Ben Platt talks season 2 of ‘The Politician’

The Tony Award-winning star of Broadway’s “Dear Evan Hansen” also chats about his quarantine dance party and new music.
3:35 | 06/29/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ben Platt talks season 2 of ‘The Politician’
You know our next guest from "Dear Evan Hanson" and "Pitch perfect" and now "The politician." Ben Platt, welcome back. Thanks for coming back. The last time we checked in with you, you had that incredible quarantine dance party. How else have you been spending your time during all this? I've been trying to be as compete tiff as possible from afar and writing some music over zoom and really luckily I had a couple of things that came out during this time, obviously the second season of "The politician" and radio city hall special so just trying to enjoy those things from afar and be engaged politically and be active from home, that's about it. We're going to hear some of your music on "The politician" this season. Yes, indeed. We had it on the first season as well, Ryan Murphy, our creator, always trying to find ways to kind of make the music an important part of the narrative and my character Peyton gets to sing one time at the end so make it to the finale to catch that. We've already started. Let's give everybody a look at season two. What agreement can we come to make this go away? Oh, see, that's more like it. Now, senator, I know you have visions for a larger political career. I know you want to be the vice president. And that can still very much happen if you drop out of this race citing medical reasons. Oh. Bette midler, Judith light, working with two great actresses. Doesn't get better than that. Judith is someone I've admired forever. The warmest, most wonderful human being ever and Bette midler who I've grown up watching giving iconic musical and comedic performances so to be the first person experience in that ability is special. My daughters are big fans of the show as well and my daughter Ellie wanted me to ask you have you ever thought about becoming a politician yours? You know, no, because it frightens me very much. And I think that I love performing as myself too much and voicing my opinions without the sort of worry about changing the image of how they're going to be perceived for my constituency but certainly in the last few months as things have spiraled, I've felt the need to get at least a little more active but I don't know about full on politician. I think I'll stick to the sing sng it really is something among -- you know, everybody your age and even younger now, how engaged they're getting in this time, isn't it? Certainly. I mean it's become so many issues of just human rights and basic humanity particularly with the black lives matter movement. Something you can't ignore as a human being with any empathy or desire to live in a place where there's any kind of equality. I feel like we've got beyond the political and you have to engage or you are being pass sink and by being passive you are contributing to I think perpetuating things we don't want to be perpetuating. You had such a breakout role in "Dear Evan Hanson" now it will be a moved produced by your dad? Yes, I mean, we're waiting to see what is going to happen with covid and obviously we want to be safe about it and only do it if it's going to be in a position where everyone will feel comfortable and safe and not endangering anybody but hopefully down the line we can make it happen and certainly have wanted to and, you know, not all of us are staying young so sooner rather than later. Well, we cannot wait to see it, Ben. Thanks for coming back. "The politician" streaming now on Netflix.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"The Tony Award-winning star of Broadway’s “Dear Evan Hansen” also chats about his quarantine dance party and new music. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71507428","title":"Ben Platt talks season 2 of ‘The Politician’","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/ben-platt-talks-season-politician-71507428"}