Bevy Smith shares tips on reinventing yourself

The SiriusXM Radio host talks about her journey in her new book, “Bevelations: Lessons From a Mutha, Auntie, Bestie.”
3:35 | 01/12/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bevy Smith shares tips on reinventing yourself
We are back now with bevy Smith host of her own sirrous XM show "Bevelations" and now she is sharing her story and tips for reinventing yourself in her new book, "Bevelations: Lessons from a mutha, auntie, bestie," good morning, bevy. Thanks for being with us. I'm so happy to be here. This means the world to me. Oh, we're so excited. I love the saying and the overall theme of your new book, it gets greater later. Tell us how, tell us why. Yeah, it really does get greater later because, you know, in this culture we live in so many times people really value youth over anything else but I'm here to tell you, no matter the age, no matter your sexual orientation, your gender, any of that, you can actually achieve your dreams and can you change your life. And it really truly does get greater later. You live it. You quit your job in advertising. You reinvented yourself and talk about in this book finding things that make you happy. Even in these times when a lot of people are facing so much distress and worry and concern, talk about how people can reinvent themselves. Yeah, you know, right now we're living in a stressful time. I'm launching a book in the middle of a global pandemic but you know what, I'll find the joy today. I'm having my launch party on ig live with deejay de nice. And we can't physically be together but for me I really do believe that anyone can like find the joy and it's very difficult, I think, in these trying times for folks to really believe that but it's really a mind-set and there are some practical things can you do. I'm all about self-care. This morning even though I had this very big day I took my bath. I meditated. I even painted and I also made myself breakfast and so these are like little things can you do implement into your life to make it better and Mac your days go easier then there's like practical tips I have in my book too about how I changed my life, you know, one of the things I always urge people to do, not to leave behind all the blessings and gifts and abundance you've had in your prior life. I had great relationships in fashion and also in music and pop culture so I merged those two together and created dinner with bevy, a business with no money down that sustained me while I was on my journey. Another thing that I should have done when I was changing my life was consult a financial adviser. I didn't do that but if I had done that I would not have been able to write pie book, the chapper called broke but blissful where I was like really, really broke but I was still very happy because I was in the middle of my career change and it was going well but simply had no money. It would have been changed if I consulted a financial adviser. Also I believe that it's like "The wizard of oz," believe in yourself right from the start. Everything we have to succeed is already in us. Paul was on there talking a little earlier about love and about being intentional. You have to be intentional about what you want in life. And you also have to stick with it. It took seven years between quitting "Rolling stone" magazine to getting my first TV show, bravo's fashion queens so it takes time but you stick with it if you really believe in You are a living, breathing example. What an inspirit ration exactly what we needed to hear. I love those tips and I like prioritizing joy and believing in yourself. Thank you so much, bevy. We appreciate it. Want to let everyone know "Bevelations" is out now.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"The SiriusXM Radio host talks about her journey in her new book, “Bevelations: Lessons From a Mutha, Auntie, Bestie.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75195006","title":"Bevy Smith shares tips on reinventing yourself","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/bevy-smith-shares-tips-reinventing-75195006"}