The best March Madness prop bets

T.J. Homes shares some of this season's most interesting college basketball prop bets.
2:45 | 03/30/18

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Transcript for The best March Madness prop bets
nicer. Four number one seeds. That was one bet you could have made. We have our white boards. You have a few more. We have done this. We did it with the super bowl and oscars. Had the prop bets. Robin was our Oscar champion, Lara was our champion of the super bowl and, George, I'm pulling for you, brother. Pulling for you here. So here we go. Our first prop bet, the men's final four games tomorrow will there be a missed free throw in the final minute of regulation, Loyola versus Chicago? Will there be a missed free throw in the final minute mean it would have to be a close game. Michigan is the 321st worst free-throw shooting peopteam in the country. Loyola happens to be 141 so not good free throw shooting team. The ladies on the end are saying no. Yeah, we have a real competition. I have -- Kansas/villanova. Will thereby a missed free throw. Let you know Villanova is eighth in the country in free-throw shooting percentage. They're good. Will there be a missed free throw? Robin is mixing it up. We're recording these. Now -- What do we get? Next question will there be an overtime game this weekend in men's or women's in the final four? Men's or women's? Yes, so that's four games. Will there be an overtime of either of the final four games this weekend? In any of them. Yes. Yes and no. Took a chance. George, I'll have you know, George, the last time there was an overtime game it was in San Antonio actually which is where the final four is again this year. George knew that. One other thing, last thing for you here, Loyola fan, sister Jean, of course, you know Jalen rose's grandma talked some smack to sister Jean at Loyola. Will sister Jean throw some shade back? Oh. Will sister Jean respond to Jalen rose's 100-year-old grandmother about -- She might respond without shade. I agree. Let's take shade out. Will she respond in any way. Yeah. Everybody say yes? Yeah. Now that you put it that way. But, of course, was Jalen rose's grandmother who said it's over, you are your run has been great and she's serious. She's a big super fan. We'll see you on Monday. Thank you, T.J. Run on out of here.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"T.J. Homes shares some of this season's most interesting college basketball prop bets.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54114847","title":"The best March Madness prop bets","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/best-march-madness-prop-bets-54114847"}