Bill Hader on the rumor he got his start in a Janet Jackson video

The funny man is back on the big screen in the highly anticipated horror film sequel, "It Chapter Two."
6:27 | 09/03/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bill Hader on the rumor he got his start in a Janet Jackson video
Our next guest he's one of the funniest guys in Hollywood you don't from shows like Saturday Night Live and vary. Now he's back on the big screen in the horror movie it chapter to please welcome Bill Hader. I. Right now it's. Happened yeah I'm Brock that and and work is no. This sick congratulations. You know this man show bury has seventeen. And then. And. I'm. Now it's time now has very nice as very happy that Stephen Root and Anthony Kerry again and Sarah Goldberg some of the other class members all got nominated have a little. Yeah. You could win did not know. PME behavior far the three young daughter has trees but when seventeen in these you've got to go home they must be impressed me down on or off mainly Cadillac. I remember Iowa and I'm I had as a voice do voice and finding dory. And I went made what took my daughter's today and I'm my apartment with and then my voice Cayman. MI 60 this stood up and want that. How ironic is that what's going on civilians earlier in this. Parents and my friends here that. I'd like. I know yeah. Yes no don't know that the data error or in this movie it is in no way I show them the trailer literally one. I didn't lines that clown some mean you have been installed. Have been so many hits and it I'm a clear up something because when you look at your bio. You're credits the first thing listed is a Janet Jackson video yet here. Yeah. That's their daughter I've got I've been asked about that forever paid this. Is being -- not mean wall right there that is not me. And then the line now I had this is Chris. Things on the Internet to our lives. That people lying on the don't let crazy. You get a guy going up that was okay. Yeah they're out there going like that's not what. Immediately. If we clear out my I have. Let's talk about the new movie your costar bill scars tarred plays a very creepy looking wooden picture impending alliance. And any lines and any alliance. The so what's it like just sit next penny wise and the cameras are off Easley the nicest guy. Our sweet guy a day loves you know it's not about music and things like that and but he just looks rigged incredibly creepy. It is really creepy and really weird but I mean either really Jesus Jesus we heard the but in a cultural phenomenon to you and there was there with the pitting why haven't sewn up around subway vaccine went viral recently. Hailing what would you do if you. Yeah okay. I'm a. Yeah there really were all big UC citywide when. And Aaron. Circuit you'll leave plans. They also kind people I guess what the kids on the cast you'd being character does scare them but he did that lasting doing ability known. We're the only money. We paid for your dinner last night. You let parents it's the best movie takes place what 27 years after the original yes OK Ellis a little bit of a club. Q the two men. The funds just began. There ain't. Plus and its funding and these super game. We'll be Jack. I'm just beginning. Current Mac is let's he. The in the. He could be. It in this those really terrifying. But they enacted a great actor that we injury can season the descendants would visit our I answered Sam. Take place in wolf partly stranger things you credit him yeah. Also and he did press for the first movie they ask them because in the Stephen King book. They kids grow up you know and they say who would you like to play you and he said mean. And that was very sweet in my agent called me and said the you got this meeting for it too has said so thins like the most powerful kid. Well I don't don't mess with the hand. Things happening makes things happen on Lago drive thru my meeting hope that the did you did you kid's been that the self. That he added they are it's T scare aces like they were sequestered to one little area. They do not come out of this area that is the weird stuff firms will feel growing up what what would you afraid of what he's scared man as snakes and Alex made I'm with you dad and anger Ben Tulsa Oklahoma and there are these snakes. You know. Everywhere I remember seeing an eagle drop us like are some bird dropped a snake and or backyard. I'm serious they knew you didn't like seeing him playing in America is like pills out watched. Hi guys please plane is fine outside. Copper had. A new chapter to within theaters on Friday made to you go check it out.

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{"duration":"6:27","description":"The funny man is back on the big screen in the highly anticipated horror film sequel, \"It Chapter Two.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65355976","title":"Bill Hader on the rumor he got his start in a Janet Jackson video","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/bill-hader-rumor-start-janet-jackson-video-65355976"}