Toronto Raptors edge closer to NBA Finals trophy

Toronto is one game away from winning their first NBA championship.
2:25 | 06/10/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Toronto Raptors edge closer to NBA Finals trophy
Guys it's getting hot at the NBA finals on game four the Toronto Raptors one again and now there leading the series three to one. One more win and it's game over but before we get ahead of ourselves let's get some updates from TJ Holmes TJ. Today there Kimberly there's a game tonight. Back to you. That's essentially it which gradually got in the basketball yet Kimberly over these past few weeks. I certainly hope so because the night need to be watching gain but that you could see some history. What you could see. I'm here. What we're talking about here the warriors are now down 312 time defending champ dale 31. After it just getting manhandled out in Oakland at their home rink for the comeback in Toronto Raptors have a chance to win game five. And win this series and win this cities and this country's first ever NBA championship. But the warriors are hopeful. Lie down 31 plane on the road would you be hopeful because Kevin Durant practice yesterday Kevin Durant the superstar. Board for these warriors who was the back to back NBA finals MVP in their championships. He has been out the past mop with a calf injury has been somewhat back and forth and rumor and speculation about if he'd come back. If he's actually out in the warriors just aren't saying it will he. Officially practice it was his first real practice yesterday to get a lot of work here but at least he practiced so that's our best indication we have ever had that there are some chance. He could be close to possibly playing who knows how much he can give them what they'll take anything they can get. Right now because they have really been out man they've been banged up with the injuries that they will take him. If they can get so that's the intrigue and mystery surrounding tonight. With these two local bands these rafters or right now as I speak it rain like crazy and Ronald are lined up all around school civic arena. Not trying to get a ticket. Not trying to get into the game they're trying to get into outside that makes sense to rest and organs of who who little area outside the stadium. Where people gather the finance now of them to watch the big story the really cool on Koreans who weren't the cool with that MBA you'll find. There are lined up for the privilege of getting in their Republican Party. Like this never party before the first ever championship this franchise it could be in first ever for a team in Canada no you're not. So. To which can. T day I'm not saying I'm paying attention OK my goodness.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"Toronto is one game away from winning their first NBA championship.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"63609424","title":"Toronto Raptors edge closer to NBA Finals trophy","url":"/Entertainment/video/toronto-raptors-edge-closer-nba-finals-trophy-63609424"}