'View' Exclusive: Christopher Darden Talks About OJ Simpson Murder Trial

Former prosecutor in the Simpson murder trial talks about the difficulties in getting a conviction and the toll it has taken on him decades later.
6:21 | 06/23/16

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Transcript for 'View' Exclusive: Christopher Darden Talks About OJ Simpson Murder Trial
Let's go back to OJ for a second because earlier this month one of his friends says that he's going to confess that he did it at some point. Do you think that's true at second point he said that OJ isn't torment right now is that trial to question. I don't think gold is inclement at all. I think he's probably contested. You know we're it was a wake or administering communion time since 1994. It's a little expect you think he had confessed. I think you confess that I think he confessed to during the trial that he confessed that in the LA county jail but we weren't allowed access. To the conversation to the content of the confession. It has a lot of people I remember it but the whole trial and he was able gonna find the real killers in this if he had saved that decided he didn't kill. Or it was denial of some of the sort I don't get it. What he probably found the real killer and that in and in Nevada prison. Then. Just when it is his words. You just mentioned those seven words and that live in and infineon but doesn't fit you must to put it was actually your idea to have a day try and that allowed. They use often struggle to put it I'm. What was going through your mind. That's where the 22 years of therapy. Comes as well you know not a bad mom and I think it's a wonderful moment actually. You know a lot of things said about these gloves and who decided to put them on its that are except it were. And you know I sit back and I watch my former friends and former colleagues talk about there. I think that they're being disingenuous in some ways the let me just say this you know it. You know I'm a leader. This was my team ultimately in the end I stood there with them. I let him put those gloves on and why not that his gloves. And there's no doubt that pictures of him wearing the same blows his blood is in those gloves. But the blood of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown. Are in those globe for the his gloves and the gloves fit the same way. They always give him. So. He pretended Matisse was struggling mighty heart and the better actor and I thought we'll ask why. Oh and also a theory they cannot that he without arthritis medicine but then what went off that during the trial which could have. Produced swelling in his parents could that have impacted how the gloves that. You know I've heard so many theories about those gloves swelling. Oh salt. Everything talking on the diet at the jail diet you know high in sodium. Are so many excuses and reasons for I gotta tell you that maybe I'm in denial. The mountain on the moment just a river in Egypt when I look. I think Nicholas. Just very we did you hear that he confessed. No. We heard that he can fit. During which while we heard that he confessed. Two Rosey Grier during the trial. And and act attend the trial racial tensions threaten all time high and cool now. Yes and and people were furious that you for co prosecuting this this case calling you a disgrace to the black community when was that. Troubling without hard for you re conflicted. Well yeah it made it difficult for me because he other people in the community reacted to a it and you know there were threats against me multifamily human shields when. And saw that created a whole another level of stress. You know for me and it really made it difficult to prosecute. To prosecute the case and a focus on the case now. You know I I have. I've heard people call me an uncle Tom. And. I had an uncle Tom finish. Cookbook and probably had liberal Democrat but it didn't get it and I want it yeah. But they're not heard all of these things that is it troubling to me it's offensive then is very offensive to me. I was not running and I'm not hurt my little wounded by this law. Not resist. Well I can tell you I had just graduated from law school when the verdict came in and I was watching the case just a mean all the time. And I was inspired by UN Marcia Clark to become a prosecutor. And I was inspired. What I do remember about the case was that crazy crazy. Fight you got into with Johnnie Cochran about mark Furman using the N word. What do anything really personal. What what was was a personal. Well they made it personal. They made it personal. Because of the racial rhetoric things at the time. For me it wasn't personal for me as a prosecutor. And and someone who admired OJ Simpson what I want it was a fair trial and what awaits trial. You know I like all the race baiting. You know I knew buyout firm and I knew about The New Yorker and unconfirmed was. And I refuse to put Herman on the witness. Get when you look at blocked walled garden defended Furman and in his use of racial epithets no opposition was that there was no place. In that trial for racial epithets and it rarely eat us rarely if the plea agree and it's well agree. I've got to ask you this I heard it used spoke to OJ one day in court. And that it really left you speechless. Can share. Well you know we were arguing about something when there in. Intelligence and you don't watch it. He said that he'd wow. I'm like I killed nobody. I really like what's going on now when trump talks about Hillary's temper but it temperament only season vitriol coming out it math sure it's like. Hot candle lights yeah most locals. Just don't know and so why do you think that that justice system is still struggling. The way it is to write and to really get to the heart why someone. Is arrested why so late why we still struggling with race as a as part of backseat. You know what I'll ask you after we get up thank you to Chris diet members of our audience I'd gone home with a copy of content.

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{"id":40078559,"title":"'View' Exclusive: Christopher Darden Talks About OJ Simpson Murder Trial","duration":"6:21","description":"Former prosecutor in the Simpson murder trial talks about the difficulties in getting a conviction and the toll it has taken on him decades later.","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-exclusive-christopher-darden-talks-oj-simpson-murder-40078559","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}