American Music Awards and binge-worthy entertainment

People TV's Jeremy Parsons gives us the scoop on a binge-worthy awards show, the AMA's Sunday night, Michael J. Fox's new memoir and more.
3:25 | 11/21/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for American Music Awards and binge-worthy entertainment
is sti shaking his head over there. A hamburger? It's time for "Binge this." If you're looking for weekend entertainment, look no further. Jeremy parsons from people magazine's "People the TV show" is here to break down what's buzzy and binge-worthy right now. Jeremy, welcome. Thank you for being here. So good to see you. Thanks for hang me. So let's start with a major awards show that's almost here. Tell us more. The American music awards are coming up this weekend. I look forward to this awards show every single year. It's hosted by taraji P. Henson this year. Her social media has let us know that she is all in on it. It's going to be a lot of fun. She has tricks up her sleeves. Also Roddy ricch and The Weeknd have the most nominations. They each have eight. And fans are very excited for many things including Bieber's performance. He's going to be doing a medley. Bieber was just on the cma awards just days ago. He's had this real big crossover year. "People" magazine exclusively confirmed that Katy Perry would be performing on the American music awards this weekend for the first time since having her baby, so we're looking forward to that and so much more. It is this Sunday night on ABC. Ooh, a lot to look forward to. Love taraji. This is also a great weekend to start a new book Jeremy, what do you recommend? You were talking about this a little earlier. Michael J. Fox has this new book, "No time like the future." He opens up about that ongoing persattle he's had with Parkinson's but also some more recent things like a tumor on his spine, going through surgery, breaking his arm, which led him to a new low where he had to dig deep to find optimism. He was with George Stephanopoulos earlier this week on "Gma," as you see there. I loved his motto he talked about. It was really inspiring. He says live, love and be grateful. I just think this book -- michaej. Fox in general is ch an inspiring person. It's the kind of positivity we need in what's been a tumultuous year. So check out "No time like the future" right now. Definiteled that level of optimism. And for the "Star wars" fans, the holidays are already under way. Yes. That's right. I can't wait for this. So excited to tell you about "The Lego star wars holiday special." It follows the character rey, interacting with characters from different movies. It kind of makes fun of itself, pokes fun at the mythology and quirky things about characters from the past, and the whole thing is a nod to this infamous 1978 "Star wars" holiday special that basically has been disowned by everyone involved. So it's sort of tting that over the head. It's a fan's dream come true in many ways. The adults will love it because they'll get the Easter eggs throughout but also the kids will love it because it's a fun movie. You can check that out streaming on Disney plus. Again, "The Lego star wars holiday special." Are you going to be watching? I know that my co-anchors will be because they're big "Star wars" fan. That's a no from you. Allight. Thank you, Jeremy. And to see Jeremy on "People" magazine's "People, the TV show," that's a lot of people watch episodes on and pick up this week's sexiest man alive, Michael B. Jordan. I'm just realizing I didn't get the nod this year. You didn't know? Another snub in 2020. As if this year couldn't get any worse. Outrage. Oh, I got robbed. I'm saying nothing. All right. Thank you for that. Your silence speaks volumes. Coming up, Black Friday

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"People TV's Jeremy Parsons gives us the scoop on a binge-worthy awards show, the AMA's Sunday night, Michael J. Fox's new memoir and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74333488","title":"American Music Awards and binge-worthy entertainment","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/american-music-awards-binge-worthy-entertainment-74333488"}