Adam Sandler congratulates ‘Mama’ Kathy Bates for Oscar nomination

Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
3:19 | 01/14/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Adam Sandler congratulates ‘Mama’ Kathy Bates for Oscar nomination
Thank you, Michael. Good morning. We'll begin with Adam Sandler. He had received so much Oscar buzz for his role in "Uncut gems." He did fail to get a nomination but Adam showing what a gem he is taking the snub in stride writing on Twitter, quote, bad news, sandpane gets no love from the academy. Good news, sandman can stop wearing suits. He goes on to say congrats to all my friends who got nominated especially mama. Now, the mama he's referring to is Kathy bates who earned a best supporting actress nod for her performance as Bobby Jewell in "Richard Jewell." She played his mama in "Waterboy" in 1998. Yep, there it is. Classic. Kathy responded writing in part, you was robbed but mama loves you. She goes on to say I learned a new urban slang word for you. You da goat. Now it's a subtle reference to the meal she cooks for her son in "Waterboy." Just wanted to share that with you, Adam. You was robbed. You was robbed. He was great. He really was. We love him so much. We do. Also popping this morning, more from the Oscar nominations. Two legend, martin scorsese and composer John Williams breaking records for their Oscar nods. Scorsese now has nine for best director going all the way back to 1981's "Raging bull." That tops Billy wilder who received eight nominations for classics including "Sungset boulevard" and "Some like it hot" and Williams broke his own record. Guys, he has 52 Oscar nominations now. Unbelievable. This time for the best original score for "Star wars: The rise of Skywalker." The 87-year-old who brought us the classic scores from "Jaws" and "Close encounters of the third kind" is the most nominated living person in Oscar's history. Find out how both of these men do when the oscars airs February 9th on ABC. Wow. Finally, a dog show for all of those gorgeous mutts out there who get shut out of the fancy shows because they aren't pure. We bring you a show for dogs that are purely adorable. This is the third annual American rescue dog show, everybody. Look at those gorgeous canines. You know, on the hallmark Channel on February 19th categories include best in snoring, best wiggle butt, best couch potato. Best in underbite. My dog is a contender there, I'm telling you. Best senior dog. Only one will take home the ultimate, though, the best in all are winners as the show hopes to show the amazing dogs that can be rescued out of shelters all over the country. You can catch the 2020 American rescue dog show on the hallmark Channel on February 16th. Don't miss it.

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68267553","title":"Adam Sandler congratulates ‘Mama’ Kathy Bates for Oscar nomination ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/adam-sandler-congratulates-mama-kathy-bates-oscar-nomination-68267553"}