'The View' on the FBI's Recommendation Not to Indict Hillary Clinton

"The View" co-hosts discussed how the FBI's decision could influence voters.
5:18 | 07/11/16

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Transcript for 'The View' on the FBI's Recommendation Not to Indict Hillary Clinton
Back FBI. And the Justice Department. Just seemingly closed the books I'm Hillary Clinton private email content bars. FBI director James Connolly said that. Hillary was extremely careless use of private server for official emails but did recommend any filing of charges. C home writing some homes. And yeah so it's we're still talking about it it's kind of make use any you know because it. Apparently when you send and mean he's sins. Did he should have probably just given the facts about her email and not his it is opinion yeah but a 110. Emails mark classified. When she either sent or received them but how many remember did cheese sand and how many did she receive that was classified he doesn't into every how well the question is how this is going to impact the race. How is this going to impact the presidential race. It will remain at his careless but he's clueless OK yeah. I want got trapped. Who's a complete racists who have exacerbate all the problems in this country with his hateful rhetoric. Do you want that vote. I think the problem is though that she lied so whether or not she got indicted for knees. He said I did not send or receive any classified material that's and there's actually no I believe but she often sedated I am. Well I had actually have an idol and not it actually intent is not written into title eighteen intent is written into title eighteen now. Because tell it's Hillary Clinton's anticipated fight crime doesn't have to be for me I had it not. She provided all of her work related emails but the FBI discovered several thousand work related well not I don't know I don't thousand she didn't provider because like other email users she deleted a so they found stuff that she had already deleted like a year before the accident that's what makes this so crazy because. Date what I understand is that these emails are not jet necessarily classified. Until after someone. Is sent. That sometimes I don't know what coney said was that sometimes just what I've been saying a long time some Clinton born classify and what that means is that it's classified based on contact. The issue is asked secretary of state Hillary Clinton she's a Smart woman I think she's capable should have no. That eye contact backstop should not have been transmitted over a private server that had never let would have senior that it wasn't class received this is that this is the problem issue shouldn't this. But it's even if she says listen to me this isn't classified because AB city. That's I mean if your of the secretary of state but here's the problem. They classified so many things they pay all of it is make reasonable she might have gotten sermons Latin cents. They didn't think what this again she dancing what the other for the Christmas shopping clearly is that. This does FBI director is a Republican I mean. This is a guy that Republicans should trust and he said there is no issue he actually broke any case I don't take issue with his call that she shouldn't be indicted. I'm holding out I'll come right cook cook cook. Say it. If gas I was I was telling Sonny that I'm not cannot argue with co b.'s recommendation not inside it might issue would Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton. Is that she says things repeatedly I handed over all my working Nelson and it actually there's a puny didn't hand over. I did this because I wanted to simplify things and use them on one device actually now you had a bunch of devices I handed over I never sent anything was. Marked classified actually three of these animals were marked classified and if you polled people. They're finding it she's not trustworthy at all say there is tell the truth what does he tell us what it so what if my OK so she's sense. Listen. I gave you the email is best for basin we found some extra wants like okay. They they then go on to explain that like other email users. If I take something from last year and I deleted it. It's not going to be on the servers server that I have right app but they don't explain that if you saying. All well you know a couple of months ago held a classified some stuff for a year ago they classifieds at the bull. Which is what they want. I want I want the burden no once classified. Based even if it had no class Vickie no markings on I want her secretary of state to know that. And I'm the real story is scary to me is can this is national security information. I'm worried about hackers I'm worried about people that hate the United States getting that information so it bothers me that she did it just happened that shouldn't I have. Because previous secretary of state are the same and not let up not with your own serve on secured in your basement Alan battle navigation email address like I'm not starting I'm bad as the nation she did not get packed. You don't know I don't know how we don't I'm sorry no evidence is there is no evidence that she got happy Wednesday that are you wouldn't see that nasty little hack outside quick you have the United States government has I'd see people you cannot tell me they don't know what some has been broken back.

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{"duration":"5:18","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discussed how the FBI's decision could influence voters. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"40498200","title":"'The View' on the FBI's Recommendation Not to Indict Hillary Clinton","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-fbis-recommendation-indict-hillary-clinton-40498200"}