After The View: October 18th, 2016

"The View" co-hosts answer audience questions and share which celebrity made them starstruck.
17:54 | 10/18/16

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Transcript for After The View: October 18th, 2016
Five. Face cuts post your comments and questions now just. Go ahead say it we may we definitely. Do and to get them. We didn't have time I think this conversation when we say to him get to the complainant and there any video at left out about Gilani any of the topics we did. I'd bat for her and away just because he said don't feel bad she she saying that but you can't help but because she's in Iraq position she. It's her husband he's running for president you you you're inclined to defend him but some of this stuff has got dozens indefensible and you know I thought behind the scenes she's probably. That they know now he's all yeah I think she's. You think he's he's a pants and it really well I think she probably lots and every now and I asked I don't think anyone. Does that to him eligible I don't know I don't profound delightful act they yell. He just doesn't lessen. This people around in the AC LN and the like like Hillary gang member Hillary stood behind and it's got a lot of criticism do you think she will tip is standing by her man. Or you know. What would you do would you dump somebody like him or like I would Condit and now on the national stage and be like scenes look at the election now I would different when you're married you're not married. I can't I mean the difference when you're married but like accusations of of assaulting and I would how. Yeah it's Hillary did that with with the I didn't want it unless I'm gonna I would doesn't tell I had spoken about this before she's she's a zero tolerance. Carl and thank telling their house could be song threshold of I don't want me I would be sitting there saying you want to vote for this time he's meant I mean there's that night I. Still listening and you know that was chaos imagine if she does not want people won't admit that tiny the great guy but I would not want him maybe he's waiting zeevi gets elected and she's wary to get deported you know that could happen. No got there and I yeah. This current apparent ground lady she's scared of that he yes that thing with immigrants she's an immigrant so was another wife I'll. Stopping I was trying got a fewer serious proves I totally not immediately global that it reflects an excellent. Had an interesting article. The New York that written by Jane Meyer that read by the way if you're interested. Just about I've not much props deposition when she divorced Donald what happened again Gil going on for him I'm just saying it's fun. Until. Days until Election Day we have responsibility for the to the country you Amy Schumer have an easy time. You want us is there wouldn't would you like us to stop talking politics. I need pool yeah. They haven't in the back could not amused by. All right well here's a story about a hairy guys because a trend man I think. Is on the rise according to a poll in Men's Health Magazine and the men's grooming industry is building right now. How many do you want young man today. Sunni not want me without looking like he's neat like I want inched to trim things but like looked at appeared but. Keep it clipped you know like but don't look clicked well Brian told us that his wife insists that he get a pedicure twice a year when they go to Florida and he wears sandals could he probably has like those weird normally mails. Some of the weird like most of my husbands have toes the first one on this plan. They have so that make this a severe right. Stern. And athletic Togo but doesn't it goes like that cook but. Your can help them back out you have to have certainly I greatly to us now via I don't know that I it's -- yours I got him to do it once and he thought it was so late but any really liked it capsized and he's been going to return to campus causes a great poem about him mountain landscapes for sure. I yelled I'm telling him about it Allen what is what what hair does he get rid of light where well like off all of he doesn't get rid it but he. Trending so even chest hair all under arms he trip is it also its clean. Even in it he doesn't sound like with the sisters he does that he hasn't appeared Trimmer but you using a last minute news and he did not length I don't we've been together 22 year. As the Russian right that they do not kidding who does not yes. No. Probably got. His racket and I I had to me can you some Reilly yeah. They're wet areas ever growing more than about pop out I. I think that UI it's. Unlike a Harry direct I mean I don't want to let you if you looks like polar bear worries you know but I don't want that but I I'd like a man to be a little C unlike the facial hair a little scrappy we I'd like it when you don't accept the nod. Like when when they don't get their hair cut their summit this flexed down here I. Do what they like it has rolled out from under a car on down like I need. And militaries. Cool and still his cool like he and my brother always like trim their neck here so I can start to associate what you saw in your own father's white whenever I see that. Spared nick Karen like a little he really needs Gannett tremor like it go I think we got it. You don't eat meat already know let's go to what women now president colts the people we've seen a snow okay. Okay she just announced she got a Ph.D. in astrophysics. I knew caught. Up it's not T. It flipped it pays a big