'After The View' Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Topics: Adele's Back, The Co-Hosts' Phobias & More!
10:43 | 10/20/15

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Transcript for 'After The View' Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Or. Over about where it's like here because we're streaming live after that you what did you think of today's outbreaks still plagued I'm my neighbor she and tell he would lie. It's I have to say after Kevin Costner with her you were trembling like a leaf. I was looking over critical but if you pay. By winking at someone you belong to meet for so I actually never wanted to meet him and like I just don't want to ruin anything in my mind of like. Anything you know what I. And it didn't match and your perfect standard or rent we on the PBR they don't meet my heroes. England is that anything you kind of like that I'm a little embarrassed that I am barreled right kind. But he's really hampering united and no he wouldn't even more he employment. And skin had a Sean Connery is like as you go I'm Mike okay never. Hammond that Martin O'Malley and honestly today with like the lady there with a victory. And that's it might help their writers that tax Al noticed what tax does not. Rita what are the viewers saying on Twitter anything fun. I don't know but I do have this game on my. Yeah. I think field goal and gold not loving it was known as football season and I know Adam brought it up before but I bring it up now because I let me simple bottom and eager for a meet and I am definitely a Steelers fan that's because I learn how to play it Steelers on Madden. Now so you know dated some wanna a minute ago that. Loves the Packers so I'm the mother the pact that's. Just say Packers exactly the audience reacted that Steelers it was like very silent night Maggie should get upon them. Look at our topic sizzling hot ones I hops Twitter account. Is being a bad taste in some people belt right now they're posting photos of their food a company with tweets like. Flat but has a good personality and people are being a little sense that there's also hilarious when the man buying gold I'm money lap race that is very carry my. Ever want to decide peace is the only psyche she should have and it was talking about sausage you know me. Yeah me in my brother loved by how will like the up at 3 o'clock in the morning we are from Kelly's that you have no idea what that sport. You know and we go and have as many pancakes is you can. Let's clear what's your view Jesus strawberry raspberry blueberry is a normal syrup season on the letter and whenever chicken product they have at the time. Let's talk about that's like people just and they just keep. Too upset about an honest and easy and aren't I had like so how did I actually went out the hypersensitive and that it think everything's too PC people need to relax here's another line you Hank takes you look good let's look you back that stack up basically. Net also is it worth it let me work it I put my fork down flip it and rivers. This early and out but I have is. How Larry and I evolved I'm Walt I think you know about a column make it Buddhist temple Everett not until and I I'm like. You don't pull my prayer shawl want to bail. I love a pancake you guys that are quick. Any evidence are that we can we could I have every Sunday morning before church of my thinly like Batman might go got pink. My husband because they work at weekends actually orders I hop to go. On the weekends yes and then act he picks it up but the kid to take tobacco out there every little kid he doesn't like to cut the and I just say I'm glad somebody sticking up for the little flat stacks of the worst. Yeah. I Mexican talent and love the facts it. I have has their commercials. Towards a younger audience I love their commercials and I love that this is prank or whatever is going on on Twitter because after everything and like. You know we're sorry for putting out these tweets don't apologize it's only areas the people who love you will love you just keep it real I agree I thought the apology and out but not only one less indicate that means only nine. I'm. Now after four long years we are very excited about this I'd Dow is back. Latest. Antitrust relief this incredible Tivo let's take a look awesome. Yeah. It's me. I was. Communities. These team it's me. It's cool. Thing. Very thing. They stated times clothes eat here and I end much. I saw. I'm not saying hello isn't he in the think I don't. Know if that's when he I don't wanna has the most amazing sensual. It's just hugging voice I'll tell you that cost me. And think you for going away ain't. Making legit album not trying to promote yourself over just because you're afraid a charting its gonna lead you 'cause we're not. We're not gonna leading some people are so scared to wounding come back and they come back with not so good music. She knows how to get another eight are addicted. I might add because that's what I novelty we'll let you be there let's not forget Adele