Viggo Mortensen on His New Film 'Captain Fantastic'

Mortensen appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about his newest role, working with Woody Allen and "Lord of the Rings."
17:28 | 07/20/16

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Transcript for Viggo Mortensen on His New Film 'Captain Fantastic'
Fannie it though particularly tasty summer for class later maybe. Why didn't until now. Yeah numbers alone actually it's been three months until week six days and eleven hours most you don't talk to us like iron chancellor is right Romney's being in the hospital room. But he's hospitals are only great thanks to go out there healthy person anyone diet. Isn't there engadget and help it can use Sunday mayor average scores only too willing to spent their fat lakes with big pharma problem. Those things are true. But mom does not have enough for them transmitter serotonin to conduct electrical signals in her burning exactly when is mom coming back. That's from your find out. Be good monkey let's. Yeah. If hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and there is a fantastic movie now as and I clever. Called captain friend testing. Starring my guest that if you go awards and he's playing a guy who basically is taking his family and moved off the grid. Can live. In a way that's away from all the things we live now and every day. And no Beagle on time now from. The start from the end of The Lord of the Rings trilogy through history of violence eastern promises and everything does and you know why. You look like the same guy. I think you must be living off the ground as Hollywood would have destroyed you. If you live. Destroyed my soul. The other packages remains marvelous it's it's functional it's more or less it. But tell me about this week has I think when I was watching this movie and and it's always fun for me this do you get a park like this and be so good in it. But they're seeing so much of human although you probably tell me you don't live anywhere isn't fully air conditioned. Oh with servants waiting. And I'm servants and I'm not I don't I'm crazy about air conditioning if it's absolutely necessary that good we don't have. I know it's I would say he's it. I mean there's aspects of this character. Glimpses into parlance. This part of the skills that I guess that maybe soon he's you know do an on the rolls. I am can have later rose in this complexes had this fulfilling and emotions. This world. We must and will help close were you did this guy this and cash that you mind. Well you relate and I relate to him and Manning knows I'm in as a father. I'm not. Anymore than he has. A no because I told you so he. Me why I don't think so and my best I'm from impatient. You know I'm thing in my son. Here's them I don't think so let me explain why and if you feel differently and coming thing in him I'm am and a I still may stick to my guns so let's have a dialogue and that's something seemingly and as I do agree with that I think the underpinnings of that. This. Seemingly radical. Off the grid family model in openings of arm. Constant curiosity absolute honesty and brutal honesty. Sometimes it's very broad yeah. And and and engagement in open discourse in this manner in the youngest kids can you know kind them. Ask questions then there's no topic that's that's off the table it six anything. No a six year old does get a copy of the joy of hit I guess he was curious about where babies come from yet nice. Sack so but I mean yeah he takes to an extreme. The basics and I do agree with I think it's good to have an open. Communication when your kitten and and the movie as a whole. I appreciated the script when I read it from description history this this. But what I really liked about the story and I think. OK so lucas' it's it's a sort of unleash sub genre it's liberal utopian fantasy and this band of marrying outsiders living off the grid. They're gonna come up against conservative obstacles follows situations and we're going to be with them to second then. And then it didn't go there at one someone's house them and so that that famine model like any family model. It's imperfect it's flawed. And the like and any good story. One and the person that you might Jeff. The sun agree. A person's. Won him an obstacle presents itself. An extraordinary situation what happens or one that forced to amend it. Or face the fact that the that the wrong it's on the wrong track. Into the and life on sports him that can be very dramatic how to people game and then losing people behave when they realize everything mainland I think it's maybe wrong. Possibly. Do they make adjustments are they courageous honest about it. Do today flexible if I'm in new balance. And where does that go cause them. Story. I mean without giving too much away what's happening to him and the children is that day have to leave the Pacific northwest where they are now. To attend the funeral they have to go and do something that takes them. Into this world that your character has lived and we've been a part of and some of the kids of members some of the industry and analysts the forest and it looks. Really attractive I mean the movie starts with like hunting and gathering of the beautifully photographed if we put into she shouted their right and this was. Washington State did you walls kind of lived together you and six children we have is that you wanna have Henry last time yes yeah and so there wasn't six. No I never had that expands and when I read the script this at the map amendment Matt Ross the writer director. So you have a great scripts. Honestly. But for this to become not just a good movie you know a great idea good me. For it to become a great movie you're gonna have to find six geniuses score also. Close to bring Olympic athletes and just perfect. Actors. So you'll find them last just confident that I think you'll be like if you find to be honest. Austria Essex and but he found success. And another thing he was able to do was convince the producers to give us a couple weeks before sir shooting here tonight. To work on the skills we show movies and things that we do. Together. Rock climb up martial arts. Music Whelan music together. What was great is definitely to the that way. And so that was a great way of these activities that we did together when he came from some background similar to that the name with his then yeah I think. Part of not a whole upbringing but mainly during adolescence. Many years. They did live way mountain. Nowhere and and his mom. Was part of a group that established him alternative communities in I was not politically motivated things just want me closer to nature and so this has lived about ten miles from and gravel road and I'm ten miles from concrete hour from school but he was very. Isolated I think he identified way. The oldest of the six kids in the story of a vote. Who wants to leave east realizes he's star for contact with cases age. And we sympathize with the of course I'm in you realize that I mean in the story as it goes along you realize well. This splendid isolation. Where you work on improving yourself and every possible way and broadening here. Knowledge. And every single day where these kids it's CX six languages. Our philosophy science history and geography everything. Literature. And as mammy and books you read until you actually