Barack Obama eats at Ayesha Curry's restaurant on Presidents Day

Lara Spencer reports on the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
3:36 | 02/20/19

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Transcript for Barack Obama eats at Ayesha Curry's restaurant on Presidents Day
"Pop news" begins with a special presidents' day visit to ayesha curry's hot spot. President Obama spent the day alongside a year that and Steph curry. The chef blown away sharing this snap with the former president and the curries and the caption, no greater privilege than to cook for this man on presidents' day. Thank you for the highest honor. Barack Obama, Teigen tweeting a boomerang of her and the chef sharing a drink together. Mr. Obama was in town for the event, my brother's keeper initiative. Nice to S them out and about. Lady gaga will be at the oscars, but it's unclear who her date will be. People revealing she and her fiance Christian carirn have split. Speculation began when she didn't wear her ring at the grammys nor did she thank him when she accepted for "Shallow." A picture of her brand-new tattoo of la vie en rose. They had been dating for two years. Sad news to report. I don't like to do sad news so, gaga, we're thinking about you. Ariana grande made history with 11n the billboard top 40 and 12 of them in the top 100. That's the most ever. Wow! Guys, on the billboard at once for a female artist, congratulations, Ariana. Got to give it to her. She is on fire. Three of those songs are in the top three slots, Ariana taking to Twitter to say, I thought this was a joke when I saw it. I'm kidding. I love you so much. Always have and will. Thank you for everything. She is the first act to secure those coveted spots simultaneously since the beatles did it back in 1964. Unbelievable. They held the top thee for five weeks and for one glorious week in April of that year the fab four controlled the entire top five on the list. I'm thinking grande has another record to set her sights on. "Thank U, next." Had to work it in. Love that song. And finally, something funny happen way to the white house. What is that? To senator and presidential hopeful Kirsten Gillibrand. George, did you hear about this? It's a funny story. She was out on the trail speaking to supporters at a restaurant in Iowa city when she was interrupted by a woman on a mission for condiments. Sorry.m just trying to get some ranch. Go ahead. Literally she's speaking to her supporters. The woman really wanted ranch. That's Hannah Kinney, a senior at the university of Iowa who says not even a senator could stop her from acquiring her favorite dressing. She's now affectionately being dubbed ranch girl on social media. One person suggesting all of the candidates remember that's what voters really want, life, liberty and the pursuit of ranch

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"Lara Spencer reports on the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61185996","title":"Barack Obama eats at Ayesha Curry's restaurant on Presidents Day","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/barack-obama-eats-ayesha-currys-restaurant-presidents-day-61185996"}