Greta goalie. The shake aborted Guillermo del Toro. And three billboards outside ebbing Missouri Martin McDonough. For performance by actor in the leading role. Shot in the day. In talking about now. Getter that all it. And pants and bring. Danielle. Clue Yang. I. Leone. Well you know what I give up this couldn't couldn't. Gary all mean in darkest hour. Did not Washington came in roaming today Israel AFLAC. And full performance by an actress in a leading role. Sally Hawkins in the shape of water. Frances McDormand in free billboards outside editors are. Margo Roby in Tanya. So surrounded in lady been. And Merrill Streep in the post. Here are the nominees for achievement in directing. Part Christopher now. Yeah Jordan and lady bird I don't happen. Yeah Brit pop common and the sake of water. He had not dip well. You haven't of the big month for the big. Find a best picture. Well there should both do it I mean what could possibly a room. You don't. Mummy an op. Not final and I am Flint acting at best picture nominee. Caught out your name. Eager to hear. Then but and look. Want me now. Emilia Joseph lynch and Marco morrow been cut. Darkest hour Tim Bevan Eric Thelma. Lisa Bruce and dream a cotton and Douglas a Penske produces. Emma comment Christopher now. Produce. Get out. Sean McKittrick Jason bomb Edward H and Judea and Jordan field produces. Byrd got pregnant. Got published and at O'Neill produced. Phantom threat. Joann Della Paul Thomas Anderson meg and Allison and Daniel loopy produces. But house. A neat yeah. Steven Spielberg and creates deep muck half. Harry. The shape of warts you yet well don't borrow. And Jerry miles bail for juices. And three billboard outside F they're. Graham a lot. Peter. Zack designing ended my heart. Nick Dunn producers. Thank you very much everyone for watching this morning and congratulations to all the nominees. And make sure you watch at we celebrate the ninetieth actors. Mark sport on eighty me. Okay. Oh my gosh you guys if you could have heard the yelling and it's true those aren't good at the end of a you know Academy Award nominees first of all the entire route with his creamy. They. Both both it was yeah nominations as an analyst Avi guys. That are angry we duke it out at the that would admit angry out of an eight years ago that now negatively when it. Got an affair with an elegant effect let's talk about it are we supporting pack here. Yellow we think we got Sam Rockwell willing to though Woody Harrelson Christopher Plummer and Richard Jenkins who's on that come as a surprise for me. Up to surprise you don't on the bubble hammered kind of seemed to be going into that that slot it was present one army with a guided but it stands year Schambach way everybody's ego boarding. He's a cabinet that's not the step did. Right this. The old Kevin Spacey had to leave its conservative Islamist sect and hecla mining in the world obviously no I think that Barack I want to the Oscars gives some type lenient or alike. At actor like at. X-Factor for like stepping hand last minute rice paddy and delivering a great wins solidly that they really consider the conditions of the few to be and of your campaigns. Even as. Ever hated Meredith and supporting actress. Crazy category I love a lot of these Octavia Spencer got it to be had a two obvious is not to did not missed the two picks up here hometown from downsizing Holly Hunter from the knicks but the big one as mayor stabilized oh my god nightmare. Oscars that he might go what rob what the war. But yeah. I'm is that in the end we'll but the big. Mary can be nominated she should be nominated at that they know Powell and I don't. One of them will make question her nomination but yeah about it Mary by the artist and isn't your music she's very theatrical she's very vulnerable and our music of the widely read transfer over into the big screen now. I'm really happy for her she's wonderful Hilary baskets a really good deserved nomination and Allison Danny and is that the top of its army out of that the favored. She did as a national. National treasure let's talk about the other acting categories now passed act whore. Frank go. Yeah yeah I think deal to be pretty lucky that he was gonna get nominated hit. This month of Britain in the oddsmakers giving him of winning as being a Day-Lewis you have that seem at odds that but these are giving as Daniel Day-Lewis he's in the next and and I mean. It's that stop it seems it's an into. Category as you'll remember that the people who nominee the categories of the people and it there were some cinematographer selects and photography companies actors like acting nominees and I think that we saw over the past couple weeks. There when I must. Female branches of the entire academy yeah and so as a result. Allegations that have been in the news about James Franco may have had a pretty significant innings in all. How to present that Pakistan. And hopefully set aside the personal dynamic that and he is one that fantastic method care to actors like of our time yeah he's right up there to become the next candidate Louis and that style of acting category. So no question that definitely hurt him. Along the way that X going to be a really great had a great exercise for Timothy Salomon I think he's fantastic and let's give it up for Daniel Cooley yeah. It all excited ran like. His character when he did it is is almost anywhere like it was nightmare they kinda have these subtleties of their acting right for the new ones is right is right how he picked up his camera and get out right insanely how America different classes right to observe the piece of paper sort of subtlety of this nuances. They're really nailed both type of what could be blowing hard it was it's a fantastic for a. And DD LE needing a Day-Lewis yeah would be an Alaska nominee and you don't see why is that not retiring not. I think that's not me there retiring and he gets the nomination just fine. I think I think he's. And it couldn't. Herbal body of here at. Relief. We didn't doubt may have caught out of nervously and really because