Yahya Abdul-Mateen II discusses his villainous role in 'Aquaman'

The actor talks about playing Black Manta in "Aquaman."
14:45 | 12/20/18

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Transcript for Yahya Abdul-Mateen II discusses his villainous role in 'Aquaman'
It Candice Williams ABC radio and I have another exclusive interview today at a very good English amazing. Very very wonderful man fitting right across from me I have yeah I have my teen. I'm EB yeah Abdul Mateen a fact there may not think it computed with the first period because you are the second but yet still. After your game right out because you're in a major film which were getting jumped into awkward man yet which comes out today launches today if you're looking to do something this week and this is the perfect found look at something tonight this is the perfect found. This man he's a little Dylan is in against your care or aren't all that. But first things first congratulations. Once open yeah I saw the film I was. It had me from the beginning to the endowment while my goodness there's so much stuff going on of course it's an Eller path are gonna get into that as well. Odds that you are among great company. Rain. A first things first. We knew where it can. Did you know about apple men now that your at all where you always weird fan of the DC. Comics and talk aluminum about your connection to. I was it was a Batman fan. And you know. It was that big a deal was a fan of the penguin and I was a fan of the Joker you know and I knew about the bad gamble and I didn't know and I know the difference between marvel and DC I was one of those guys you know. Never really into until I got this job and that's must to look into it and that's when you know my friends no dude that you know there's a difference and you gotta go to the comic books and got to read him you know over the commerce and -- -- -- -- really become was over and I've he's like this though it got some comic etiquette in and then dove into the world. Dry I mean that tablets have been some story like old school like Condit look at how. Like Condit but come on the new look at act and an adult dolby. Hey it worked in the comic bookstore and yeah he told me he said you know that's not the way to do what you gotta go ago having a hand flipped the pages and you know honestly I think that's the way to do. At the guy agree. Well that's good bet that we have that way to be ushered in officially. And so which became. What did that happen when he become acclimated suits I guess I meant was it a long time before or was it right before you act as part because. Clearly this has been. Fan favorite aunt and men yet Allah it is one of both characters obviously he he plays the villainous but yet. Though the one you love The Hague. And Latin bands so you know that hair care happily hold the lie and no I'm homage you know about the character for you gotta. Alton Louis I don't know I don't know anything you know would you know I was a slight look at who's as Diana figure out you know OK black mats when are the latest on their misuse basis on guy with a helmet you know Inoa in the nom nom and activists I want I want people to see my face and things like that. And the united eyes start to look at the comments in a so no this guy does and some time with Helmut often and out and then you know just as he said the fans loved. You know they love this scared because he's ruthless and I think on the of these violent and he's just did he's do he's a different have a villain you know I think based on his or just hours people really understand him and on themselves. And so was rooting for them sometimes you know Leanne. And you have to a lot of non. You know these superhero films you know that it is much as you love the protagonists. And he loved the superhero you do love the villain as well because. Can understand where he's coming from why he's angry. What you tapped into to really play this character because not to give too much away although I'm sure if you read the comic book funeral or immoral as. On you know key. I know what's been going on and so on and so forth and what should tap into to really play this character because it could be a deep. Yeah I think it's anybody's list not a very I think good. By dumping David Kahne did you know the guy and send assumed that the he's hurt you know homo people who owned the roof fall from Memphis record you know in the book I think. He's a guy who who would meet him at the top of his game and he's come awful win this week in and and and he has his laces -- with his father and he's a piece of good for him and so while that's hard to build a sort of goes up in a way where he would be celebrating and then I wanted or our our one argument to take something away from. And so. You know the script. Without giving anything away you know of the script helps those who helps us along with the plot do that but I think as government just happened to a guy that was that was her and that was deeply deeply. Now alone and and and he wanted someone to pay for or completely mad that type of a title or. Well because as we mentioned that it's such a fan favorite innocent. Men went. Any apprehension I mean clearly like okay amaze me ha superior fell negatively the bill on every bit as. Responsibility you know every reward is the responsibility where you at all things. OK noon did you have any second thoughts. No not really you know I'm an actor and and and you know I think my resume Sosa. That are gonna do. You know that that I'm willing to sign up for different types of jobs you know ones and sometimes I'm going to be you know fly and an air on the trapeze and then you know another day and going to be you know Disco dance and another they're going to be. Someone who what some call that deadbeat dad trying to get back into his you know daughters' lives of this was really an exciting Upton jump into something that was different and that -- -- -- -- its challenges but it was very very exciting. And. New and wasn't aware that the act of creating heavy when I see that suit on it is now move any talk a little bit about what it felt like. And you know I'm how was it's a kind of. Is it of the sooners about seventy pounds. Is is is very heavy you are I had to gain weight and gain muscle in order to Wear the suit you know a lot of tough people are. You know work and offer these movies so it was made when they're big certain Lucy comes that was like now when Anwar cannot select could be the guy inside the slew you know you wanna Wear the suit instead haven't assume where you because it will. Let you know it's not intuitive you definitely have to put it on and take before ride around the block him once you figure it out these schools hold powerful and and and you know that you call Salina lot of -- Wow. You know you're