'Bachelor' alums weigh in on Colton's journey to find love

Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon discuss last night's explosive episode of "The Bachelor."
7:21 | 02/12/19

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Transcript for 'Bachelor' alums weigh in on Colton's journey to find love
We have a great audience with us here this morning. Thank you guys for joining us. And we have one of bachelor nation's top couples joining us as well, Ashley iaconetti and Jared haibon and they'll give us their take on Colton's journey for love. The bachelor and his suitors traveling to Vietnam. Good morning, Vietnam. Reporter: Where koulten spent time with Hannah B. You look like a sushi roll. I would definitely eat that sushi roll. Reporter: Leaving the remaining girls to fight it out in a group date setting. It wouldn't be a group date if someone wasn't bleeding or crying after it. Reporter: Later demi fighting for alone time with a grand gesture. Hopefully after tonight, Colton won't be the virgin anymore. I don't know right now if I can see myself with you at the end of this. Reporter: In the end, Sydney, demi and Katie all leaving without roses but giving om no watchings to the bachelor. There's certain girls who seem like a safe choice. You're not going end up happy. Don't be distracted by shiny things. You know who is ready in there. There's some that aren't. Just be smart about those girls. Reporter: Leading Colton to question some of the contestants' motives as he heads into next week. Am I missing something? Ooh, a lot to digest. Ashley and Jared, thank you for joining me. You know how all this works, and, Ashley, that was an explosive episode. We're one week away from the hometowns. Who do you think he is going to -- who he's going to propose to. I think that it comes down to cassie and Hannah G. Hannah G. Had her first one-on-one and it was steamy. I do interthink we've seen a one-on-one that physical before. He said he wanted to eat her if she was a sushi roll. That's very physical. You said it. I didn't. I keep my job. Thank goodness you said it. But demi was a front-runner. So were you surprised to see her kind of go home so late in the game? Demi was a fan favorite, not a front-runner, I would say. Doesn't that play into -- you don't think that plays into anything being a fan favorite? No, I think it has to do with Colton's favorite. Yeah, especially now we're getting down to the nitty-gritty. Five girls went home last night. That's crazy. Five. That is crazy. One of the big story lines of the season's been Colton's virginity. I know when you were on "Bachelor in paradise" you were open about your choice to be a virgin. Is it tough pore him? We saw that was steamy, what he said and the whole episode yesterday. Is this a tough process for him. I think it was probably tougher for him when he first came out about it on "Bachelor in paradise." It was talked about a lot. I think he's probably just annoyed it's been talked about and focused on so much because there's more to him than that. But now I think it's appropriate to start talking about it now that they're going into fancy week in two weeks. Yeah. You know what, this whole thing worked out for you. You're getting married in six months. Congratulations. But when you've been around the bachelor as long as you guys have there's so many people you meet. How do you keep your guest list in check? Well, it's pretty difficult so we're inviting a lot of friends from the bachelor family in front of the camera and behind it and obviously our friends and family are coming so trying to keep it under 200 but it's a little difficult. We go back and forth who is coming who, is not so I'm sure some people will be offended. We hope not but we're trying to invite as many as we possibly can so open invite if you want to come. You are so invited. Kick somebody else out. I'll be there and one thing I love about you guys, you wrote a book. We did. Yes. About dogs. And I love it. Is this book based on your love story too. Yes, so we wrote a book called "Lucy & Clark." It's loosely based on our love story. We said, well, it has to be in children's form because we're 12 years old at heart and should be about our dogs and thought about that and were like, wow, that's not the worst idea we've had so it's a story about overcoming your fears and the magic that can happen when you step outside your comfort zone. Things I needed to do in order for us to be together. And so we're releasing it right now actually. It's available. And it's available online at lucyandclarkbook.com. That's mine. That's mine. We're going to put that right there, man. You guys have been around the bachelor nation so long you have a lot more insight and know a lot more than we do. We want to put you to a little test. Play a game. We are calling this bachelor nation tabulation. That's right. Each take a side. I'll ask a question. Whoever hits the buzzer first will get a chance to answer. If you answer correctly you get a point and the winner gets the golden rose. Yeah, that's right and, you know, you're a giants fan. You're a patriots fan so you know who I think is going to win. Here we go. Question number one, which quote is not from the bachelor or the bachelorette. This helicopter ride helps us overcome our fears and fall in love, you had me at hello. Sorry. We have to tie on that because that's our favorite movie. Okay. It's a tie. Half a point each. Don't get excited. But, no, no. Yeah, well, no. Okay. Whatever. I think I was wrong on that one. What is the name of the bachelor who got to hole the title not once but twice. Brad. You got it. I would have said Brad. I didn't know his last name. What gift did becca give Jordan? What? Jordan, it's got to be -- Okay, what do you got? A head shot like a modeling head shot. It was some gold lame shorts. Oh, that's right. I forgot about the gold shorts. Which hasn't been listed as a profession by a contestant, which hasn't been listed, a sloth, dog mother or chicken enthusiast. Dog mother. Dog mother, you're right. We got a tie. Here's the tiebreaker. Goodness. True or false, the show gives contestants makeovers? You're 50/50. False. False. You got it right. Hey! Wait a second. I'd say true. So you get the golden rose but if you're a smart man you know what to do with that, right? It's all yours, baby. Ah. That's what I'm talking about. The book, "Lucy and Clark" is available online and everyone in the audience, you're all getting a book.

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{"duration":"7:21","description":"Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon discuss last night's explosive episode of \"The Bachelor.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61015946","title":"'Bachelor' alums weigh in on Colton's journey to find love","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/bachelor-alums-weigh-coltons-journey-find-love-61015946"}