Ben Stiller on his new passion project, SNL character and a reunion we can't wait for

"I think of these people as our sisters and brothers," the actor said of the people he met with on a trip to a Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon.
3:15 | 03/13/19

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Transcript for Ben Stiller on his new passion project, SNL character and a reunion we can't wait for
Now to my interview with Ben stiller. The actor and director is also a good will ambassador focused on refugees for the united nations. He's just back from a mission tied to the war in Syria. We talked about that and his recent tar turn on "Snl." Take a look. That's nice, what's this? You're just back from Lebanon filled with so many refugees driven by the war in Syria. Hard to believe that it's now in its eighth year. Yeah, and these are people who have been there for that long and I met a lot of children who have been there their whole lives who literally don't remember what Syria -- snrs they thought it was going to be a couple of day, a couple of weeks. Yes, I met a family in the bekah valley who left thinking they would go for two or three days to get away from the shelling and violence and have been there for eight years and they have twins. These two beautiful kids, yesen and resin and they were 4 months old when they came to Lebanon and they're living a life where they've had to live in just really, really tough condition, finally finding some shelter. Having to move all the time and, you know, it's a very tough life being a refugee. You don't have any rights as a citizen. Most of them are not allowed to work. So, you know, to even be able to provide for your family. I saw that video you did of yesen, 8 years old, the youngest vegetable salesman. What is your secret? "Because I'm cute." The choice was to beg on the streets or try to work and because he's 8 and he's cute he can actually make a little money doing that and he's supporting his family. It's really tough when you go and you sit with these people for a few hours because you go into their lives and see the reality they're living all the time and what a tough problem it is because all they want to do is go home. They just want to get back to their live. So large, so complex, it makes so many people simply want to turn away and say it's too big to deal with. What have you learned about it that helps you understand and helps you understand how we can all help? Well, I mean I think you can't turn away from it. The reality is there are over 68 million displaced people in the world. We all have to help. We have to help on a personal level. I think our attitudes towards these people to look at them as our brothers and sisters. Instead of just closing the door. We can't. You know, it's not about that. It's about, you know, seeing ourselves this these people. We are -- you and I come from families that emigrated -- Not long ago. Our whole country unless you're a native American, we are immigrants and refugees so these people are us and we have to reach out and try to do something. Just suprt them. You've been doing a great job. Before you go I have to ask you because it had me laughing. Michael Cohen on "Saturday night live." Michael Cohen, attorney at law. And also sometimes not at law. Yes. Where did that come from. Lorne Michaels called me up and asked me if I had a Michael Cohen impression lying around so I got on YouTube and tried to come up with something and he hasn't gone away as we all know. He's got a lot to say, no question. One last thing, I cannot believe it's been 25 years since your first directing job "Reality bites." What is your glitch, huh? My glitch. We'll do a "Reality bites" 25th reunion at the tribeca film festival. Doing great work with the U.N. Thanks, man. Thanks for coming in.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"\"I think of these people as our sisters and brothers,\" the actor said of the people he met with on a trip to a Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61652061","title":"Ben Stiller on his new passion project, SNL character and a reunion we can't wait for","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/ben-stiller-talks-passion-project-61652061"}