Traci and Towanda Braxton discuss the new season of 'Braxton Family Values'

The Braxton sisters talk about the latest drama on their reality show.
17:54 | 04/09/19

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Transcript for Traci and Towanda Braxton discuss the new season of 'Braxton Family Values'
ABC radio. Am always very excited to interview somebody but. I shall be and you. Amazingly talented. And Mathieu it took about an amazing. That a lot department. And act Maria. And values. Want to clean it. Yeah I mean yeah. Three up. An arm. Tracing it is a Big Dig its main thing we talked Hollywood and encompassing aces but let out one. Are full of their old beauty items unless Abby and her brother to me to talk about his six season. This is along the Guangdong old school plays are much. OK so let's let's jump right into indignant. Everything's on an episode you know return they came back on him before it. There was a lot on all the before that there was that explosive episode with. Com and to come and you know now. That is a reliable I don't sometime past. You know. We don't worry what space where you guys an actor that act as anywhere are you out today. I mean how much of that really resonated with you and how much of that is think you know live. I didn't agree with Maine what I understood what she would strike due back where we are turning guys from that point what was your spaces and he where you today. You. In the beginning you know out was relent in its weakened to a talk into. Om and she hit she hit the nail on here you know and saying how how we are so close that we didn't know how to grow or grow apart. But many. Who talked. You know. It's built in the real a while to get myself together get in and get it together. Wow. For me. Was papadore with the you know I work for him in the starting our house in 2000. War. And I was. I didn't use the tools that she gave me. So before then I was like much any tools as Colombian paerson and you diesels. You know and I was like a refresher course for me and I was I was actually thankful. At the whole family was there to experience it although I wish that she had more one once. And I think that is with her for three days in acting that is have been longer than three days because of family dynamics of the art is so large and so what's off. That we really need to get out. You know love because she she moved the rug. And you know now that we have is the deal would stuff in the process. It's a process of healing every so numbers really really talk to each helpful. Up Katrina because menacing stay. And Monica's missing state you know we had to have a moment. Is it hard to watch. Your cell after all this time and kind of go to build some of those emotions again or are you just police and police were likened Gillick that I can it not easily we have to do we we aren't we. That battered the we. Need to look at it now like okay he said we experienced in India the growth from the regardless on if we agree with and I we have to deal with yet. It's such a good thing to seat you know us as women growing and learning and being able to be okay with Lionel Larry sometimes Rollins and I'll ballot. No asset yeah I was in the area but sometimes at about 100%. Maybe it was. Some truth to it but not maybe not and I need to work on what I need to pay since it's a fourth. On you know it's interesting because I think beyond being on a reality series you're also in the news. Also kind of makes even more comp my mind you you can't just be free agents say it isn't what I said on all this you don't write about it would want you also here's what everybody uncover and people who uncovered some times his own words. And that makes it weaker. Let's talk a little bit about headline speaker you know I feel like there's always something that happens. After org during fill me like we're all like what happened and we all ought to shell it only beat Andre I'm not so let Arafat first off. Do you feel these theories Braxton family Bowden and accurately that the excerpt. Now. Not 100% now but it's IRA. Would say that is it will be hard. To put everything in 52 minutes. You know a lot of stuff gets settlement adding room floor I just think we need to come out with an uncut version of things that have as occur old group. Yeah now when you see a headline you know people talk a little bit about them recommending new and you know. What is the immediate response to me is like okay we meet I would liked it happened. Address this point this series and more is there's like you know I'm not even gonna pay attention because it's completely false and I don't have the time but what he thought that the. It spends on what it is because a lot of times it is really negative. I don't give it lay eggs you know sometimes I just feel if you if you comment on something in a few feet into it than to grow. But if you just leave it alone and is not with her I give it makes them say so on me this is not true. About what has happened what has occurred I am not and what have minimal ridiculous headline that you see about yours out. That you either addressed or just said you know what it is night and won't give it legs because it's that complete mouth. And I just can't mount now. Oh. I am not when he makes them the I got too big at the meeting well that I had plastic surgery we'll probably my skin I'm. I'm brides mice get. I'm break if I voice the price is right. Great antennae and all the time because it. That and plastic surgeon the most ridiculous thing most on his mind that the exact strictly. Yeah Abbott the exact same that I am back at me and digital flaw that I could be good on Atlantic or I would buoy them a boy a and it. This is raised red queen and I mean you're gonna sit him to supplement the work home from. Like those not born in that it against. Yes. I would like. Even if he really knew me out with like 83 panel's. Idea. I'm here now. Theirs off then of the current. And like Clinton who he. Eight time to go yeah. A specific time Aaron you know everybody's trying to get them social media hit and I did not have them. Well I mean it can't get out of the whole writing a celebrity he will only talk about one at all. I think that I definitely seen on this series. You out just specifically this. Kind of return that it has been relationship at the hearing about it and whether its relationship with your sisters and badly your parents. On K banks. You know can we talk a little bit about the romantic theme that's gone on. And I've seen the last night and he and then governor hunt are Phyllis you. Don't let looks sickly. And the U. Yeah. Not all of it yeah. And let's not currently on an umpire Tony yeah. Or. Topics and may