Andy Garcia talks about his new show, ‘Rebel’

The veteran actor stars as a series regular on a TV show for the first time in his career in the new hit ABC show.
5:50 | 04/16/21

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Transcript for Andy Garcia talks about his new show, ‘Rebel’
Instagram @gmabookclub. A special guest joining us, Andy Garcia, an Oscar and golden globe nominated actor for movies in "The godfather: Part 3," "Ocean'sleven" franchise and now taking part in "Rebel" on ABC. There he is. Good morning, kind sir. Welcome to "Gma." It's good to see you. We have to start with a happy birthday. You had a birthday this week. You can tell folks how old you turned if you'd like. We want to know how you celebrated. Now a second I guess pandemic birthday you've had. How did you celebrate this time around? I was invited by chance by my friend Jimmy Kimmel to go on the show and he's very close by my house so I went over there in the late afternoon and he surprised me with a cake and then I came home and my family, my kids, we had a dinner at home. It was very nice. Sounds like a good birthday. It's Friday so want to do a flashback. A clip we want to show of you there and Cher in "Mamma Mia: Here we go again!." So I know you know this and heard it recently. A little scuttlebutt about the possibility of another movie in the works. Are you down for a "Mamma Mia Absolutely. You know, we had such a great time on that film, you know, and obviously working with Cher. Let's talk about "Rebel" right now. This is your first regular series role on TV. Tell us what drew you to the part. Well, there was, you know, it was a bit of a perfect storm with things, you know, I wanted to stay home close to the house for maybe the first time in many, many years and the writing was terrific. I love katey Sagal and the opportunity to work with her mostly in the show was great and there was sort of a romanticism about the opportunity for me to play a Cuban man on television, the role was written as not culturally specific but hispanic. I thought it was a beautiful opportunity for me to honor that generation that came early on in the '60s, hasn't been a character like that that I can connect with on television and film in many, many year. Folks will get a chance to connect. Let's give them a taste now and take a look. A study can take years even under the best circumstances which these are not. Don't talk to me like I'm think at this. It's not enough. I swear, when you sit down and talk to these people -- I will sit down and talk to these people today but it's still not enough to file. You need a patient X. A what? A patient X. Someone that got the valve and developed autoimmune disease and got the valve removed and the disease reversed itself. That is it like to work with katey Sagal. Certainly a force to be reckoned Yes, yes, the show is called "Rebel" for a reason. See her there in her red leather pants. She's great. We have -- I sense that we would have very good chemistry together. I'm a fan of her work so it was pretty much instant as I think you can tell in the show that the relationship is sort of like brother and sister, you know, we've been together for so many years, she was a very close friend of my wife, I'm a widower on the show and we've been together for 40 year, you know, in the friendship kind of thing so we bicker, fight, support each other, we love each other, there's a thin line between sort of like love and hate and on the show but just don't get in our way because we'll both turn on you kind of thing. You have two daughters actors, one a model. Do they come to you for advice in the entertainment business. When they were younger, of course, but now I ask them for advice, you know, they're colleagues now, they're no longer, you know, sort of aspiring young artists. My two oldest daughters, one on the show with us playing the character of Maddie, Daniella Garcia and my oldest Dominique have been acting since they were children, you know, that's been their passion. I've never told them to do it and I never told them not to do it. I just told them to prepare themselves if he were going to be a doctor, you know, it's an art form that needs preparation and they have and my daughter Alessandra is in a different feel, the fashion field and doing beautifully and my son is in the music business or in a music industry school at Loyola in New Orleans. He's a percussionist and wants to produce music. He's an extraordinary deejay in my eyes coming from an old deejay like myself so I'm very proud of him and enjoy them very much. Your son into music. Does he play the bongos behind you? I have been fooled by some zoom backgrounds before but I think that's all real, isn't it? That's all real. That's all real. There's been a lot of investment in drums in my household over the years, too many to store in I'm in my studio. He plays percussion. He was at school, high school in junior high he was in percussion ensemble so he's got that feel We won't ask you to play. But thank you for the answer, congratulations on everything and really fantastic, a lot of folks around here have been big fans of yours for a long time so such a treat to get to talk to you. You take care. Thank you, thanks for having me. Be safe. "Rebel" on Thursdays, 10:00 eastern right here on ABC.

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{"duration":"5:50","description":"The veteran actor stars as a series regular on a TV show for the first time in his career in the new hit ABC show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77112562","title":"Andy Garcia talks about his new show, ‘Rebel’","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/andy-garcia-talks-show-rebel-77112562"}