I believe that a lot of people didn't see Rome and Israel handed out my concern was they don't see it and it would sees reformists the movie wasn't. That amazing but his performance Wright was. Spent fact we've already getting and I agree leave it to great reform yes no not. S category. Yeah but that was very interesting too as well I got out of that Watson oppose I wasn't that impressed that pounding performance and that may be blessed me. Philip you can take the tree that they. Yeah. But you know and I you might not I'm not afraid of the that's. I love it out and who. Best actress vow. Crowd around and there says surgeon wrote in Frances McDormand Margot Robbie for I Tonya and Sally Hawkins chief of what I what I hear he's. I was outside of Merrill like she was on the bubble yeah and she got inside the bubble yeah sketches on the other side of the bubble yet as is just attesting to the degree from Ali's game. Yeah but I would say that's it that's not a surprise but Africa is coming out once again I'm excited for France and about and for Mayo should go head to head. Because we didn't Santa gets into cedar in the sag award again we saw a Golden Globes they were for two different categories for the Golden Globes. So we had had a chance to go head to head and so I think it's anyone's Oscar Mecca. OK so we were all taking serious notes during the original screenplay. Oh yeah. Still category like a good mix of people stories represented there we had the big thank. Get out lady bird the shape of water and read billboard gets. Is good casual they're all great categorically it all time category that he won the most competitive. It categories I am how about admits indeed -- earlier in the program as a price of its activists is nominated. Prevented screenplay. Resources and get a chance now and I'm really excited for that was shout out also today the adapter category these men who that nominee for low the under the deal that little surprise that went really well in. Out what exactly that what I don't think that that's our Bible tonight yeah but you repeat that method I'm sorry Dodd did a great dobbs that it is I had really messing up your work rate the I'm but what what. But he had to think that who I got to watch that curtain no lie about it at the watch this on my airplanes traveling backwards LA about all part of the sun came out quite necessary this plaza then on an airplane that they'll I regret saying that they go six hours plus if it might be breaking up over time. Ultimately that's what we heard that did not like just didn't limits. I'm. What is he Saving Private Ryan and the type of movies and I. Actually the darkest hour estate coverage Dunkirk you know like fox. It is not good but I hit it right after another bucket seats about it let Doug the genetic mutation is something about their private Ryan abbey by good Ole miss dug out where I get to tankers. I didn't even arrogant that I did. Aided Afghan. That an ethereal and coming away with that and let yet as this category I've edited that out how to use or to be nominated again but Gary Oldman who. Loses himself in Winston church but I could even separate anymore between winter tube again and win Gary ended so it was really really fantastic. Best picture. Great category now clearly like who would surprise you know that's not surprises were found credit darkest hour surprise. Yes those that may be where again. They had had a tunnel love at least on the pitch they're gay aimed at pre because that's her words. Other movies that kind of missed out I mean there's a final editing by bound. The extent blade runner when he 49 because the time of the technical awards but did not seem to get any love and in above above the line. The big sick Molly's game and I Tonya were the ones and I have on here as being on the other side of the bubble that didn't make it but is nine RS solid nine without it's here. Either way guys because it caught me by saying he would expect moonlight when. Right right you more than against La La land and car by her name is that at saint art house. Very artistic. This is well as get out is very art house artistic rights as well as lady bird is our house artistic. What's interesting about these wearable art house artistic film there also is a commercial viability with rapid they had had commercial blockbuster success. But it still is general and that being that the general public. Can latch on to the story alive so I think this of the talks that I don't know these huge overlap between best director and best picture right and there's not with call me by turning to the electorate didn't get nominated on not a good thing catches up Lucas that look at that fantastic job again but they are they are so that's that president biography too as well yeah. Directors have their movies nominated for best picture this one got a fair rate sort appeal Christopher Nolan. Paul comes Anderson and deputy so that Torres who is an early favorite gas. But you never go thorough than it is by god thank you. Let's talk about what over the room that is an elevator room anymore is how they're birds. This Oscar class is absolutely and I think that Oscar that was trending diverts yeah okay. And I think like that is we're excited buzz for all that diversity just look at the directing category. Only grass yet right now get it today. Though as yet nobody's going goes into that that they don't tour over the aids epic there was lethality LA obsolete is that like screaming get here. He's freaking out right now and audio in daylight like now it might just the company's coveted I've got. Is war results are abbey we have cotton Andrea Day for standout now ourselves that the agency cotton and get a second nominees for an Oscar I mean what a ride he's having. But vowed also to maintain lies with the mighty river that it does lag I believe both the diversity had been I really spread it yet about this entire league really interest even in the even in the enemy category code goes on. Let's Americans and it lets you representation has been awful in Hollywood the