'The View' on Donald Trump, Mike Pence Interview

The co-hosts discuss the unusual interview with the presumptive Republican presidential nominee and his running-mate.
5:13 | 07/18/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The View' on Donald Trump, Mike Pence Interview
Donna it's not patent sat down as president interview with running mate might hands in the sixty minutes interview. Benihana Sharon charity. In off work at it very hot economy moments I mean. Like how his VP as something in common with Hillary Clinton don't let me tell you. Just want. I was against it the war in Iraq. From the beginning. When that you can use that vote that of Hillary's it was the same as mr. countries like Tanzania people has is the example of her bad judgment you know. And frankly I'm one of the few that was right corner rant but what about you get isn't done to make a mistake everyone so she's OK I'm just not just about his national. How. Political first date 80 you're it's worth about it we're looks like bike heads is the kid who's been called to the dean's office with his dad. And Donald Trump is the data he's just sitting there like when I didn't dad didn't do anything about it so pain and it. Because it's why isn't didn't want. When Matt Wise yeah he's a sick fassel governor. The music on the radio host at cannot he's the governor this guy has accomplished something politically Leven global warming he's against an Islam that doesn't mean easing con international. -- wanting your incompetent you know let's talk about his company. Wasn't I think people need to understand about. His record when he was governor when he became governor and 2013. State funding for Planned Parenthood was cut passed. Nice twelve might think it's funny or until I found but no metal are all these clinics that did not agree to close all these clinics that did need to perform abortions they tested women for SCI. And so it when you look at his competence it's one of misogyny and the discrimination. And I'll let you gotta he's been governor he's had to deal with balancing budgets he's had to deal with. Being a manager of something this is a guy who as government experience sitting next to Donald Trump. And how much credit that is not supported don't like that establishment character. A you know that whole thing having unless they had. Payable and it was about and GMA this morning that we should all watch this a guy who wrote the book the art of the deal he also wrote it. It's not trump didn't even write the Brock yeah. I'm glad I quick added I think when the interview started EC Mike Pence handled the questions like a politician she's asking some things Rick she's asking him answered diplomatically. Sidestepped. He won a good job and hunt tropics the mystique of Rockingham and then Ricky completely betrays himself and everything he accidentally let one knows how to talk talk and nothing until on the plane took over you know what's shotgun shutting Billups from trump to go to and that's what that told me is. Went trump is trump is in the White House Mike Pence goes into the hole bullet closes the door and says please don't touch the nuclear button trumps them do whatever you want to do oh yeah don't everywhere about it. Nobody's gotten a look. My mom he can't miss. I could cause the establishment doesn't like trump. Mike Pence is good for fund raising he's good forgetting conservatives like him because of these issues when you you don't like the social that's out of it I'm not supplements are but neither. But there are social conservatives that are worried about trop. That are going to be trying I think it was an attempt. To unify the party but your right in the sense that anybody who watch about slot. I and I. Is there could be a show Clinton late Saturday Night Live sketch waiting to happen. We go. You go could we have a moment of silence for Chris Christie. Yeah. Well ahead the cut but no we can. Yeah. Hot hot yeah I didn't write it word out on a hunger strike before you know it yeah. Second he he indicated that he was disappointed the first people left flip flop right after getting out every it was like remember the painful standing next to a without look at what I do little what did I knew and get great strides in getting out enrollment has gone also I have a lot of material on Gingrich increased. Make a very and important point I'm maybe we'll Asia. Until maybe it was you know. Look. I'm not this key element I don't know what advice but. The point is that with all of this we don't want anybody who's already been there and this is a very odd choice. Not to run wit as someone whose you know establish a cause he is establishment is establishment and I guess that goes to show you that. Yes it's good to have some established you have to actually have some might know something about to stop. Yeah now you can't just UP somebody has to now and you know. Recompense Mike Pence whatever that I have a.

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{"duration":"5:13","description":"The co-hosts discuss the unusual interview with the presumptive Republican presidential nominee and his running-mate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"40668524","title":"'The View' on Donald Trump, Mike Pence Interview","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-donald-trump-mike-pence-interview-40668524"}