Smart guy needs and to really figure out soap or baby can't help. I I. I tell you you to back and I gotta take wagon act backpack. You know how kind playing on that dynamic as well because while you're out get revenge on what. Also you know there it's very talented man I think witnessing war that counts at the people's eight do you gonna steal little. The coming of what's cobble generally. So I didn't see more of your your mind at. You know we're just introducing him today you know. I'm already excited to see all the other parts of them even as some undercover units and. Absolutely now. The film is I think very master done in the sense as is bringing -- of amazing people. Can we talk about the cast. An Howland at me I'm sure for some it was your first time working with a lot of them all of them okay. First I'm meeting meeting and working with everyone and Mona on group. Yes how that talk about like you know some of the of the aside that would probably aren't gonna get to see on camera. How are. It was fun you know we're out there and is in Australia and so. No people didn't everyone didn't have their families of this so we've made a family alone you know and -- -- -- Sunday's low was a barbecue is adjacent house you know sometimes Saturday's was was a barbecue or hanging out over it and you know Armenian and oh which is go out of you know have have Beers in and and really you know gets it it's no it's you know sports games with Willem -- I think that was one of the you know moments -- -- -- this is as normal here Watson Aussie football video on -- rules woody game with Willem Dafoe and you know he's actually a nice he's actually a nice guy you know I mean he got them. I've known as news as planned villains a payment that is well so. It was it was really really cool to go up there and form our own little family and you know create their bonds rather buy or on the theme of Megan makings of the council. Did you did you leave anything in the sense you know was in any. Knowledge imparted to you from the Cass there. You know for me I would have been like what happened treatment cannot take from the set like yeah. How does on this down they aired live better now how does. Just aren't step foot into this and to this into the personal side of this acting thing and so you know would use in news really cool to relative to say that I walk them over in Australia making a big movie of the fans that I get to take across the world so you know you you routes out of pocket those moments and and and hold onto you know while you can. Yeah and not. Counted against launches an unhappy. Looking pretty good for you know. And I mean I have to talk about that because the on a roll like literally obviously I lament the day you've got a lot in taxes felt it amazing they visually. Is magnificent. A manhunt that night and and then you know I was take a look at some other things of coming up. Super excited to see this film by Jordan peel yeah. Amends on YouTube OK OK you give that any little snippet about that just because I had Jordan peel and what would get out the as a before he blew out of this world right across from Zambia and now life. I'm just so enthralled. Can you tell anything about it as far as your care or aren't you can. Are considered a little bit more than I could have yesterday actually is not because there's now some images out via. On the film we know it's true coming out on Christmas you know just a little you know. Leaked trailer coming out. And you know it's it's a story where a family goes on vacation and then in things take they go very very strange and knows Gary left arm and. It. If you know if I keep on talking dummy started of Dolan to themselves that I probably since they have because of its nose throat from Amman Jordan -- you know he's he's grown and grown and he rose a cast with excellent actors who we believe this man and and who leaned into his vision and it was really fun to make it. Okay now give to my cousin and then I spoke to recently averaging a keen eye an investment group yes she's amazing and there you are like on an eating my home girl or something you don't get a deal done earth. I know you're gonna be with her and watch. Correct yeah OK so are you don't want that superheroes. I don't know much about yet she even gave gave you some helping the stocking giving this much yet moving it he's dead she I'll be cats in scenes with certain people all right I grant she's. Yeah how old is your outlook our lord give you that would. They've it was night watchman HBO you know and I combine those who you know I think it VO as the corporate house brainwashed into it was going to be on television you know because you can no you can be dark and you can be greedy and you can. You can really tell the story of you know mom. It's it's not the exact same story you know one never want god knows that we you can really lean into until all of the subject matter and subject matter that's really want to think he's BO are for the house where. Absolutely and and you know right now the perfect house where everything is under water game because you know hot woman and he had a and we'll bring back. Salem BL OUI I got they outran and aren't yet because. It definitely out today and this man is. Her everything that you knew well they've black man up resign there that you know we're excited at the UN to act on the holiday season but. You know watch in the trailer of the upcoming film that you mention what you got plan anything fun for the holidays. Almost had my mom Don does dom back home to New Orleans and local hang out there and and they go seed you know move with the family. And though look upon IMAX theatre in new laws of them wonder if when there. And then I Kim and and then just sit back in May because of balsam known documentaries and television and just relax because like you signal 2019. Is going to be. A busy years so this you know recouping your greatest offensive you know with a lot of with a lot of energy for a moment. Any New Year's resolutions. Or things that you have on your. You know boring or what not. Got to go one write more of of of already been writing I started writing when hasn't done tomahawk and actually so I think you know it's it's it's really great tonton you know one artist to be creating there'll content you know I think a lot of artists would lament right now and and and and I I definitely have some almost always detail so I think that's some element of what do one in the near future. Absolutely woman air featuring on the at a theater near you need. Larry up about today think you so much yeah yeah I really have easily regions ink so candid and open about every anchor the you know we'd love to chat here yet on ABC radio think the idea in the earthlings eggs and Austin. And.

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