longest time. I have to ask you that animated feature yet they I mean you're happy this morning I was lock and smiling on Oscar nom say that like the animated feature category comes on. You light up. I do you love has anything to help us hilarious he's always like like a Pixar movie let a couple of yet movies but Bob really contemplative this flooding into the really utility like Arty kind of movie and LA just like along with the bread winner this year has done some of its critics worth related as a critic the darling but nobody at this kind of scene I think it's foreign enemy felt but I am I love cocoa cocoa and also got a nomination for that song it's I don't know I think it's either Bentsen saying look I didn't it's so dark and amazing moment. Seated into the dark its critics as bad as cool about the heavy enemy. Okay joining us on the phone right now is it we have no idea what it's like to be nominated at one man who dies joining us live on the phone right now is supporting actor nominee. Willem Dafoe for his performance in the Florida project. Mister dispel congratulations. Thank you remarks when you tell me what it feels like to hear the news. You can't feel good. And I idea had a restful sleep last night I was aware that they were announcing this morning. I got up early and often do but it's good news very happy. That tell me where you are right now how you took in the news are eating your pajamas in bed just watching obvious current live stream. But it. How did you hear. And mindless woke up early and did some things it just gotten to New York from my Los Angeles last night. Late so. Got a short sleep restless sleep but I mean it's just a good morning. What attracted you to a film like the Florida project. Many reasons Sean baker is is a great filmmaker. I like how we use going to shoot the movie. Shooting there not actual mock tunnel they're really reflects this story you know that we were telling a good mix of fiction and Ghana using the real. Location. He it's. It was a beautiful script and who feel their world that I really can now. William 1 congratulations I am one event to work that it is now it's fantastic and so deserving of it. The question I have for you is that your past with a very young cast and you enter activist. But then so seamlessly. Yeah acts he gave them the respect as an actor I felt. What did it take for you to get into connected to enter act with its title on that type of level. I you know what. There. You know I enjoyed them they were good kids and yeah the director also set them up to make it not work make its way. I'm you know set them not to play that there's going soups and I just that it could grow my job was basically take care of them. You know what might rule on in the movie. Paralleled what might rule on this as an actor you back company I'd really have to Sudan I have to make things go smoke. U it was a real pleasure I learned a lot from those kids. Well obviously you are incredibly deserving of this nomination a lot of people are also talking about your costar at this lovely little lady you steal the a lot of those scenes do you think she got up. I'm snow listen she's gonna have a long career. She'll be around she's natural performer she's Smart he's talented. So we'll see more of our yes it would have been nice there for her to be nominated. But. You know it it didn't happen it will happen another day on the number of movie. Well before let's go out this curious in terms of what do you hope is that take away from this down. Well I think. You know it's just basically wake up. How we are connected and we have to take care of each because. The world that show was realty. Like a micro count it's electoral that society really seek. Opera's particularly. From my point of view from my character's point do you. That is happiness can and his well being is dependent on their well being divisive person to very. I'm kind of arms sentimental. Top practical. Way two recognize that. And will last question again now you know over the last years it's been an incredible push for a Hollywood. To increase the diversity when it comes to the kind of films and the kind of talent that the recognizing. This year's led by all accounts so far looks to be among the most diverse I just wonder how your processing that with your take on that movement has been. Com well. Lot is going on a lot of change a lot of from. Talking about looking at things differently I think it's good and you might feel when I'm reading scripts and one arm approach it approaching product projects. I he has thrown at different mindset you know I'm starting questions things that I took for granted before so. Changes. Good change is painful changes interest and so on I think their lives on. There are some important discussions going on partner and I think. Film will be better for. Thank you so much for your time congratulations again on the nomination and we'll all be watching the awards will end about all right Greg thank you so much. Your graduate who. Florida project one of those films again not a lot of people heard about the just a beautiful warm heart freaking times story. It really is and it actually humanize is the characters and it right into his mother. You know she's under resource by all accounts he lives on the fringe is she's on the out liars by one individual is about Americans the walk by. They will blame her for her circumstance and blame her for being just a bad mother. But when you see her inner act with her child you see the how much love that is there and that you think about how love is unconditional in spite of your circumstances and you may be bad and other areas but you could still doesn't take away you being a great. Parent I will. Now that that the Florida project is from H when he for the same studio that brought us moonlight from last year and films that like they Dave had a really good run lately has the she kind of telling the stories that that don't necessarily get told. If you brought that up because now with saying that out and about Naomi. And the character and