Beyonce and Jay-Z dropped a surprise joint album

The superstar couple released a joint album that features songs about infidelity, love child allegations and couples therapy.
3:22 | 06/18/18

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Transcript for Beyonce and Jay-Z dropped a surprise joint album
We love that, Sara. Take the Binky Ith you. Jay-Z and Beyonce dropping their firoint album. ABC's Chris Conley is in los anles with a much deeper ve, studying it all night. Rter: The depth Ander of theirrevious work and their stature as artists means that no one can cnd the cultural stage the way Beyonce D Jay-Z can. News their collaboration set the internet ablaze over the weekend and so did their ne music video. ??? ??? Reporter:ehold the Carters, popular cultur most iconic creativeple at play at one of the world's greatest seems, the lore in Paris. Beyoncd Jay-Z, singing, dancing and performing before the Mona Lisa and other priceless works of western art. Queen bee iumphant, hoe va referencg stadium and the NFL ??? I say no to th super bowl ??? Reporter: Recalling last season's protests. This song with a title we would love to say but cannot, one of nine tracks on "Everything is love",heir first joint album released on Saturday a first annoced at Adon gig on their "On the run 2 tour." Verything is love" seems ric with detailhat will keep millions enthralled. Mixingold declarations and a diss of this 'S gra with what sounds L straight from the sl gratitude for bng ab to overcome T relationship's challenges and sustaining their ever in the spotlight marria. ??? I can't believe we made it ??? Reporter: From bee's lemonade -- ??? better call Becky with the od hair Reporter: To Jay's 44, each offered chronicles of the rockier moments of their relationship, sharing with David Letterman. Divorceating 50%. U never S people like, okay, let's work through this. I love you, I love my family, let's work through this. Reporter: And telling "The New York Times" executive editor that their creative was itself a way to confront and resolve their issues. We were using our art almost like a therapy season and we startedaking music together. Eporter: All of it a cause forejoicing for listen who crave more from this power couple and from daughter blue ivy to turns up on the song "Boss". Shoutout to resumy and sir, love ue. Reporter: Another testament to the scope of the Carters' artistic reach and ambition and to our ongoing fascination with them and their work. It's kind of the final piece trilogy. This is the we've been thrgh hell and back but W still together and strong and happy in love. Reporter: Art doesn't have to be autobiography but there no denyinghese cultural forces have a story they want to share with us about their own lives, one in which they have triumphed over adversity. Chris, thanks so much. To you, robin. I turn here, this is Kelly freym WTAE in pisburgh,

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{"duration":"3:22","description":"The superstar couple released a joint album that features songs about infidelity, love child allegations and couples therapy. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55971802","title":"Beyonce and Jay-Z dropped a surprise joint album ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/beyonce-jay-dropped-surprise-joint-album-55971802"}