Sam Elliott on why Bradley Cooper's voice convinced him to do 'A Star Is Born'

The actors stopped by "Good Morning America" today to chat about the highly-anticipated film.
8:53 | 10/03/18

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Transcript for Sam Elliott on why Bradley Cooper's voice convinced him to do 'A Star Is Born'
for them and for you, from one of the most anticipated movies of the year, please welcome the gentlemen of "A star is born," Bradley cooper and Sam Elliott. Hi, robin. Good to see you. How are you? Sit, please. I know, right? Right? Oh, hey, guys. Good morning. Good morning. Ooh. I haven't been here with all the people this. Is awesome. The reaction from people. I got to tell you, I saw this. I am going to remember this movie. I'm going to remember the experience of sitting there and it took so long for you to put this on film. And does it mean more that it took a little more time to make it happen. I think so, yeah. I think whenever you put your whole heart in something and you get incredible people like him to give all of himself and you take the time to do it, it feels very gratifying. Yeah, it should be. Sam, you the man. You the man, Sam. You have blessed us. So how was the experience different this time around? I think again to lay it all at Bradley's feet. It just -- it was a special journey that, you know, everybody was together on and Bradley set a tone that allowed all of us to trust him. There was a moment in the film where he talks to gaga about trust in him and he talked to us about trust in him and I think when you can trust the director and trust your fellow actors that odds are you're going to get to the truth and I think that's why this film is so special. Yeah, it really comes through on the screen. It does. That's a good word for that. You know, of course, we know Stefani, we know about her -- How incredible is she. The nose. But also, my friend, your singing, your singing, we have a little bit. "Black eyes." We'll have a little. Want to hear Bradley cooper sing. Listen. ??? It's time to testify ??? ??? there's no room for lies and everyone is waiting for you ??? That's you, man. That is you. That is you. Now, look. I mean, Bradley, this is in front of these huge crowd. That was crazy. That was stage coach, Jamie was kind enough to let us on. We hopped on the stage and said, hi, everybody. We're going to shoot a movie. It's all about you, thank you and then -- ? Were you nervous at all. I was terrified. Absolutely. We were all terrified. The whole crew. No one had really ever done that before. But we were working as a group and we knew what we wanted and, you know, promise of the real, the band is incredible and we had a blast. Again, it's what you said. Because of all the preparation, all the time I had, you know, that really allowed for us to really let it go once we were there. But the preparation, but I mean during this time, you are directing, you're starring, co-writing the screenplay and you had a baby. Second time. Congratulations with that. So how was that -- how was it juggling all that? I mean when you say it like that it sounds overwhelming. But when you're in it and quite honestly when you're around people like him, who are -- they're giving all of themselves every day, it was a joy. Those 42 days of shooting were -- 42. I want everybody to see a bit of it because I'm telling you, we know about your relationship with lady gaga's character. But this relationship on screen, you are a rock star and you have problems with your hearing. He plays your older brother who is also your manager and doing the best to care for you. Let's take a little bit of a look. I told you I can't wear those things but I wear them it's just in my head and I need to be here with everybody else. The doctor said it's the only way to manage this thing, jack. You're not going to get back what you lost. It's the only way we can manage what you still got. Oh, wow. Oh, I can imagine pretty good. What do you want me to do? You know the door is wide open if you want to go. Don't start that. Show a little pride in what you're doing, buddy. Oh, my gosh. You also notice the matching voices going on there. So, he got it down pat a little bit. Souped a little bit like you, Sam. I never met Bradley before this encounter on this film and I went to meet him in his home one time and in the evening, it took us a while to get together but we finally got together and one of the first things he did he played a tape for me of him working with a voice coach that he had been doing for a number of months, I believe. He said, this is going to sound a little weird and it did sound a little weird because it responded -- it sounded very much like me and -- but I knew that -- I guess I knew then that he wanted me to do this project because he had gone to my voice and any time that you know that somebody really wants you to come along. Right. On the journey, it just -- that's what makes it special. That's what makes it a love relationship in the end. You would have thought you all knew each other for years seeing you both on screen together and also the entire casting, I mean, Dave Chappelle, I mean, he showed up on screen. I'm like, what. It's beautiful. We had Anthony here yesterday. He's the best. I think it's a testament to I think certainly with this movie, what it's trying to say, if we just really see each other and are with each other that we can accomplish our dreams and, you know, yes, we didn't know each other but we're both completely open in that day on the film and when that happens, that human connection, you just -- you can't fake it. It's real and luckily we were able to capture that on film but to me it makes me happy for the fact that, you know, we're stronger together than by ourselves. So soulful. It was just all the performances, so soulful. Let me ask you, because this was a completely fresh take on a classic story. Does that put any additional challenges to it? You know, I actually -- I wanted to tell a love story and I wanted to tell the story about people finding their voice and life and how hard it is especially today when people are telling you who you are and what you should be saying and what your worth is and this -- so, it was very personal in that way and I think it meant that to all of us so I never thought about in terms of what came before. It felt like very clear to me in terms of the story I wanted to tell, in fact, it was just joyous to pay homage to the other movies and cinematic moments. Were you cognizant of being a fresh take. Any difference when you're approaching this, Sam. It wasn't any different for me. I just had a piece of paper with some words on it and had a guy directing me. And you nailed it. Had this guy there orchestrating the whole thing. I cannot believe it was your debut as a director. I mean that sincerely, Brad. You let the film breathe and you let us in the audience breathe as well. Was that your intent? Absolutely. Yeah, I mean, I love movies. Movies have provided -- I'm sure like you a lot of healing and inspiration over the years so I think just being a student of it and having people like David O. Russell and Clint Eastwood being so open about their process and Ritz them too and a love story, it has to breathe. You have to see them fall in love. You can't wipe past that very fast. Well, you believe it. You believe it on the screen. You really do and, Sam, I mean, the entire cast, as I said to begin with, it is a movie you watch and you remember and you talk about. The people I was watching it with, we walk out into the lobby and we cannot stop talking about it so bless you, thank you. We need films like this. I appreciate that. Wait till y'all see it. Thank you, both. We appreciate you being here. "A star is born" hits theaters on Friday and we'll be right

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{"duration":"8:53","description":"The actors stopped by \"Good Morning America\" today to chat about the highly-anticipated film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58251389","title":"Sam Elliott on why Bradley Cooper's voice convinced him to do 'A Star Is Born'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/bradley-cooper-sam-elliott-open-star-born-58251389"}