Whoopi Goldberg's Daughter Gives Her a Special Mother's Day Gift

Alex Martin stopped by "The View" to share a meaningful Mother's Day gift with her mom.
2:45 | 05/12/16

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Transcript for Whoopi Goldberg's Daughter Gives Her a Special Mother's Day Gift
And I think the best friend Petrie is gone and I am thrilled to welcome. One of my aunt really might best best best friend two best friends week my daughter I'm proud to cough up. I. Al-Qaeda got about Pepe. What you neither Biden knows these parents mainly. That a banking app would take second street but I try to today. I'm not it and you dad you did you said you know look and gets out of signing attempting. So it's true cult. I don't take any itself as a yeah about eight miles the would be why is Alex your best friend. Act because she's one of them most. Trustworthy and while people on now she. Is somebody who makes me lap like. Why hotline had a and we have talked to each other at any time of the day Aaron them anytime but she's often up too much she's just I just like a lot. My favorite Richard act that's when I hit a pitcher can you explain that. People this picture is Jean man let me say they lending unit humanism. That's me in the this in my mom. This is my daughter Alex. Sam want. I. This is one of first grandchild. She is the mom that I. Cell. And I. Multiple generational towards race since you know but it's hard for the guy's an option and it has some lot of it lot of women lot of one. So yeah why was gonna say that it would what you gotta from understand well. That in CU from that is where were you. I was in the land grab land and you're here yes so I brought something for you. We're just different it's very cool. Adamantly lacking in that I. Don't worry about it okay that that's my. Let's say. Tears. Land. Much. Yet another event. We lost we lost my brother. Last year it and suggested it was the amount anniversaries. In this picture is quite wonderful because its Alex and my big brother and my mommy. And me. I have kind of fat. Good. In my second weddings that didn't think I doesn't it just came not long story it's a great story. I sell.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"Alex Martin stopped by \"The View\" to share a meaningful Mother's Day gift with her mom. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39071601","title":"Whoopi Goldberg's Daughter Gives Her a Special Mother's Day Gift","url":"/Entertainment/video/whoopi-goldbergs-daughter-special-mothers-day-gift-39071601"}