Whoopi Goldberg Interviews Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs

The Oscar winner spoke with the Academy president on how moviegoers can help in light of the #OscarsSoWhite controversy.
4:41 | 02/26/16

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Transcript for Whoopi Goldberg Interviews Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs
Right now we going to what do you live from LA. For her exclusive interview with the academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs taken. So I am so excited of course it via the ask is again and it this time I'm I'm going to be presenting. But I want to ask you share because this is the first time. A black woman has really had the reins of being cast. So my first questions here is is this something you aspired to show what did you think this is something you wanted to do is a little. Not at all working. I mean this is really been a huge surprise for me actually really yes even though I've been involved with the academy throwing longtime have been a number member. Since 1987. However try it never even occurred to me back two to aspire to be president dry cat. And we look a little bit surprised when you discovered there hadn't been that president of callable for knowing that he didn't I yeah I was kind of surprised my. But yet you know. At this time. You know we have all lived has arrived going on people getting Randy and get Chris is doing is saying. So what's that thing that you are looking forward to most for this year's Oscar. You know what's really great. Every year with the Oscar race is too to be a part of the big celebrity. Of our business. And to watch everybody is all in a really good move right it into the public. That's going to be a bright sunny dating back there and that's the excitement is is really really noticeable back to you can feel it in the air. Q now as everybody that sends up these steps I mean it's it's really buries. Very beautiful when that happens sometimes folks going up the stairs but hit a so I want to ask you about this because everybody's talked about the controversy and they've talked about it. In terms of an internal thing that you as a president I want to know from new. What can we as moviegoers how can we say hey we see something and we want to make a difference what can we do because it can't. Can't just be all on the academy. Exactly right I mean it is an industrywide situation but what's the movie go work can do they support film and support film. That has the diversity of storytelling and your favorite actors. Different approaches. To start throwing contest for this industry really is about to get out there and support our filmmakers. That would be. Very very wonderful and what steps do you guys think you can take as the academy. To push this idea forward that it's inclusive and not act scores will certainly interviews like this are very helpful. And the fact that the conversation is really alive right it's really alive and we all want to take that opportunity. To go from conversation. To actual action and you know we at the academy. Have started. With our concrete action are really looking at our organization and making sure that it's conclusive. And since our members slap prominent members of the motion picture industry. It will flow out. Very excited I'm so thrilled to have him here so thrilled that you hear on the view with us you guys. Thank you so much to sound and there's more to come but not today you'll see we got a lot of storm CAC Sinn. The move. A long time affair with Oscar and we have a look back right now watch. Welcome to obstinacy. We'll Academy Awards a seventy fast annual Academy Awards this. Had a New Orleans. I'm we'll resolve aren't weren't I have known and certain circles the mighty have broad deities. In his many show these executives so nervous sweating over one woman says Heidi Fleiss signing. Movie stars. Oscar winners break it caught me. My god is this life is when it. We'll stay on that. Why. That's why I am the originals. Sex CD. Imagine. Yeah. Could all be watching and she's giving us a full wrap up live from LA on Monday yes will year old.

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{"id":37226512,"title":"Whoopi Goldberg Interviews Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs","duration":"4:41","description":"The Oscar winner spoke with the Academy president on how moviegoers can help in light of the #OscarsSoWhite controversy.","url":"/Entertainment/video/whoopi-goldberg-interviews-academy-president-cheryl-boone-isaacs-37226512","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}