View Co-Hosts Discuss Cheating

How far is too far to get back at someone who cheats?
3:00 | 05/25/16

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Transcript for View Co-Hosts Discuss Cheating
Bachelorette premiered Monday night and apparently there's are ready scandal brewing over a bachelor who made it really good first impression. Take a left. We'll get a small and gotten it you know proven that the poll and B we let them all I am on goofy nice. And the good news. Really good. We're warm. And grossed out by that Kim had. I just out of christianson. And yeah. That's a kind of freaking out but. Listen our guests tell anybody lie at the bloom is off this list lanes of the bloom has long been off my rose but this lovely woman showed show up. She jesuit about shredded and Greg Jordan Rodgers the kind of but it has. He looks like your typical bachelor contestant turned but he Aaron Rodgers as brother. And yet he was an NFL that picture the little TV is hotter than that. They have their first snake out although I you know I love the bachelorette highlight it and every week but by I would agree that if my bank. But his ex girlfriend in bringing Ferrari this is do you see you know I love songs news opera she tweeted. Riding the bench doesn't get in the way of her relationship that cheating does cash had always wanted to be famous and basically she's accusing him. Of cheating. And someone else with with someone else when he was apparent that crack on white Internet on the Internet maps and someone. Accusing somebody something on the Internet Netflix. But. You know the question if you're for plus she wouldn't know that because let's be honest it's. The shows are important am longtime board felt right. I have to fit a premier was fantastic and I think Jordan dunaway Judy you're not cheating I think you've got a great shot but what you guys yeah that's some. Who who you set out cheated and a past relationship. I mean we could bring up the Kelly's situation with that my girl Kelly Osborne to meeting about something that happened allegedly and her family and to call somebody out takes a lot of guts and I admire the little island also might she do she actually sentence weed out to the entire world that I think we're gonna put up right now. And click the girl's phone number on there and all the things that she might do. And to me like the only way to get back sometimes you have no other ways out and act I don't. I would love her as for clinicians is that there isn't much right that what would you put the person's phone number that's and that's a lot. That's danger was a lot of what allegedly happened to use a hike that eating gas like you haven't once you're lazy or fax number on given that he was actually the one who cheated us on and I'm not saying that she's not. Mildly guilty here but if you know it's a two way street he also mediate I think there's that guy that posted on rabbit that he cheated on his girlfriend and his girlfriend sends him. Damon thrown spoilers every Monday Jack I get that on a hot. At that time that's guy but that's cruel and able I I think that went to find out that you guy has cheated before you now. You think he's got a G dot V8. I'm here Rico kicks it didn't as he did with our doesn't do its everyone thinks that we all it's either Zacks many didn't even know you got to somehow I haven't should keep one eye open on a guy like keep all my eyes open you know about how much.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"How far is too far to get back at someone who cheats?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39376964","title":"View Co-Hosts Discuss Cheating","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-hosts-discuss-cheating-39376964"}