have contact with strangers who people you're gonna be socially. Handicapped. You are and in every way to meet a Renaissance man you have you Percival pressed. That you created and so there's music there's painting poetry there's all these things that seemed to be is integral to your life. As acting yes. Or am I wrong here. Strewn unmanned restless and curious and I've always been. Conscious. Thanks for life has really shortened and respond to lots of things learn things he things. He says it wants me being one death. That that's something that's been on your mind always is always on human manner and then a positive way you sound like you say it's a Woody Allen. I'm actually that was your first movie wasn't it he cut you out I was cut purple. Cairo and I had to Gray's experience them. Details this it's. Outline madam and lives and Juliet cast as well is it says don't be alarmed its brief. Or it is gone. Oh I anything and asking him. I'm enough he said that he I think he says hello. And I analyst Anderson it. And it's yes is at Santana goes OK thank you for coming in. Laughed uncomfortably. And language. Yes that was shortly. Some insurer. Joyce I laughed. Disappointment. Next in my Asian costing loves you hear you guys are really what's the party does. I don't know exactly but it's apartments in the money it luxury. And the way he says. It was ten regular chagrin. And so immigrants along make long story short this pigments and with a shooting him. There's a scene and rumors a cocktail party in Hollywood. Actor's hands this high Hollywood society. So I asked that money assistance system critics he would have to say. Unknown. When an unknown. Mr. Allen with him. Kate what do I do you have a coffee there will cry when you needed. Him. In Houston music backgrounds stopped again I think takes. And then says okay Iran. OK great and you're on in this actor. Want to have man at all I am certain performance adjustments I'm. And in angle inside the room that is huge party. Testing. Lines. And them. Vienna and woody Allen's whispering into reactors in years actress and actress. Some. Here's our Kate let shoot. Mr. Allen. Sir. As. What am I supposed to do I mean wouldn't dangerous you just he'll say immunity just taken follows leave him there. OK well known my tree can have no idea what the stories about no idea and and they guy comes so. What's it like court and with the mail. And I just our lives on his and arises stories that were in it's. At first it was kind of fund depends like Allison 31 and has died her. It to Beers and it's like branches and gesture me is like and really like actors so stupid as denies playing Jesus. And then weigh down like cut those ratings laugh and he ended in. An activity that he would mean he's going Jesus. And and then in I think he says let's do one more arm seem that we got it like that and that was it. Analysts and as Iowa and Henman and expands my engine. In my eyes and civil how to ago I think pretty good and eases on culturally. And then to a cause them back and says. He loved it he still laugh you know. And then the movie comes out of course for next fall. Toma family Friday on the over there. And it and the credits nothing like what you doing in New York you know. Wave on them that I am communicable. But it did it winds up in witness yes I did ticket. Gotten in Oregon. I got more than Americans meanwhile though you still have this fear of death even success. I don't get it. I mean you seem to be so interest in an enlightened us on every it's an acknowledgment or knowledge and death. You know and I think most people don't I like that in this story way captain fantastic. Death is meant had gone it is it's a reality and that's the reality for animals. Like dear in this brutality for animals like. Like moms. Who also the responsibility that comes with it to those that left behind. What the movie actually done with. Because as your career. You know it it it's too much for me to deal with and that's on this gonna deal little bit with the Dave Conan or work you know that's three movies right so it's a history of violence eastern promises. And then dangerous dangerous method where your segment for. So. Heart and then it I would like a lot of different people. Would he started basically just gone on but The Lord of the Rings trilogy becomes huge. What does that do you and your head when it. Why wasn't accustomed to them the attention aka mystery so I don't think anybody. Aaron enough he would Liv Tyler. Surprising. Period of adjustment. But us. Mainly positive. Can be worked with crowned number he could say to mr. you. I want him. To play them and wrong. In the long I would say who it was tale of a guy from the guy successful movie to show a successful free successful man. Analysts there was it was career changing obviously from me and for everyone sounds but I mean I continue to do and than before which is to look her. Interesting story there original stories that would be challenging and learn things. What's the two kronor or movies especially history of violence where you're somebody trying not to be violent. It's just an amazing kind of thing because it's about the American character. And then you switch. To eastern promises where your Russian. Mobs but also living a lie but a living alive but but that's what I professionally so why the Eagles are you living why. I think his line I am innocent and acting as I'm living lying to him. You know not one perhaps why do think we present I thought about slugged him you know history labs. That I think we all. Do that some degree you wake up in the morning and you. Depending on who you encounter with the situation is what's at stake. You present yourself with slightly different. Personality persona yeah. Means you don't talk the same way to a cop who stopped you. For speeding you're doing your mind and our son I mean independents or someone anyone please some your word is gonna punish you and in different ways of presenting. Every day and you kind of constructed as usual on I think I think it's only people who. We. Considered crazy. Or mentally man. Ill who walk around saying exactly what they think at all times. So we end the show as you know and you always give me a hard time about it in some kind of song. After. Car and you know I think there's at the park here now. No compliance with you did it under can't you tell you can't again and you know you are there actually been harmonies on can't again there that this is Arab go and ask how he's abject fear and again can't death something. I need something musical community. I have that's something the slightest bit something. Look at me and desperate. And a tad. A and go to and who's who would be. Seeing home I am oh. In the. And so thwarted when he's. They're kings is on carnival and the carnation Elvis. And Elvis I'm happy. You're free to go from there is represented here that right. Let's how long it's taken me. I.

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{"duration":"17:28","description":"Mortensen appears on \"Popcorn With Peter Travers\" to talk about his newest role, working with Woody Allen and \"Lord of the Rings.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"40738340","title":"Viggo Mortensen on His New Film 'Captain Fantastic' ","url":"/Entertainment/video/viggo-mortensen-film-captain-fantastic-40738340"}