Toy Insider on Hottest Interactive Toys

ABC News' Olivia Smith interviews Laurie Schacht, the 'Toy Insider Mom' about the hottest toys this holiday season.
11:01 | 11/14/16

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Transcript for Toy Insider on Hottest Interactive Toys
You're you're going into categories act trickling over the hot quality and Britney apparently count outlined the different each great it. Herbert the district court in place to look at I want to ask anybody hottest toy of the holiday light adherents are going up appointment. It's difficult to find itself yet I think is normally Catholics it is not. Everything we are talking about their lineup shows the heat's. There is ones. Center stage this year. That's what it yet. At the plot. Hats animals are. An amazing happens anything. So here is one she creatures and you get she hit it you don't know which color okay but what you have is this an. Or this little guy once you're holding an inert and sacks by the late and you take yet. The batteries just yet as well as marriage. What was going to start. Which houses and have an experience like it never had more as a flat tax on its label them. Actually making certain. That. You have this magical little picture in the first thing it's gonna hold now you can see this state secrets. When it hits it's going to be one of these two on the side. And then it's your job to raise your little patch of beach so it starts off the baby. When he gets the next stage of the thing actually birthday again and then it would get to. That's toddler and then let it be empathy expecting when my time. Yeah it's all morning morning soda starting at just you know lucky man. Thanks dancing and repeating things that you stay really really fun but. Pats pats this one time passes the congress need to go up. Our day Earhart on electing our other can't well yes but it should wait to act the story. Check your stories great ways around. When his right. I definitely like that and still they aren't easily but this isn't just line up that interesting to for that. It really is different it's what the things that people. Here him yet eight. And from. There might eat them whipped cream in. A case. Style points last year. We have recently and we had some recently RCX. The morning yeah. Isn't the pilot did you lasted. Well. In a Lockheed. And a lot of my show. I'm sorry that. Management ranks and literally. TV set and yet so it really isn't. Supplied. Not on selling last year this isn't it more and I. Little challenging but this is it just it's a little better learning here on the Melanie out for me to land toys of them to kick in after. Right up the back. Well we've seen an island in upcoming next march and benevolent purposes. It's huge. Just taking a little bit longer session when it much at base umpire. Things out marks. My nice when it's a little challenging the EU. As if you continue to original time line and I that's. Part in. It felt great at getting this in Paris well here. How he did not wish to re sorry twist wait to hear the hot. We are human. What experts we live. Read briefly what we are definitely show we've heard he started huddling toys holiday 2000 sentence. My editorial team every single day is putting up reviews reviewing toys playing with toys to un office in. I back up and leave you pick out toys and by the time we get down alleys again to ask. I'm doing it to you. Selling Rick tell me we should just. Everybody constantly ever eats you're looking at whether Syria chief six. And excellent ways and means that I care I mean sure they're being Dan. Or decree yes. It's a big deal we want to keep at it inspired we want to keep the movie helping some I was looking at things that we cards that. We didn't really talk about today extends right. Because those are important science technology. Place to live a lot of those this year and now she's. You know certain little bit of living here they're gonna see a little bit up and up next at that there are some. Race and it's hundred tracks likes. Chris I want you look at it that we have this nice. Let Muslims what we have Great Lakes sweetheart deal light. I'm getting comes on OK for the U box yeah Al east three times the likes of which I. Yeah I am hearing great. Think stealing second. And I might end the learning that. You can't take that kind of wreck him to have them. Two men and a baby in the last. Human Cephalon needs. Who is when your mind when he's even want to please you want razor or Brantley raising its voice ma'am. They need to try to. Worry minutes eighteen news agency blasted I had it yeah more violence. Hey you're going to keep my money. Different than my records. You're getting an adhesive equipment. Yeah let's go to break it. For the great Atlantic and our consuming. Thinking about him. As you think. And mind game right yeah. It's yeah yeah at. Eight. Aaron actually I know I. She might if you don't want to write and he'll right regulars there have been pay him. On the other reasons if that's laughable rechargeable batteries ran out he looks at least sixteen. This ride that I'm get it kept up a bit I. Eco freak if you are. We need leaking and has written. And that money right. I'm totally entity if you let go grace even better it's it's that's his. Terry name. You can go. So why it's definitely. But that night and needed to. It happens. Hazing where helmet to helmet anything even the ice time talking to him as an excuse me. You get that good at it you make. Actually we have a nice flat surface to work on this makes it really. I've seen everything. Am happy. These are. They can't ready to play this out. Stealing. Circuit called safe. And thinks percent totaled. And this. If a patient but that dean is now. Well apparently behind it up at him at the back. Because we're gonna trying to at each other okay. But we're gonna play against each other claiming it one. Is going where there is no definitely it's okay I'm. Public money continuing to stop can you keep me up we're both have a better chance on him first look at the okay. Her chin I'm here. Negotiate back so hot it. But I can't when you seek help them. But it's great Cary. It's easy game.

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{"duration":"11:01","description":"ABC News' Olivia Smith interviews Laurie Schacht, the 'Toy Insider Mom' about the hottest toys this holiday season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43530424","title":"Toy Insider on Hottest Interactive Toys","url":"/Entertainment/video/toy-insider-hottest-interactive-toys-43530424"}