announcement watched the. And us. Shadow here they are being a mom. Obviously your boobs are destroyed after having kids especially breast feeding address that you thought every year. And you know I want a cop from my husband but it also want to feel great about myself and that was just in security that I I. I feel so confident with myself you know as a one man as a wife as a mom. So I kind of got complete them. Still. And look dot can't. Right let me read hey we're that I want and tonight she looks completely. Different. Why her let's look at them like bill I shouted anti genetic got more yes maybe it was a two for dealer something she'd. Take it from here put it here yet. Out Mike good you know I think that if it it makes it needed a matter and you feel that my diet like the plot reduction I wish I had done it the book reduction she got hurt now and not I wouldn't have implants now less is more or less is more but yeah it seems to be able to go out about a Brasilia is heaven on earth to. Every week I'm brought in him I basically have no votes right not. Here though the bold pro. Adding parents say I'm not doing any implant you strap goes on the still wants funding to keep enough discipline and but dad would you get the implants could now now believe the math I guess I don't I'm weird about having artificial stuff and my body because I. Had a friend who happened Don and a body rejected it and got sick and all that. I feel my hair you'll find something out ahead is not as rare but then you'll find some else you hate about your body so I just. I just accepted an end like this stuff that I love stuff but I hate I had any minute. Last night eight. Eight that we were having conversation airport may have been NYNEX said something about how my boobs had changed and breast feeding my child yet he said. And I didn't get mad at this because I'm okay if you want to get your boobs done and I looked at them have never heard him talk like that and I say. That was the point that conversation I said I just was saying that this is different now and we got talking about what I would do vs what acts that I I wouldn't mind after having kids maybe getting some skin talked to her knees like seat that's. That's there's no reason for that but the. Opening set but I don't want more boots like I did because autos are functional and I think. Where usually I'm. I'm didn't think that I would feel more confident math topic tucked in its need he thinks the boobs are like a service to him and I'm yeah. You like it councilman evidently tried to keep I don't I eat less emotion that I had a more effective when I don't get rattled up slumped coming warm. More about what he wants the and I am I wow did you kill me like I drink and then I was like I'm taking your baby and see here now. The only guy on that not to who said. In licensing deal that they yeah you're like you had. However it is actors with a cat. Does it not just where you did when you know Billy. And scooping the partly to plug his name because this want to walk off. Not. I did I until I am happy to talk about how I good it loves. Folks love to tell the nightly helmet as she walked out of applied to plays because they were offensive and the second one he taught me about I would want to have on sale it was it was spring awakening right walked out when space started. On stage I was like I'm saying I'm good and we'll image show not there yet gas I want. Am I could my girlfriend she was uncomfortable to we just looked at each other right now the resistance say yeah. Rebecca breast feeding costs and deflating but I'll take care fitness few years' worth it. Com but sweet and so Rebecca is going to. Reverend I could cut winner or in question don't that I prison arguing that more children. Shall we wait leasing out we accessed the next question was does not exactly if you were to breastfeed an excellent policy wouldn't get this done soon as what you're saying. No they don't read you can't rent your audience has a question it down. Am I doing things still to be house they got here like this yeah she's sound bites and my mom lets you guys she's here silently her eightieth birthday. Oh come from what is the most ridiculous or inappropriate question either of you ever been asked on the job inner via. Do type. I find that very inappropriate. I pocket and I probably. At home and many times that many jobs I've had to go off like a woman comes into a little bit Nebraska and do you tight. We'll media he's trying to be like this area talent exists I could illustrious the first secretary position certainly not my dad there were no guys going up for that. So you walk and were not very good assistant knows. I was the worst to say. T she like every don't Martinez noticed my fever copies so she got tired after how someone called and asked where her boss wasn't yet I don't know why but I don't help us. Does my boss it was Joan Lunden on a Good Morning America is where is John S and how well the white now. They're plaques wonder why she's no longer has that job. So what are the most inappropriate questions but asked I'm government and I have let in enough cocaine that is just and Erica in the audience has a question. Right here. Try. Have you ever been flustered by it mistress. Flustered by a famous person. They asked this question during the break during a real show yeah. Where they said what you had SARS dropped so cool what was coming anybody c'mon this year that will really mindless a few years ago is Catherine Zeta-Jones and not even like. I never really