'After The View': April 26, 2016

Guest singer-songwriter Bridget Kelly discusses Hot Topics including Beyonce's Lemonade album and if being nice makes you happy.
15:30 | 04/26/16

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Transcript for 'After The View': April 26, 2016
All I think. Captain view and we joined by Grammy winning singer and songwriter Bridget Kelly hi. On the day. Sidney Kimmel live so I was so promoting that you will coming on the live streaming because you didn't that work with JC I think it is yes JAM call it. He's is crack I had yeah. Any different so let's let up for many as UUU yeah I was I was signed to roc nation of about six years yes so wanted to sing into it isn't so what it wouldn't. I think about this whole thing. I'll go first and foremost I have to applaud beyoncé for the presentation. That creative presentation as an artist I was absolutely. To be able to really shoot in that span of time with music and home loans. I mean it was such a beautiful sister beautiful project that really I'm really excited for I think she's transcend that she's at the bar really high for the rest of the art of scripts and religious issues really ticked off now yeah. It was her salon in. I know it's all speculation but she does talk a lot about speed trail and being cheated on and announce sort of I'm a relationship being able to survive it right so do you think it's autobiographical. I don't know I think it's it's every I mean it's it's rumors or speculation I think it's every female artist job especially an army in particular to talk about the trail ends. You know I mean infidelity alleged infidelity and things like that I think you know it's it's it's it's it's all part of the theatrics and the cinema do you think that this is going tech energy needs brown after getting to know about them. I mean honestly at the end of that the end of the movie she she is you know she's still with him so they're still very much together additives I think I think that's the beauty of it and all of that I think it's you know. She's she's phantom arm and regardless of whether Stewart will what do you think about Rachel rule cannot lay. Not okay. Rachel and I he confused with the cookies they don't have basically coming out and seeing good here don't care and son but now she's saying. She was just you know making them on light instead Graham posting and that she really didn't have an affair with two social media is either a tool or weapon. And I find that sometimes you can be your own worst enemy on social media I think it's best to just be quiet. Especially if you if you're not guilty about anything you should just not have any comments area at all I just fine that you can. You can always there's always an option to be quiet and say nothing and sometimes you end of things and why. It's still went to talk about ads say infidelity on this show might have been. What about favorite topic yeah. New Zealand are we drinking lemonade and oh yeah. We'll find that a lot of. Women will what gives with their husbands what what what they call whole pet I get him a vehicle or pants and right and I played a shrink and that movie where I say get your husband a whole past let him go in them for help come back and get over it. Yeah so I think that what women are like comfortable with their husbands' infidelities I mean I'm not I would and the day how do you girls feel about them. A man married ladies now I hope not. I hope we are becoming more comfortable with that that's not what marriage is all about back. And I. Went. Might have a family might have kids but what's the point of getting married if you're not yes some people break them out and can work through it and have stronger marriages but what's the point of getting married if you're not going to be committed to out. It was there's all the benefits to being married tax wise for one thing and a half but also you have tell Matt have a grand Ole you know you. You have mommy to come home until there's a lot of reasons to be married against his anger on the net and on its partnership I mean I'm saying you should commit adultery I'm just saying there are reasons why people commit adultery and stay late and stay married and I think. That's what's interesting even when you talk about beyond dates video at the end of the day based date together in this sort of you know. That fairy tale of the video yet I think that for me personally it wouldn't be. A deal breaker I'm not gonna leave my marriage because my husband had an affair yeah. But if it's constant behavior and pound. Stint as well cereal and the difference between saying having hall pass giving all pastors and you feel like it go for a moment that letting an emblem I don't know about the hall that's bringing rain and we went on during difficult time. Someone may make some wrong choices and you work through it is different than that this happened in his don't want nights and weigh an apparent a very different thing on affairs. Going relations and early and you know I said this before is it's how high it comes on to Steve he should go fly. That its chances of that happening isolate Iran. Not I cause sometimes even a deal breaker for you expand your significant other genes