'The View' Takes on Controversy Around Beyonce's 'Lemonade'

What do the co-hosts think of the performer's latest song and the online buzz behind it?
5:13 | 04/26/16

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Transcript for 'The View' Takes on Controversy Around Beyonce's 'Lemonade'
Yesterday we talked about the unsafe lemonade Steelers speculates. But daisy was on tape all a lot of Daniels rates right not that not in a fan. The other women's names getting thrown around on the hot out. None of doesn't already and this is true but why people does talk about. We need JC should be getting some of them well not I just I I he's drafting an advanced sure what it because. Yeah why why is lot of cars you know what it's a longstanding idea to blame the girl remember when you're a kid. And the girl gets pregnant they noticed anything but why it's always it's her fault you read him there you did it sustain. Saying that throughout the problem with then president and it's the win at him and we can do something to change this and it's it's female on female crime is really what did Ennis. What they have come out. You know against Rachel Roy and they were just rolling her. Does bullying her really cyber bullying her no question but I have to tell you I understand where comes from. And not that the man is not to blame. But I think now what he's looking at me shoot. I'm hyperion ice I think that. There's something about the relationship that we have is women and when another woman. Knows day that this man is married it almost feels like a break in the sisterhood it feels like a breaking girl clothes for me but I'm rooting for a lot of women Rleal. Roy brought this on herself does not by putting herself out there as Al worse yet was we know she's she's certainly ourselves into the break we don't know if it's her. Apparently she's saying I see good daddy don't care don't have sidewalk there have been I don't know why there's another person that we know that it's not. There's a mean that went out yesterday. We can throw that I read Aaron. That eat backed each with a good can't we know written not. I. I I do think it's interesting that she put that Rachel Roy the designer put out that. That is playground at an within a hair don't care I think she miscalculated. No question about it and grow up and start. About stuff before they just lacks themselves because this we live in a world where people latch on an each. Yet that's what's happening well comical when outdated tale. She is she says she jokingly tweeted hey will someone let me know if it's safe to the mid to listen to lemonade. Well going past Fiore and I'm put him. Yeah. Seattle based on how to her fiance says something Diana yeah Abbott and Zaza problem but this is a problem if you know I. If you talk of women don't women out there. What do you think is not a thing. That want a plan what do you what do you want ideas just you know would I that's on what Molineaux let's leave him alone he's a family man did well that's it she's trying to point out not I don't. I think it does let it like winning and but the women. Did and I'm sign if you. Take a phrase from somebody song and east you put it like you don't care what's being said people I assume it's you now applies not its brand. Make mistake yesterday one day but because they one after Rachel rain that he. Yeah it's like it. What my point is stop each other out there. Stuck at each other out there yes but also stop. Beating the hell out of one another on social media hype I feel bad for regional relations received physical I didn't fit its rail Rachel Roy let me tell my I think he's already down three nights are late making your samba jazz Rachel Roy I feel bad. Because she says this is a statement she said I'm my haters have targeted me in my daughters and hurtful and scary manner including physical threats as a mom. And I know many moms agree I feel that bullying in any form is harmed until an ironic sapped of. Beyoncé accountable to some degree she's the one that wrote it she's the one not let it out she Aaron I think it greatly rate with Rachel Roy don't panic and hi I'm yeah. How they first starting at in the first place. She didn't name names you now know what this is the point that yes she didn't name name it someone else's name themselves. Rachel you can't. Being pissed off. When you know if you put stuff out on social media this is what happens she's not to. So what the deal is and you know it's like if you if you bashing women ever. And then you put subs I'm I'm the one I don't care. Let him bet that is outside I don't mean to admits I am I'm not I don't and we've got a clear though that he could. Released a statement to People Magazine saying that she did that rumors are not true or not you are not happy bear weight she pulled the genie out of the plot. It is very hard to put a bag and a lot of look at them. You bought this. Until they believe god we haven't we believe her lack of hair that's the question. Crap that's the apparently did well that was important genes are cleared up and why doesn't track why isn't truck used the phrase good hit on K yeah.

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{"duration":"5:13","description":"What do the co-hosts think of the performer's latest song and the online buzz behind it?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"38683383","title":"'The View' Takes on Controversy Around Beyonce's 'Lemonade'","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-takes-controversy-beyonces-lemonade-38683383"}