thought of myself as a fan but she walked in and she had this kind of old Hollywood feel that we to talk to her. And I was like. And I thought a moment hushed words mean something and nothing came knowledge she kinda looked like oh that's so mostly eat and nothing to as a Ghana is used to mean. Have you. Have you. Well you know I we Kiefer Sutherland nonevent islands I was huge benefits like I remember that I've heard I'm movie that was like the bass solo yes the woman only as playing without feel that we'll be so disturbing yet but Healy is playing he can play like sinister really well so when he woo like I'm I'm that I can and I. Have you seen mosque leans like I'm rob lost boy things he does what he's got a deadline lump gotten. It's a yeah. Boys I told him yeah seriously think this day. It takes me a little bit about. I'm ending this wet. Can't assist our yeah no I answer that some times on the show I got so flustered when Kevin Costner was a child I. Sandra right in front of them but I another one Reese Witherspoon and I had met her. But before while I had taken ten years off the business and I was just coming back into the business. And we were fine now another morning show at the same time but. She. Introduced herself I really wanted to meet her and I remember just it's like I turned into a twelve year old. And should play calling and with hits like your show only in. And I was like look I need I just don't lock and she was so gracious and trying to make accomplished she Nike flick like what. No she was just adore. Well Reese has Latimer re election by the way is one of the fund legacy as well I think it's nice she became so I'll take in my mind as the French actress named Katherine to have I don't they have made no sacks. They've incredible films in France and she's she's international star but she's so beautiful and I never would have a French actress on his job. She was smoking in every time this happened and I'm so man I was so in love with her like Ezra actress. That led when I watch her movies I have read the subtitles which annoyed because I want to look at you know she's so pretty. And I was just stalking at one point she said to want to produces. Is she a lesbian. Thanks. Guys that now I'm not I'd just like his love you that's but. And they decided beautiful achieve that issue and let this Shannon's been at. So anyway I we have one more Nicole in the audience has a question wearing co pays women's intuition real learned. Women's intuition. Oh it's real. It is ramping up I think you can I always know when like a guy is doing something cheneys or if there's something gone on. On my mother always says if if you sense it it's right I'm always right like that I I I Def I think women haven't guests I do I think we have a gift. And with bill and we did not. Sometimes it doesn't want to go out with this one and and we deny it. If if you're about the phrase them the one the Bill White is the last to know what happens of the now I don't know I don't buy that I didn't feel well and they don't act on it they know me all looking now. We now. Yeah. Race another. Fresh air but I also would just call it the holy spirit. Like that to me that's the holy spirit isn't ECB. I don't have discovered the holy spirit. No idea if it would an idea you believe. Feel like the problem is me intuition is probably. She aided by my hormones lake is so I don't know if I trust my intuition to depending on the day up. Things get crazy in the intuition is not off the hook like it's an air show. One question from FaceBook why would you average daily show without make up I like that I would tale. And are. I. What would be the purpose of it I don't asking you how safe you feel behind all of the masks anywhere like whether it. I don't have let me ask this is just make up I don't have any other masks in Manhattan the safety masks Gretchen Carlson did on Fox News want to get it no it was. It was powerful. Could see how we don't I don't wake up wiped away her Wasilla but I am to say about sexually harassed and even noticed. I reported here at the that day. Yeah it is vulnerable in just like Christie was on the show today and now was bombed out or her to. Being taken Eric just be our underwear for this he says that's front like a lot of women to not actually Alicia Keys and well you OK let Hudson well beautiful she let it but I let them do it. I don't we can take it so doing what parents want the short answer image you're not gonna do not donate now. And it out make I might get good. But you know again need a little eyebrow she needs of a little lipstick you need some color what my eyes flashing her blond to my eyes just disappear like my mom's always like. Mascara. A little bit. There at a signing off on by asking you make only one legal correction on the trump is a US in the senate she's been a citizen since 2000 I know she's attempt. I don't this. Now I'm just funny I do want to add to touchy these days. Quite walking out on main issue rich out why they really just sit every kind of minute listen to what she has to say special me back to being funny in two minute to get them walking out. How. Are also want a funds he said and we're on board meeting laugh. Maybe the present she called up would be hilarious I doubt it. I want not wearing make up we're going all the evidence just science I don't even ask me again thanks hanging around with us after the new Adobe gets a hit us up on Twitter. And FaceBook and we'll be back tomorrow.

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