Tiger Woods driving nearly double the speed limit when he crashed: Sheriff

ABC News’ Alex Stone details the press conference held to discuss the cause of Tiger Woods' recent car crash.
7:01 | 04/07/21

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Transcript for Tiger Woods driving nearly double the speed limit when he crashed: Sheriff
And I want to bring in ABC news correspondent Alex Jones for more on this outs we just heard their police are blaming his crash on eating they estimate that tiger was driving or eighty miles an hour when he lost control of the car. What does that mean for the area that that crash occurred could you keep hearing how dangerous it is. And little sing about that part where they're saying he appeared to accidentally hit the gas instead the break. Well yeah and there were a lot of size surprises in what they just announced from early on we knew that. Speed was the most likely that scenario on the most likely ties here Diane but. DC is an area where. The traffic Q deputies who work that area they say people speed they're all the time they get tickets there all the time that this is an area where they deal with that. Long term will there be changes there we don't know but this is something they deal with there. And police did didn't conduct a sobriety test because of tiger's injuries which makes a lot of sense. But and they are insisting over and over again no special treatment here. Indications are they facing and that tiger was treated differently because he's a celebrity. Well there been several steps in this people who are saying well they they should have done now blood tested there of then. Expert so called experts have come out and said well they should have done blood they should've done. Some other kind sealed sobriety test and which you heard the sheriffs say there was they couldn't do a field sobriety test he wasn't in any shape to be able to do that. And when it came into blood in the hospital they had no reason for a warrant that there was nothing indicating. That he was intoxicated it all so they didn't have a reason to say we need that blood. That there was no sign that he was high no sign that he was drunk nothing in the vehicle he was able to communicate with a B was injured. But he was able to communicate with them what had quite well. Did there was nothing that that would have allowed them to get that. Blood or any other kind of evidence that they would need to go down that road he says it just wasn't there. Now they also say they didn't check his phone to see if there was if he was texting. What's the explanation there. Held him there saying the evidence wasn't dared to go down that road they would've needed a Warren unless he willingly gave it over but. I likely would have needed a warrant. And they've they didn't have the evidence to it to say that they needed at. They're gonna get criticized for that. Because this is a crash that we're talking about somebody who went off the road and the vehicle rolled could they have been on the Sloan. Could they even texting and that the sheriff is saying that did they did not that request that information that they didn't need it as part of their investigation. Early on they had said if there was an indication that he might have been taxing. That then they would of asked for it and they they wouldn't be this started the process out trying to get a warrant to get the song that data. They didn't get it bottom line whether he was texting or not they say this was about speed that as you heard that the share of their moment ago that he went across the lanes he was in. Win over the set our media and went across the oncoming lanes hit a tree then went airborne. And then came down in the in the area where the vehicle rolled and they say that that comes back to speed there'd been theories early on about. What it could have been the maybe this was involved maybe that was involved. In the end this comes to exactly what the sheriff had said at the beginning. He was going to SAS eighty Ford 87 miles an hour did not negotiate the good of the curve while announced and then went off that roadway. And Alex one of the things I remember reporting when this boring story first broke. Was obvious to the concern over tiger and whether he would even survived this crash not a we have the full picture. I'm listening to the police officer again that briefing I think that first time I've ever heard a cop describe a car Piero wedding. It's another we have this old picture what was the severity of this crash when you look at it in totality. This was a really bad crash when he was going almost ninety miles an hour going around a curve and then. Again going back to the speed you knew we had to be speeding just by the fact that you and across his lands over the center media and get a sign that says Dana welcome their Rancho palace various went across the oncoming lanes hit a tree went airborne. And then came two arrests then. The U knew that there had to be stayed involved if not then he would have enabled it to go that far now and likely the vehicle when it come that rest before then. Did this was a serious crash you look at the damage to the Zia called to the injuries to Tiger Woods. That a lot went on here an interest in Barrett did the description that they believe that the accelerator was pushed down. 99%. During this entire ordeal ended their belief is and they say science is shown in studies have shown over time that. When somebody is in an immediate emergent situation in a vehicle accident. That they panic and they think that that he was trying to hit the brakes. But he was actually holding down the accelerator. And and continuing dead to make bad acceleration go on in not preventing it from stopping again we knew at the beginning. No signs of breaking there were no brake marks nothing like that. But now we know from the black box in the vehicle that. Most newer vehicles have you may not know yours has it yours probably as it is well. There were able to download that date and that his foot was on that accelerator at 99% of Max the entire time. And is something that unfortunately we've seen in a number of situations like this in people panic and think they're hitting the brake. But they're actually pressing to fully on that gas pedal. And so outs we know that in the immediate aftermath of this crash that tiger underwent serious surgery to his leg for a very complicated fracture. And we heard him tweet everybody that he was thankful for the support and working hard at his recovery so what we know about that recovery weirdest I understand right now. Like he's in Florida right now he's no longer here in LA or in this Southern California area. He got his treatment. Initial lay down closer to the scene of the accident. In now the Rancho palace murders area and in the southern part of LA. And then he had went to eyes cedars Sinai eight in LA major hospital well known name. There orthopedic surgeons are our world class they were able to do more work on. That the surgeries that he needed to stabilize him a bit more to make sure that he can head home to Florida. Back to the original hospital they'd put a rod and his leg they had done a lot of emergency surgery that they needed to do. And now he's in Florida and he's recovering and he and his team say that that he's doing well that he's focused on getting back to the game of playing golf but. Dictated this is all about getting back and try and that to recover he's had a lot of surgeries during his life in during his career. This may be the the most serious injury that he's had he's recovering from a back injury when this crash happened. This was gonna take some time it is team says he's determined and he wants to get back at it. Alex done in Los Angeles forest thanks Alex.

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{"duration":"7:01","description":"ABC News’ Alex Stone details the press conference held to discuss the cause of Tiger Woods' recent car crash.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"76933181","title":"Tiger Woods driving nearly double the speed limit when he crashed: Sheriff","url":"/Entertainment/video/tiger-woods-driving-double-speed-limit-crashed-sheriff-76933181"}