moonlight. Naomi avenue revised she won is because she brought so much that care care we have seen so often this crack head mother betrayed on in the film but we never see the new ones the second mother and so we see Naomi jealousy we saw and security but we saw love we saw a house in a reply. Is the exact same character of this mother in this in this on the Florida project street you see that. Human nature of what it is in spite you may want to cards are protective services on our but does take away the love that he has or retire right. The new once it's going in the Iran appear to got to talk about this you because you mentioned in my last year Nolan has forgotten where they where in the moment he bit and I aren't yeah. Was announced they put into place a whole host of new step I tried so hard against that but my god. Today is thing that an embassy televised like I was up there bloody. Bad that. Happening is what we're really unprecedented that that lake the correction that happened. It stolen shocking news and I don't think there were ever going to have not ceremony were read only look at packet that is one of the greatest please everybody despite their sales records of last minute they'll get elected and let sadly into Italy. It's like a comment. What do we do with how that seek here I'm out of exercise that Oscar stuck with price Waterhouse who I was apparently. I don't they've been with them from eighty years I was shocked by that it was in using it I thought they actually bringing back legitimately used to be with them was on last fourteen years previously he wasn't part of lasted the Boko that was Osaka is still Whitman panel that. But to be fair about Oscars nominating process and Boeing prior to the very complicated. Formulaic Spain and so maybe they may onboard someone down the road have more time to systematically. System might everything. I'm available I'm just going to Baghdad and an available we. As does it what you believe this Austin now let's look at his residence program we'll think he. I. Wouldn't worry I have to think county I could not dictators they. Anonymous there in that I was there yeah. And he got talk about this tale week we've seen the affecting me to movement has had on Hollywood on any awards ceremonies and we can see that represented at the Oscars out. Absolutely yeah in a way it's especially you look at the the women who have been nominated many of them have been very outspoken against picked for quite a long time in her career as a terrific example down. Again these are very strong women have been nominated the do you finally see behind the camera recognition. I think whether it's meets you or whether it's tightens up which I think as a as a lot more like that organized structured appears specifically with in the industry. Bomb I think that there is absolutely going to be happens here I think. The Winter Olympics is really messed up the schedule for the Oscars a little bit as it does every four years we have a lot of for awards early. And we have Yost is quite late so. I think that the momentum is going to be continuing whether continues over the next couple weeks I don't know how visible it will be but it will be very visible on a red carpet. I think the same thing I think uneasily on the red carpet bath at stake in terms of the presenters and I'm curious to see who the prisoners were being that it hasn't been very female dominant in I think that it should be I believe that this issue needs to be continued the crest. And I think what better time you have to think captivated audience sitting at one time in about a viral moments lot of social media moments beckoned live on afterward obviously important files will be as important to their asses have diverse presenters as well to be reflected. To keep. The Oscars so why reminder Friday that we don't want to go back to that we wanna be of the consider other people and its existing selection they had Tiffany had issued a presentation that it was talks is yet been nominated but that it went into it what is it what is comedian what is an act. Actor and a more particular with the black female comedian right we've seen other white female comedians denominator be considered and talked. But Tiffany was it Andrew I think having her there do that nomination of this morning is reminder of that in terms. There's still work to be done right and to keep looking in can also see you cannot be lazy to actually watch the screeners when your part of the academy your job is to watch the screeners right. This that there are some respect out of the validity of it or not but some are saying the Golden Globes the foreign how repressive even see. Girls strip right and so I think this reminds we'll Martha screeners and so these important. Both are pressed on the good to go to all of those briefly linked. What would that affirmative was very courageous right before announcing that director at a break point down at that it is not now and I think that. That was exactly the point that the present there's are going to be on top of this the books and recovered are going to be on top of this people I cannot pay disparity on the red carpet and that's the kind of issue. But we're really move the ball forward on us and. It must go people who are you wearing yeah we'll repaint and what was your mail clothes are getting. During an event Republican modest yeah. Roll the pop culture though right it's at to take conversation right to push to come up on social issues and social construct. I was six and policies you know this movie was determined by box on his every year you wouldn't have the opportunity to have these kind of reception. Andrew and you can't ignore the world around you right now you can artist can't we can't we hope you don't either might use while taking thanks for being here. You can watch the Oscars right here on EBC on March 4. The ninetieth annual Academy Awards coming up very soon thanks for joining us skies for now I'm on an. And if you back here soon they doubt about it.

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