Toy Insider Mom on the Hottest Holiday Toys for Small Children

ABC News' Olivia Smith interviews Laurie Schacht, the 'Toy Insider Mom' about the hottest toys this holiday season.
6:07 | 11/14/16

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Transcript for Toy Insider Mom on the Hottest Holiday Toys for Small Children
ATP is we're at eight points back lot the excellent that the wage tax cheap way out there from the bully in nighter. If it didn't seem right guy. And lowering it your seat held all the hottest toys of the holidays even I felt like I had extended to women Clinton picked a better place in this respect around. Spent so his heart narrowed down to some things it means I'm at the middle let's go let's go where I am afraid it. For our. It's. Or actresses he. Right. Feel I'm. This but yeah me is a place. The longer it goes to plan on either side and voice on either side of the house and play value. It comes princess starting. And what we can do it certainly is weak on these. Point Mexico points through out this. Please act that would immediately hear him speak she comes to light there's light she actually has apartment having Tea Party. And parents and and other figures though her other friends have access. So really. Typically it's it's so good points and wet spring that. New to reunite the twist at that very that might be on T. The brick start on anything that's in the where they exploit that if you're just tuning in now thinks he's Avery how could expect another underwent. So let's take a friend Amy what we're. Whale teeth aren't what is that it. So these salaries need now Tea Party hard of course we have. Pots and week. Chief will be here. It's around. Anyway because. Her parents like me you know some. Along different elements and her parents to buy anything yet they need it certainly the end there is beauty in the eastern. Yeah. Things aren't Diana. In fact let's talk about what for a little but passes in jeans again. Ever seen you for parts due to help and look at it we have layup. Honest I think we have. Hanky and inside. Or around. I'm so it happened members and there's kids and ended up making practice in words and there. It's great. They can also set this up so that spread out bluntly it's important it's late there. Inspired me you. You have to imagine my answer check markers chalk it right. Records on yet you can get your quite what market here you talk here at that paper you use your pain. How did you really have something that's him with its and in Atlanta. I know I have to this is commonplace now being paid not. Each ranger. Okay sounds of right eat it and write everything here to thank the art and we're a little. Right I'm. No better way to do that with a my. So that you wouldn't talk about is like we're gonna talk about the theme of this. Tiny cramped. More girls women shocking. Shocking. Last year was behind his voice so it's coming in. We have all the characters on the C nice soft cushioning seat for the kids on it added that bring god and it comes with extremely residential. More harm right. Let's and in here. What I did not help. That they felt right it is yes that sound well there's. Those are Imus told. Celine in tight world news Sunday night show from any good we have tonight we didn't talk about some news traction. Different things come and the blocks are just like that you know any other than a lot so it's compatible with anything else that mom and dad might have on Medicaid but can't. Field of their favorite places for shopping eat. And it comes with a whole set of collectibles it helped that they. It's bringing his jet and nothing at its list toys is our shot. Of the shaft is. In the now last year and then it's also been shot at UCE. SE how this is stopping only. I and they're adorable they're themes. Each come cheap shot that is what does not look like. And could be any food or accessory mean there's still many kinds of stuck it out he had huge collection. Laugh and even to think that and they can and in and I got beat up people like style rant at this point. It's well.

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{"duration":"6:07","description":"ABC News' Olivia Smith interviews Laurie Schacht, the 'Toy Insider Mom' about the hottest toys this holiday season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43530304","title":"Toy Insider Mom on the Hottest Holiday Toys for Small Children","url":"/Entertainment/video/toy-insider-mom-hottest-holiday-toys-small-children-43530304"}