Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston and Tom Holland dish on 'Avengers: Infinity War'

The stars open up about what fans can expect from the highly anticipated film live on "GMA."
7:13 | 04/09/18

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Transcript for Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston and Tom Holland dish on 'Avengers: Infinity War'
thank or being with usn Monday morning. Yes. We're L than three weeks away from one of the biggest Suero movies of allti, almostry hero inhe marvel universe wlollide in "Avengers: Infinity war" B right now they areead out acs the globe. Ithe avengers around T rld. And we're tracking T down. First we found them in bral of all places. Ta look. D morning,rica. Chris Pratt here in Sao Paulo, Brazil at the street market. Checking out L food and , going ont have a good and sayello to the pele. 'S up, guys and should be pretty fun. Of course, tal about "Avengers: Infinitr" and th what's up. That's wh up. That'shtchris pat. Be. Chris Pratt in New York City. He said, ws uop. They're like, is this guy. THA 'S Chris Pratt, aka star-lord hosting a new event for the E. You see all the F arehere in the studio -- iean in the tewith him there. We can hea as the atland see who we're going to find next. Take a look, it'loki, Dr. Strange and spider-mannown as Tom hiddleston and -- Gmorning. Good morning. Not a big sise wind the three of you. You're all British and screened the movie for some your countrymen so what was the Reon It pretty hyped. It was woful. And it's sort of -- it the same for us. We haven't seen theootage until last night so we C out as Eeds the fans. We didn't screen the who thing, important to men actually none of us have S the film and we'lle sg it at the same time as you guysee it on April the 27th because ere's so much about the film thateing kept under wraps, being kept Secreto last night was about 20 minute E first T I've seenit. E too. Ou only showed the fans like R 30 minutes of the move en thoughou haven't seen the come movie have of you readhe ful script? Notme. Wow. This guy righthere. Oh,wow, oneguilty. Nedict. I like to read. He has Sal -- I have special reading powers. I just -- I had to sort of understand what the context was, strange as this wonderful rol in it and, you know, I'm trying to Holdt together so need know what's going O INET the bracke Anyone called Tom or Chris hasn't R it. Yeah Tom Holland isot allowed to read it. I want to ask Tom about. Hat I tried for about F minutes. I T for about five minutes to the script a just gave up so ickly. The G I was nevoing town. Tomnd, I understand you're particularly at keeping secret. Tom H., is that true and producers went to extreme lengths to keep you from knowing goes on in the film. I'm very stressed rigow because this isive so I'm really just trying to -- HD. Tom's not acty going to the premiere. There will B separate red carpet and see "Toy story 3." This is your first and last live interviawome. All right. The other Tom -- Ely the otherom -- The ole Tom. Wasn't going to say that. Yeah, you pointed THA out. No, it's okay. This ishe new H. This is the N -- Oh, thaswt. More athletic model. Did youiv the new H.T. Anyad Oh, look at him. Eeds no advice from me. That'ue. I wouldn't have first AUT how to play spiderso, no, dude -- We onlyet like last nit. Liter thether night. That's merchandise thing about these move the amazing T about these ess you mak films wit some of the greatest people in the industry a you never mee em until the film C ye. It's crazy. Wnow this is an action - Y D work with chr hemsh before. I did,yeah. And weked on two films at the Sam time so we -- In one film I sideburns and the oth I was wearing lots of latex. Good swap. W that this I an action packed movie so I'm wondering H of the three of you had the toughest stunts whfilming. Probably him. Oh, no One is a lot less coorble than he makes K and makes it look sme well. F we eve film stuff W I was upside dn we would just stick myair up and fil it T way up Oh. If you goupside dn your veins pop in your head stuff. T' not pretty. The Russo Bers didn't know that trick so in this film the a sought ofy face ke about to explode. I wish I had kno that six yes ago when started. We're learning the young. We're learning the other Tom. Have a queen for you guys. Othean your own character, H character in the marvel universe is yr favorite? Groot. I would to play Groot. Not so many lines. No. Groot. Rooted inure. Can get away wit being wooden and what's notable baby groolt. It's all cool. Get with being wooden. So, T H.s, what about Yo what are your favor characters outside of your own? Tom H. I'd quite like to play Ned leads. He has a role. N in the chair, I think he's awesome so probablyjacob's role. I want to do a F about Jacob in a needle film. Let's pitch itye here. 'M drawing a blank. I tell who I love, I wor with recently was Jeff goldblum "Thor: Ragnarok" who plays the grand master and I J thine created such a fascinating andarious character so, yeah. So good, that fi so funny. I tell you what, you all have created fascinatingharacters and you're part ofhis universe that everyone cannotait to see. We want tonk guys for joining us this morning. You're welcome. Thankery much. "Avrsinfinity W hits ters on April 27th. Ca wait T check that out. Comi up we

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{"id":54328534,"title":"Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston and Tom Holland dish on 'Avengers: Infinity War'","duration":"7:13","description":"The stars open up about what fans can expect from the highly anticipated film live on \"GMA.\" ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/benedict-cumberbatch-tom-hiddleston-tom-holland-dish-avengers-54328534","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}