Actress AnnaLynne McCord speaks out about mental health struggle

The “90210” and “Nip/Tuck” star revealed earlier this week that she was diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder.
3:46 | 04/23/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Actress AnnaLynne McCord speaks out about mental health struggle
We'll turn to our "Gma" cover story, an exclusive with "90210" and "nip/tuck" star annalynne Mccord who is talking about her mental health struggle. Kaylee Hartung sat down with the actress who says she feels no shame about her diagnosis. Good morning, Kaylee. Reporter: Yeah, good morning, Michael. Imagine having gaps in your memory to the point that entire years of your life are unaccounted for. For annalynne Mccord her brain blocking out her painful past. It was a survival technique and now she's confronting it. I'm willing to take that risk. Reporter: This morning, actress annalynne Mccord is opening up about her mental health struggles. In an exclusive interview with "Gma" she's revealing her battle with dissociative identity disorder, what's formally known as multiple personality disorder. I wanted to die for so much of my life, I didn't want to be here and now I wake up every day and say, thank you, I'm alive again. Reporter: Mcchord who played Eden in "nip/tuck." I thought we could keep it our secret. Reporter: On the set of "90210" in the aftermath of her character being raped that she began to recognize she needed My whole body went into panic mode as if I was living out my life on camera and these moments were coming to light through my work. I didn't understand anything about the mind or the brain at the time. I just was trying to do my job and I couldn't. And it was very scary. But you learned how to get control? I did. I found a way out. Reporter: But that would take time through treatment for posttraumatic stress Mccord worked to unlock the pain she felt but didn't understand. When the memories started to come in, I just started saying, no, no, this did not happen. Reporter: Mccord says she's the victim of past sexual abuse. It had put into a bubble all of the dangerous, toxic, harmful memories, locked it away. Rorter: Experts say it is most often the result of overwhelming childhood trma. Trauma can impact people in a variety of ways and particularly those who experience sexual abuse or any dwlekt or physical abuse in youth as a complicated way of coping with the trauma. They've identified alters in their personality who take on a variety of personas or personalities. Reporter: Memory gaps to block out the trauma are a common symptom. How do you describe that feeling of those memories flooding back in? It's so destabilizing. My whole life means something different now. Reporter: Approximately 2% of the population is experiencing the disorder. But doctors say because it's a complicated and challenging diagnosis, there are likely more people suffering from the condition formerly known as multiple personality disorder. A term Mccord takes issue with. It is not that. You don't have multiple personalities, you have fragments of yourself. There's annalynne who you're talking to right now and then there's the part of me that this trauma happened to, if you can imagine trapped in Pandora's box and I just opened Pandora's box. Reporter: The 33-year-old says she's now unafraid ready to fight the stigma. I wanted my quality of life to get better and that's why I stepped into this healing process. You want to do more than just survive. Yes, I want to thrive. Reporter: Annalynne wants to change the narrative surrounding the stigma of mental health issues and now has a new platform to do it. Unzipped is her new podcast with her former "90210" co-star shanay Grimes and it launches may 12th. Michael. Good to see her open up, Kaylee. I think she will help so many. Thanks for bringing that to us.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"The “90210” and “Nip/Tuck” star revealed earlier this week that she was diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77263599","title":"Actress AnnaLynne McCord speaks out about mental health struggle","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/actress-annalynne-mccord-speaks-mental-health-struggle-77263599"}