actually left because she had polyps so she left for health issues and also the BBP. And what I think is incredible about her rather than everything is my lovers that. She dropped the fifteenth on the British X-Factor like nobody expected it it was like I'm beyond picked up for album and the world stopped to ask members not paying your headline it's and the biggest night I have felt an adult and that huge let out a case even if you're you're all adelphia and I loved her but. Al Oliver albums are after AJ did not know that when I've won. So yes no one out the blood so the first album was that she added 21 I think when you live in our album and she was to anyone when she added she's. State and I'm glad to 27. She's got a she wrote these are songs about certain ads five shrank relative about her hour break and now know things are great for Hernandez is a baby husband. So she's really evolved. Thinking mad and perfect and you have kids in a husband well how well. The possibility maybe just as not a resident get married to a man so stability. And get someone to love could. Looking at let's go to another what a. My Raymond Lee of the public traffic and just are there's another English singer and I hope you guys have heard this guy because he is one of my save my Robbie Williams. Just think it's a mean I had to remember me I'm not really huge she's a huge star Jane England Oliver you're anywhere but America really everywhere to giving he had a song and threw it on up let me present. Santa Ana but I panic learn. The hard way that you really have to be careful that he plant with on stage take a look a lot. Didn't. Know. Or. Let's cut that was a very click the Bourne identity Clinton it was like all over the place and anyways he was flirting with a fifteen year old. And have been realizes she's fifteen it kind of and he's how all he's 41. A lot like I'm just because he don't get do you realize I think he asked is that your mom is now a new. He was like oh my that and to act and it was she. It's hard not to flirt with somebody in the eyes you know what if people die. The little as a fifth that it is so yeah I mighty now. We do not only drive the bullet did she came home with authority on wolf wolf wolf that's a lot like you. Me and my heart skip a beat I thought I predator and your first boyfriend yet so let me just are apparently Kevin Costner browns yeah. Yeah. Like wow I'm Selanne. I'm so mad at him and I don't know yet is go about this day OK so I. I'm a fan of CNN can I say this friend and just letting you know so they just send a gin Webb might drop out of the the presidential ad Jim what does. Jim Webb I thought he might announce that he was gonna run for and depend on the independent ticket but will they just said that he might drop battle drop out out out out out out just in case you should watching what I am glad he you know percent of all the people. System and ultimately. People in the debate I think he left the littlest impression he has to say it and they'll want him and I need your help them but I wouldn't be surprised if we got I think that the biggest impression for jokes I mean not tax. I'm eat not. I don't remember you forever brown during out of the show of like went out exactly alike with a stomach and Jim Webb up in this. Hot hot hot cloud up on except for. This statement at 1 PM so Gillette to make a statement expected the drop out of the race that you Bryant had yeah. I had Weasley we've we've report do you I think he's expected today and men leaning on the vice president president are having an intimate I've at lunch today are yeah tanks and Atlanta's I love and Obama are so maybe he will tell him that me going to announce his candid that he. They're gonna find you like yeah I'm I'm standup has happened. I'm happy ending bail. And finally broke what scandal let it be with them. Because they also lets move on the next thing we have a lot of time let's just quickly do this thing. We have bargain shoppers who hear the bargain shopper. Yeah. You know I love it DL actually suspended its lakers need a story about a bubble talk about a minute after show I want ballots and Fort Lauderdale this weekend. Sawgrass mills at all. The assets has still even there to win best our winter clothes to get there because it was buying winter clothes and floor. Nobody right. Yeah. Paramount that we could hear about it I have announced my mom has taught me this my mom calls me I got to present guess how much and literally dozens and what isn't about she bot shirts at a certain store for a pig. She goes up a penny she Ellis CC's auction just the most amazing bargain shopper solid speaking Kosovor hundred dollars she's not why she's not on a new. I hit bags honey I get. Her and Arafat I get for amazing firming in price we should do a. I think you so much for hanging around after have you with us and don't forget to head up on Twitter and FaceBook and follow all of us on what earnings of ram and everything. I love you but I got.

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