Tim Gunn Says Designers Should Pay Attention To Plus-Size Women

Designers are failing to tap into markets including for women who are plus-size or petite.
3:59 | 09/12/16

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Transcript for Tim Gunn Says Designers Should Pay Attention To Plus-Size Women
Tem Don one of our favorite people is calling up the fashion industry climate that designers have now and just in making clothes that that the average American woman. And calls and a disgrace. Now you know we've sought and talked about that a lit a little bit because the idea of what the average American woman looks like has shifted a bit. So why do you think did. It hasn't translated. Why has it would not paying as close attention as which. The designers don't seem to they have an interest in doing it. I mean they don't even have PT listen this is a hot the other side of the coin. But I need petite tie I have I'm not on the highways to dropping its may be too much information. I eat a high cracked showcase I'd like crotch. I don't need these are cracks down to my need this. Which has a lot of pants are built like that someone might get a petite I'm not talking 26 petite now I'm talking like a petite and her twelve even. Then it fits your body vague they issue could teach and plus size they do not want to know fragment for some reason that's Julie. I'm sure you know I'm always I don't know all these jumpsuits are really in and when I go to picks up Bob I have to hand stuff by this Montana in the crash. John I'm not you don't like and a lot of people are getting taller and I. I spoke to designer once I'll never forget it and honestly average and I like I'm always look at not everybody like a dog on the street and might look at capital the humans not isn't it yeah. At issue but I spoke does I want and he said I like to make clothes for women where it just looks like they're hangar but just sort of hands off and I symbol. Most people don't look like that's a must have bought some of us have borrowed some of the attaches right. Check in 2013. Twin point four billion dollars was made in. The plus ice industry. It's it's not yeah so I'm surprised that the missing the mark get aren't. Not encouraging the market for a plaque and petite site at the market they don't wind up but it we accustomed to seeing skinny told girls that we are today. Yeah. I got lots of special show they growth. Like you know there are a lot of designers have to say route Juarez want that makes all sizes is closed and all sizes and but you have to look for Latin. So maybe we have to do a little more investigation to see because we know we expect to see plus suddenly and I does not plan attract skeptical look at four. Mr. and there are a lot of stores online minute if you look at certain brands yeah online they'll carry plus MP outside as and I am only speaking out yeah those special anti incumbent sentiment of the day she orders three sizes when she what is on line and then she sends to back yet signaled lot of work. I think and but I think I order and multiple fight this thing you know he said that act right away they're not really charging your credit cards in your fine and any question I have to ask this question I I'm I don't want any dissent and Matt asked this question. Itself I have friends who will buys stuff. And then where it. And then stranded. You know some. Live up problem. And TV. They did just think it may say made him but yet we see how you wanted o'clock. I don't do it why. I'm wondering when the army and went and still hanging out. And I. Just don't think. Only in every turn it I'll. What do you do it yeah okay that's not only does musical Crosby tuck it back Greek. You know and I feel different now they are.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"Designers are failing to tap into markets including for women who are plus-size or petite.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42034662","title":"Tim Gunn Says Designers Should Pay Attention To Plus-Size Women","url":"/Entertainment/video/tim-gunn-designers-pay-attention-size-women-42034662"}