this amazing isn't the sky and he's a great guy ain't. I've known for a longtime. You gonna see him and the show actually. He's going to be emotional next next. End that was it's something that makes act and now. I did not expect this week as I don't even expect right because as you seen in my previous. Married like my producer to ration it was a my. You didn't Saddam it was just like McCain and it is going into you know who owned noble and co parenting. It was like this in the I didn't know nobody. At our screech. And I am not. Amazing. And only. Strictly numerical reminded yeah. And by an accident. Where cut it. I was always we kind of I don't know we have our son out of a house in. We have the house to house Uggla actually. Out on now we didn't have aisles wouldn't nobody else. And so it's refreshing. It's a new honey. You are coming loss as the late for EU EU. I bring. It public debt. We we're at this they put we aiding each other spill in general and didn't you know. Brand baby yeah yeah yeah over the break yeah. Breath and asked me check and it and then. And grandma. Beyond you know it. Did you that you obviously this it's a wonderful thing in your EU just swinging he had. Why is it and let. It. Applicant can't attend are so knowing it emits outlet so I know she lives. Aren't their real secret to -- thank god. If you girl. A group ticks. It's hot away Lincoln's. Like real. Not but that they in my yard that yeah. I'm I was just say that say that she's not just extra from what you guys see she's actually just because she's and that's great Annan. She could simply be an assistant still can't say anything different she playing this inaugural and is there like that is all the Paramount. Prior. Funny and we. Oh or. Her. Visit him. Yeah history she. So excited. Taylor may be even happier as she can best. She channeled me because we used to watch it together all that time you know it. That's not true I am not much that the two want that the odd that would have been able to move this. It's amazing. I'm so excited here. Linens. Yen as. She did she. She did it campaigns. But should is seen as relax and through the final to be like. Yeah. With turn Katie kind of reconcile. That does brought here annual deities it's gonna come here hadn't acted on that does give you any it's it's like it would ever be apart at the Big Brother is that. Gearing up that would do it overseas have celebrity Big Brother yeah did you take a lot and it. Hounded man everybody you know what didn't do however get in my sister is out at Gunnison that I didn't know. His sister and brother made me how amazing first up many. The yeah. I think at a town. Vote me out his house. Toni. Mae stands it is better despite. Russian republic but its world. And amid links that take the senate the world may never know that's where we are. Love him beyond yeah he didn't treat yeah. And the like a body at the different relationship with Alberta. And on at least doesn't mean like mine he took on all day. It and all the time and they don't want wanted to wait. Oh my. It is. It calming for staff. Right here saying since. New. No we what was machine has solution was machine and no would. Be rid of six. Went. With the news he. It isn't well yeah because everybody on the glass. Imke and I love that dynamic at its flight he'd already inducted into the yeah non and so you know wheat Leno is every day. And I P&G. TV but. And we're both rewarding experience. From the series I mean obviously in the knees and are expected Moet season that began under the act as. Most rewarding animals and talent. I boom. Most rewarding owe me reward. Me is. My liberal life I'm that's and I am not. Limiting myself to anything to in goals global Korea's. And. My family again it's important. Elements that it be around my family. Estes is a blessing to be able to work with your family you know it's a lesson in cars. Would you have to grow from you know and I think that another thing is not walk in and shame. You know that's a good Langston who. Union. And I guess the challenging husband sort of. If it was well humanity if all of that because what happens is you know we're not just to put together grew show. You know so what ever happens on camera we have the ticket home with its. And we have to deal with nothing that's one thing that this show has forced us to do because we have to watch our selves. Before we go what would like viewers. Know about you that maybe isn't always accurately. Do. You. That's of that we absolutely love each other and that we support each other as a sometimes the show doesn't really accurately show. We really support you to. But we supported to. The. Oh. Yeah. Think it's pointless thing you know. We love each other you know people always say who this person is jealous of this Bedford is now just wish he was never an album vocabulary. And a YOS. Outsiders against Al satirist so you know when they say that I'm like you don't know anything. It. So its. Absence this. I'm so happy for all collectively had group and union but just to see everybody doing Maine yes I know you detect out. My whole family saying you quickly are you guys doing anything together or just a little something good. I adult. I'm Matt Allen into the Seng bank action we can of course because I was you know reared in that but I don't want to do that always done them acting right in outside that. Though a couple of movies have a movie out now on this called its major. And is going to be in different cities so I'm just really excited about life and I happily happily. Yet and congratulate. You horse view of that. I'll the album torrent and my obvious key. But when it movie. Senators Clinton and it's in nom magic theater right now and they rants and how to different cities. But right now is like number one from marvell and asked. Indian and apparently it's I'm happy about that the pilot of the inning as he is so full and you have to see a very guessing you don't like. And it's it's. It's a religious turn a movie you know an uplifting spirit kind of movie and have to see if it is so I'm in. And Ernie and also hitting streak to. Look at Japan room. Not even Barack. I. Sweets we began. And I'll take on your feet hanging Rangel. Thank you may eighth inning and the in the absolutely. Excellent signing opt. I.

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{"duration":"17:54","description":"The Braxton sisters talk about the latest drama on their reality show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"62281994","title":"Traci and Towanda Braxton discuss the new season of 'Braxton Family Values'","url":"/Entertainment/video/traci-towanda-braxton-discuss-season-braxton-family-values-62281994"}