Trump mocked over 'childish' shutdown voicemail, bad negotiation skills

Jimmy Kimmel played the message for his audience on Monday evening, calling it an example of "how childish our White House is."
3:20 | 01/23/18

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Transcript for Trump mocked over 'childish' shutdown voicemail, bad negotiation skills
And Washington. Democrats or Republicans reached a deal kind of a deal to reopen the government for well at least three weeks they were agreed Democrats the on the government. Through February 8 in exchange for a promise from senate majority leader Mitch McConnell that they would have a debate and a vote. Undock in other words for nothing and so Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer thought he he thought flooding struck a deal with the president on Friday but then the president's team game and and said no no no bad boy go back to bed need to cheeseburger and it was up to us a negotiating with the president was like is like trying to negotiate with jello specifically the orange jump off. According to do. A reported. To the failing New York Times trump spent much of Saturday. In a raids watching old clips of himself on television berating President Obama. School purpose. His lack of leadership during the shut down in 2013. Which is ridiculous but it didn't make you wonder of one of the clips he watched was this who's getting fired. There's gonna brunt of the responsibility if indeed British is shut down of our government. Where vision gets fired it always has to be the topic these problems start from the top of that it gets out of the top of the presidents the leader. And he's got to get everybody here rule but he's got a league and he doesn't do that he doesn't like doing that that's not the strength. And that's why you have this horrible situation going on and what you get. You know that would totally come back to haunt the president if anything ever came back to haunt the president it's really. He was completely removed from the goat negotiations it's funny he always claim to be the best negotiator this is his big selling point on the dealmaker. At this point it seems pretty clear he could even negotiate 20% off a bad bad that bath and beyond. Five. We're. A. Reported to be upset that he had to cancel his trip to moral law go this weekend at a party to celebrate. The one year anniversary of his inauguration book going a little party. But the government shutdown of the patents to the White House went to great lengths approve the president was working this weekend even released a photo. Of him working dairy years. Sitting at his best at. Pretend there's clearly no one on the other end of that. Tickets valued pose if you're on a tour of the Oval Office. And they legacy behind it doesn't bring a hat with a sue which the only time it. It's appropriate or how with a suit is at the NBA draft and we although the president Dodgers perhaps so that's. Okay. Okay. How childish are White House's this is real this is what you had here if he called the White House comment line messed. This weekend they keep your calling the White House. Unfortunately we cannot it's your call today because congressional Democrats are holding government funding. Including trucking for our troops and other national security priority. Hostage chewing Khat related integration could be decent destruction. The government to shut down. Could sell if you're looking for proof that this administration has its eye on the future they're attacking Democrats by changing the outgoing voice mail on their land. A quick tip that you are calling the White House don't press two for Spanish. Grass.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"Jimmy Kimmel played the message for his audience on Monday evening, calling it an example of \"how childish our White House is.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"52545077","title":"Trump mocked over 'childish' shutdown voicemail, bad negotiation skills","url":"/Entertainment/video/trump-mocked-childish-shutdown-voicemail-bad-negotiation-skills-52545077"}