on yeah I mean I'm not. Married I think if I was married I would really it depends it depends I think there's levels I think I think you know there's there's you know like toys that hall plaza the onetime thing events. I would feel that way if I'm married embryonic comes around I'm not I may not be and I'm an audience at a cheaper answer that may not have happened that lets you have that moment but. I just think overall sapna fair to develop a relationship with someone else's a deeper level of betrayal is deeper issues that are involved there are other than just. Somebody like this 54%. Of can women in committed relationships cheat. Fifty bought respect and you know. New wiring out yeah. I got little rides and who isn't a lot of. People may be in this rob yeah. I think I think it happens I think there's deeper issues I think it's it's deeper than just adultery it's deeper than just wanting says have a fling with someone I think communication is key. Yeah relationship as it I think I would I would have a hard time with someone had a look at what is this website called pop sugar yeah and they listed several things women miss most about being. Single for example because a lot of times you marry this nothing that you girls miss about being so. I'm glad about how unhappy and there are about being single but not nothing to do a date it has to do with sleeping in lazy lazy mornings you my copy of that it was children. It at a high and I have but it's both again it's like could have the children about the husband but I two I chose to but I for me like only having to clean up after myself by now I talk like hey sometimes I am not yours. And you know you have not a new summit is happening all contain if you love the camera in the dean do clean up after yourself from making so sad if I looked like a lot. Joann Bradley knowing promising a cat IUI and it. Aaron. Alliance about Tim I mean what went out to me because their teen agers remain and out like. And I think about my. In my husband is as close I I wouldn't just adding I didn't habit there couldn't when he some days but I I wouldn't want that to go away don't miss Hawaii where crank. And a half (%expletive) up yeah. The total woman this remember that bought out what did you haven't appear here at the door when your husband came home in Saran wrap. Naked in Saran wrap it yeah. Yeah I would really what I said you should show up at the door naked. Wrapped disagree practice and government may have my I played out like. Could happen next level like I wouldn't be able to get out of that that would be a problem cement Neely Wendy and not hot adult yeah. I like to. Nobody is missing flirting and the excitement of a new crash now that's what I cared. You don't miss those days when you get dressed up with the girlfriends didn't grab the guy things are happening any. Adding they. Aunt Gina after hours after awhile you get tired of the one thing I love I love being single the one thing I love about things and I will say though was girlfriend time. Whenever sporadic spontaneous want to girlfriends I'm getting a phone call all the fun like 81 happy hour I love that that's fine and. I don't be app needs to be good friends with your husband yeah my the F jobs over any time a man they maroni Chad therein yeah. Every hour now is that a little is it a light turnout or is it like family time. No hot yeah. Like he would welcome line or is it like no. Yeah I'm a white label satellite Latin yes we me in Vietnam we have a nice. You know company and I read it's you that behind it and bottler to apply bottler my friends that are dating nighttime I'm so glad I'm not single age because I don't think I can figure out tender and all knowing about techno Latin. Technological advances. I just don't I don't miss it I don't know sexy man on the legal under the cloud either I don't like I let off indefinitely following. Wanted to do. Let's play game cards let's have some beer let's get some order some chicken wing and it went on aren't everyone's on their phones now we love of my. Sheets appearance at me yeah. Hit it hit the Carolina Michigan and target it at Michigan out of anger I have an extended wondering what Eric about the study before we got it right they say that being nice makes you happy. Yes it does yeah. I'm yeah. Happy salon. Yeah. And I saw Harry say it makes you feel happier. I would go along with that yeah I think so will be makes me feel bad at my means as alleged by accident and then the and then someone takes it personally nearly. And right that it seems them dam miserable man I'm so miserable spent a lot of time on their hands to be miserable to other people haven't as a certain level of niceness like have a nice days I can't go to LA they'll like that have you know today at. What do they broke back at. OK yeah. I came back what time I came back to New York after one of those weeks in LA it hasn't used to me and I was waiting on the line to some ice cream is when does this Lionel. I'm back anymore and I am hey you know. It's not says it. I finally being and there you've got into a UA doing to me doubting your heart right now I think there's something didn't and so I don't know I don't know our out of me I think everything we