'The View' Targets Donald Trump for Saying Hillary Clinton Enabled Husband's Affair

The co-hosts discuss the latest news coming from the 2016 presidential campaign trail.
6:29 | 05/09/16

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Transcript for 'The View' Targets Donald Trump for Saying Hillary Clinton Enabled Husband's Affair
Complicating witches and I think that makes me laugh anyway it's best friends weak right now it's hilarious be offensive the answer is here. I'll Candace talk a little bit ahead Donald Trump and politics now question. Doubts opposite Bill Clinton's personal scandals would be fair game so he's going after him pretty ardent Hillary to take a look she's. He's married to a man who is the worst abuser of women in the history of politics who got impeached. By lying. Had Hillary wasn't. And she treated these women public just remember this at some other. Were destroyed. Not by him but by the way that Hillary Clinton pleaded. Went down the is that empted. Is another tape went that he gave in twenty away I don't watch that he certainly diet that is when he wasn't a politician when he wasn't yet politician right lacks that look at the. Trouble Bill Clinton got into. With something that was totally unimportant. And they tried to impeach him which was nonsense. How. Used to have that fit that every president out of the industry crack three in the twentieth century except for maybe. Which artists Nixon now what do I am. Like Eisenhower. Had an affair and or Kennedy as safe as long illicit Chandler could. Every one of them had something going time but even get me adding you are an affair and having people accuse you of sexual assault and I think Hillary want errors that let's be clear there's one person has accused a right that it. If we're gonna do this let's do it let wreck do it but I just think Hillary is walking right into this trap she's going. On campuses and she's going to work places to eat we have to take these victims of sexual assault seriously admin. You look at how it was handled back in the nineties who had. You know women came forward anti cat relations with him. You know their sandbags sexual assault read a different class well let me finish women and said that they were sexually assaulted and they weren't destroyed. And Monica Lewinsky was called. Quote a narcissistic looney tune so that first assessment of current candidate is to blink I did it. Yeah I NSA is still blame the woman now the president sink into the development if you're the wronged woman I'm right aren't she was married to count. OK but why should play on a woman because. It isn't so I asked how this come after you that's just the way it. Yes and just a way. And I've never happened however and had happened to do with helping her. When her husband was accused of this before he became president. She had to sit on television and listened to all of this Jason all pet now. What they do when their life in their relationship I would say Donald I ask you bottle or maybe you wanna read her book and see how she felt about the girl that he was pulled in around. Where I am at Weber Marla well I'm married to Matt myself so I was eight year old talked to I would say you can't teal white and asked for how this works like yeah. How her shady sending he has an upcoming in the London car and I'm not I'm not want to help her I don't think I want anything to do about that woman climb. Donald Trump also a serial. They are planners are against it's the pot. Calling not even the cat out that back Handel on demand. Is it already is Don I've danced had little women had trod at a baby with her husband the married part. I bet so who's up. You know can't. It's it it's it's their marriage marriage is not about you know. Only about fidelity is a lot of it's about their partnership it's about bringing up the child it's about doing the laundry doing outlaw Andre it's about snoring next to the protests at that it hasn't and it and people compromises America's all the time this is her choice. But every right up the bad the bimbos what that that she called remembers what that Lindsey told him Fuzzy stopping to talk about ice as she needs. That's not yes and I am not eventually the American people will get it that they are not going to be stay with that he's not. If Wallace is meant. What is this saying you unit you read your Bible. I'd let he or she was without sin cast the first round now I know because I'm ready. It's not happen without agreement he was philandering win right so if you're gonna do that. Just be propelled adds that. She's probably not gonna bring it up what she wants and it's a business what she's got India is what she is there added it would just trying to become the Brady nitrate it's not just so much the philandering I think that that they even a lot of Bernie Sanders supporters have promised. It's the wave that she has treated the accusers and yeah ice is just ruling that US BU a poster child for women don't like yeah. I'm spent. I don't see I don't think anybody. Can't say it out her lesson you can't be pissed about this you can't call leaves you can. I would like to know what you can't think you are right to destroy other number and what this carrier was elected not to stay awake James Carville another pink campaign to guess the champagne and personally did not accept the comment about my modeling but my father went on Mars comes right you know. Everybody would screw somebody's husband. Pregame fight Ariza played the not not as the one that should be put on it or not wet wet wet. I'm yeah Sunday. Let's think punishment 'cause it's not like you didn't know he was maverick that's right sorry I don't pay at first morning I. To be punished all the way around except wife. So why doesn't politically expedient and that's why it's when you have that having as you if you gotta go up her goal after her about her portable also are about her they really don't. I care about sex anymore which is today you that I dare you go to. Yeah. Yeah I married about a screw the country well this is what we want an hour and and go after her about policy not about whether or not her husband cheated talent and we'll.

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{"duration":"6:29","description":"The co-hosts discuss the latest news coming from the 2016 presidential campaign trail.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"38987018","title":"'The View' Targets Donald Trump for Saying Hillary Clinton Enabled Husband's Affair","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-targets-donald-trump-hillary-clinton-enabled-husbands-38987018"}