can't think that looks suspicious links on that yeah. I don't are not a bad part of my neck and we bought out at the what does she had been just don't even I don't know. Accusing happy next. After that happened on I care I'll get pregnant in a quick shout out to the Syracuse new Haas school of journalism their here you have come here. Yeah your future boss maybe in the crowd here so I guess I admire my. Alice because they have a hard job I think and I have tell the truth that's really difficult. About the only that's hard I am president Michel you have to debt which sent to an objective point of BO. Well I think you can't allow your per we're talking about making you can't allow your personal opinions and news. Two out and prevent you from your professional obligation obligation to stem the many facets and sides of the story. Kim Davis it make it's not my story tell people. Al even personally intimate nine Ers clearly with a plot that I was the top. That came up today because of making Kelly going to interviewing Donald Trump. And dubbed miss miss says some eight Nancy don't know the presidency I'm what's your real Asuncion associate out little known fact. I am not in a by the cons but Rico now I have and I I was troubled. By making Kelli the statement that she put out which was like I had the opportunity to. Clear the Aaron Donald Trump was so gracious to meet with MI Kim if we can I dying of tropical gracious to me that you your gracious to give him the time that day. I felt like it was pandering a little bit but I do agree with you mean as journalists use you. Tell other people story doesn't recede. Complains about her he makes some nasty crack about the main beach as a period which we discussed banning and then he's gracious to be with her. My critical eye on I think he's I think is really disrespectful and I don't I don't think I don't think as a journalist it's your job to tolerate that disrespect their you don't that's not a part of your job as part of God's into the inner yes but yeah sort of but the greatest hits wearing it I think what are on gracious and what is not it's not your shot to take the higher out of everybody and they get in like the arts of negotiation by Donald Trump because you don't need you wonder what. When not what the negotiation was fat. And now he's got Matt. How you defend my as they say in the got Fonda. Keep your friends close and your enemies close act. Threat. I think. More time. However two and a half minutes remember the era goes up. We are I can't figure out this clock on the hit Bryant what Lotto and I'm pulling up this let me 1 more o'clock. Yeah I'm glad badly you know I'm yeah. I'm glad that I. Thought about that still like to complain. To complain to the psychology today on a story that complaint asks Harry I have. I think that's good psychology today says as a real value in fetching and moaning. It up it feels good to compliant and hence it right I think especially especially amongst them think it's important. It's Derek B its third in the thick and be honest and kind of you know talk about your issues and things gone on I think it's not going to complain. You're gonna get myself a Tulsa yeah I don't like to complain I don't I just feel like but. Hello I'm fat I've I have a blessed life you know and I always elect someone keeping doing worse and there's always someone in the world doing. Worse and they have less and is having a more difficult time so who in my to complain that I aid my feet hurt or who might to complain. You know about I'm now on the go ahead. Ahtisaari point I even got an idea to hang when he badminton I don't I don't. That it isn't always on to bitch about not and whether it's like having it's terrible finally. I am right Barry is but it just when you can choose to look at the positive or he can complain about it. It'd like your spirit and does it doesn't and disposition to get what you well what did you accentuate the positive on the what is I mean you can do that I've. I was told by somebody who works here if you want to complain and makes you feel better go ahead and do that. But maybe it. Goes against it in I'm not sure if it does one who can you complain and make a joke like can you make light of I islands and I'm make fun of myself all the time and inhaled long minutes kind of like I'm Connick complaining about a little pissed off but at what the things I'm just you know. I headed and you complain yet to hash tag blast yeah. I. And let me deal vent about than you can get over it if you keep it then you harbor resentment. So I believe and I believe complaining that it isn't that's different I think I think you know just getting it out there. That's different than completing I mean if I didn't if I'm an issue if you confront human and we're gonna not. But that's not necessarily complaint what do we complain and then they have a nice day that may not quite always been friends confronting isn't doing it's that it's complained you don't get as much trouble. Actually look at yeah. Let's face it it's like exhausting rap I'm currently they went up when grant got shot down yeah. That we have to go I was saved thanks to Bridget Kelly yeah.

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